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Would the Vikings Give Up a 3rd Rounder For Devery Henderson?

If the Saints were to be willing to trade Devery Henderson, would the Vikings give a 3rd-round pick for him?

I understand the objection, given the wasted 3rd rounder Brad Childress used on Randy Moss that came back to haunt them. That, however, would not have been a waste if Randy Moss had been allowed to stick around and run routes across from Sidney Rice. Moss would have enjoyed it enough to stay another season.

Whatever the issue, it doesn’t mask the fact that the Vikings personnel people have been more inefficient than most at drafting or – at least – developing wide receivers.

Percy Harvin has a lot of ability but is being used more and more on reverses and as a decoy. He only has 18 catches for 183 yards and 0 TDs.

Sidney Rice has been the one home run and is now a Seahawk. The other receivers they’ve drafted in the last decade are Nate Burleson who is still looking for his second 1000-yard season but has been a contributor to good offenses, Keenan Howry, Troy Williamson, Aundrae Allison, Chandler Williams, Jaymar Johnson, and Stephen Burton.

Devery Henderson is a receiver who’s been good enough to play on a prolific offensive machine. He stretches the field and has physicality that can get him open on short and intermediate routes. During their Super Bowl playoff run, Henderson had 15 receptions, 182 yards and 2 TDs.

The Vikings have needed some big plays and by acquiring Randy Moss and attempting to trade for Vincent Jackson last season, there are or were clearly people in the organization that see or saw the value in game-breaking plays.

The Saints have plenty of playmakers with two new ones – Darren Sproles and Jimmy Graham – starting to contribute last year and this year. The Vikings need an up-tempo aerial assault to keep up with the Packers and Lions. Henderson would eventually help the team get past the NFC Championship Game, where his old team famously stole one from the Vikings.

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25 Responses to “Would the Vikings Give Up a 3rd Rounder For Devery Henderson?”

  1. hookem says:

    Heck make it a 3rd and throw in berrian

  2. Mike T says:

    NO MORE TRADES, build through the draft!

  3. Randy Perrin says:

    He’s a product of the system and Drew Bree’s IMO

  4. Wayup North says:

    Somebody still has to thrown him the ball – can he catch the skip pass any better than Berrian?

  5. B. Grant says:

    This might make more sense if we were 4-1. I haven’t given up on this season, but Devery Henderson won’t be the player to reverse our fortunes. At this juncture in the franchise, the third round pick looks better to me than he does.

    If the Saints would take Bernard in exchange even up, I might see this differently, but I don’t think they are where they are today by making deals like that.

    By the way, if anyone is suggesting to fire Leslie and dump Donovan because we are 1-4, what does that suggest to do with Andy Reid and Michael Vick, whose pre-season Super Bowl favorite Eagles are also 1-4?

  6. sb says:

    I read an interesting rating the ‘top 100 players in the league in 2011’ and it broke down what round they were drafted in. I know it is based on someones opinion, but for the most part I thought the list was a pretty sound list (The Vikes had Harvin, Peterson, Allen and Winfield in there, Hutch and K will dropped out due to poor seasons last year, but did get a mention). Anyway, as I said they broke down the the players drafted in each round and the results were as follows 1st round 58, 2nd round 12, 3rd round, 8, 4th round 7, 5th round 5, 6th round 1, 7th round 1, undrafted 9.

    While it’s obviously not a surprise that first rounders made up the majority of the top 100, but I was surprised by how much. Considering the number of players drafted between round 2 and going undrafted in the past, you would think by sheer volume more that more than 42 would make the top 100 players (according to these guys). I know that going in the first round you are often given more of a chance to succeed due to contract sizes etc, but I do believe that the whole idead of building up a bunch of late picks( after round 4) is a bit overrated, so bundling or trading these picks for solid players, who would upgrade your team (henderson for example) isn’t such a bad idea.

    I admit the season is gone (realistically) and he wouldn’t improve our chance of getting in the playoffs, but next year we are probably gong to have to draft a WR anyway, so why not bundle a couple of these late round picks for henderson and give him the rest of the year to develop some chemistry with Ponder/Webb (as soon as they bench McUseless). I know he isn’t an all star, but he is certainly better than what we have now and I have no doubt he will have more impact than a bunch of 5th and 6th round rookies we draft next year.

    Just a thought.

  7. sb says:

    Also does anyone else think that bellicecks ‘drafting genius’ is overrated? he accumulates a million picks and half of them don’t make the roster or get cut (merriweather) and his defence is terrible in the mean time! If he had of spent a few of his picks trading up to get a couple of solid impact players on defence then i’m sure they would have a better team.

    • Purple Faithful says:

      Yeah, BB’s way overrated imo. He’s got a losing record without tom brady as a coach (cleveland) & his drafting sure looks a lot better with Brady leading the team. The guy’s a defensive mastermind who can’t seem to field a decent defense since he took over pete carroll’s group back in the day. Again, his offensive picks seem sound because Brady’s throwing to them, you know? what is up with that defense?

    • Lost Viking says:

      Great point on value of 5th, 6th and 7th round picks. Others agree: like last year when Spielman tried to package a bunch of later round picks to move up for Gabbert. Jones wouldn’t make the move w/o Vike 2nd round pick. Cowboy had little use for all the late round slots Vike had accumulated.

      These late round picks are useful trading coupons – eg. Aaron Curry for 5th rounder, ex-ProBowl QBs for 6th rounders.

      Belichek’s mastery of personnel is such that he ends up banking draft choices. Future year draft selections are like a draft point surplus he puts into savings. Many veteran players want to play for Patriot so he always has surplus talent to draw on. Belicheck is simply brilliant football operator.

      • sb says:

        I can certainly understand why jones wouldn’t want to move back and risk losing his future LT for a bunch of late round picks. I’m glad the vikes didn’t give up the 2nd rounder, that would have been too much, although you can only hope they tried somewhere in between like late round picks and swapping places in the earlier trounds, I doubt it though.

        I think I would much rather the scouting personal spend more time evaluating the top 130 (~4 rounds) players and then use the rest of the picks to move around on draft day when someone they grade high falls gets close to them. This of course does not mean giving up 2nd and 3rd round picks for a back up RB…

  8. Stonginator says:

    I think sb makes a good deal of sense here. He is better and younger than what we currently have on the roster. Ponder will need SOMEONE to throw the ball to. I wouldn’t want to give up a 3rd, but a 4th or 5th would be temping.

  9. Fragile Freds says:

    It’s all about the QB. We need one, we don’t have one. Sid Rice was good for one year when he had a QB, fair at best (or hurt)all other years because we didn’t. We’d be stupid to trade a third, just like we were last year when we picked up that washed up old jackass Randy.

  10. floridavike says:

    article is a waste of time. dh not worth a 3rd if we had all te’s on the roster.

  11. CSlinde says:

    You’ve been hangin’ with Harvin and smoking too much of that cheech. Henderson the missing link to get the Vikes back to the NFC Champ game? Wtf?! You guys be on some laced s@#t!

  12. sb says:

    Who said anything about getting back to the NFC championship? Trading for Henderson (not with a 3rd round pick) would simply improve our terrible receiving core and make us a little more competitive. There are only 2 people in this league that could get us to the NFC championship from here.. and they play for the patriots and packers.. and even then they would struggle with our pathetic WR’s.

    • CSlinde says:

      last sentence of the article
      “Henderson would eventually help the team get past the NFC Championship Game, where his old team famously stole one from the Vikings.”

      thanks s(o)b

  13. Justin gallardo says:

    Well seeing how the vikings have only really hit solid players in rounds 1 and 4 .. I would maybe consider giving the saints a 3rd. With only a couple solid wr coming into the draft .i would do it.. But if we dnt we better draft Justin Blackmon is we get the chance.if we pass him by I will be the most pissed off vikings fan in Las Vegas.

  14. bleeding purple says:

    With only harvin and jenkins on contract for next year….We need some recivers and personally I wouldnt resign any of the other recievers in our recieving core, We need help i’d make the trade.and draft the best we can for a wide out and our reciver core would be significantly better next yearand whoever our qb is webb or ponder theyll need that, make the trade

  15. Dan says:

    I’m still trying to figure out why Curry isn’t a Viking right now, but I wouldn’t give up anything for Henderson. Who came up with a third round pick for him? There’s no way I would go for that. The touches that he would get should be going to Harvin anyway. This years draft is going to be full of the big physical receivers the Vikes should be putting on the roster, so I really don’t see why you’ld give up a third round pick for a guy whose built exactly like Percy. Makes zero sense to me.

    • sb says:

      Couldn’t agree more about Curry. That is the exactly the sort of trade you should use your late round picks on! They gave up what, a 5th rounder and conditional 6th for the 4th overall pick in the draft wo years ago! Obviously he’s had his struggles (in pass coverage), but how often do you see a change of scheme/coaching/environment make a change on a career. He has plenty of talent, that’s why he was drafted so high. It’s not like he’s contract is a problem either, he restructured it and the raiders are paying him just over half a million this year!

  16. CSlinde says:

    We need a competent center, future replacement for Hutch, RG and RT.
    And, not sold on Johnson at LT. If we want to waste having the best RB since Barry Sanders, then lets keep drafting flare. Oh yeah, and we’ll have an unproven 1st year starter at QB too.

    let’s give-up a second rounder to get Burleson back instead, c’mon!
    You guys crack me up.

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