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BREAKING: Christian Ponder Starts Sunday vs. Undefeated Packers

Leslie Frazier made the decision. 12th overall pick Christian Ponder will make his first career start Sunday vs. the undefeated Packers, sources have told NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora.

Ponder showed poise, energy and mobility in limited action against a blitzing Bears defense.

Donovan McNabb ended two second-half drives  in touchdowns as a Viking. The Vikings were in 21st in PPG with him as starter.

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37 Responses to “BREAKING: Christian Ponder Starts Sunday vs. Undefeated Packers”

  1. Gary says:

    Awesome, just canceled my Tee Time sunday! Good job Denzel! Thank you!

  2. B. Grant says:

    I am a bit surprised at this, frankly, but can understand the rationale. While I despise letting the fans affect any coaching decision, there is the chance that because it is a home game vs. the Packers, the aura of massive booing to start the game would not work in the favor of the team as a whole, nor to DMac himself. Right or wrong, this will certainly raise the hype in the dome on Sunday, and hopefully keep Vike ticket holders from letting their tickets go east. My only hesitancy here is that I would not have given the Packers the luxury of knowing this decision until Saturday, and most certainly not this early in the week. But then I always kind of enjoyed that part of the whole coaching thing, so thats just me.

    • Tomb... says:

      Coach, I think you pointed out just WHY he let the cat out of the bag early. If McNabb was playing, I’m guessing there would be a sea of puke green fans in the dome. With Ponder, the Vikes fans will want to watch the game themselves instead of selling to the Phucker fans.

      As long as Ponder makes it thru this game without an injury, I’m pumped by the decision.

  3. Gary says:

    I like your theory coach, about not letting the Packers know about it, and I agree about not letting fans affecting a coaching decision, but its time to hand the reins over to the young gun slinger. I dont believe coach D made his decision based on the fams for the most part, but mostly from what he seen sunday in the 4th qtr.AND, just as you stated being a home game with all the booing, I wouldnt want the team to hear that either…..This is just like Christmas for me! Coach D just grabbed the attention of a lot of FSU fans, who will be watching sunday!

  4. CalVkg says:

    this was coming at some point and being 1-5 after a team let-down game is it. the vikes aren’t as bad as their last game, they just weren’t into it, and apparently at least one of the players said so after the game. QB changes can have a huge impact on team psychology. it would’ve been real ugly in the dome if mcbenched had played.
    the stadium issue could’ve been a consideration, too

    in the best case scenario, we’ll see ponder do a good job the rest of the season and not get hurt so we can have confidence in what we’ve got and draft around him, and not instead of him. if he’s crap, play webb. if webb’s crap, draft another QB, whether it’s luck, or whomever. we have the luxury of ten pre-draft pre-season games to check them out

    • Gary says:

      Whatever happens, at least I have something to do on Sundays again! Going to be exciting to watch the Vikings explode with the young gunslinger. Watch for a whole different team sunday….Vikes win big at the dome!

      • CalVkg says:

        are you drunk?

        • Gary says:

          No Sir, I dont drink! Watch the game, The season starts now!

        • Bruce says:

          Haha yea he’s drunk, Pack win easily (I’m a vik fan btw)

          • B. Grant says:

            Hey!! I’m gonna stand up for Gary here (sort of). This is the NFL, so nothing is a lock… on any given Sunday. Besides, the Vikes have played some very good football at times, and could be one rookie QB away from pulling off the upset. He has the same style as Fran when he had a cross country team for an offensive line, and I mean offensive in more ways than one.

            The hype for the fans. The uncertainty for the Packers. The refreshed state of mind for the Vikes. The lack of booing the home team.

            Who knows? I’m not predicting a win (sorry, Gary), I’m just sayin’…

          • Gary says:

            I was trying to go to sleep, but the excitment of this weeks game is keepin me up! Now that I can turn the A/C off and open windows, I can breath a little fresh air…Coach said it right, anything can happen in the NFL. Although he isnt predicting a win, I’am! I can feel it, the crowd is going to be amazingly supportive of CP as is the rest of the team. I can only hope Donovan holds his head up high and provides support too, as Im sure he will.. I hope they got that new roof attatched real good cuz that place is going to be rocking! Ponder has to be pumped up right now, as well as Harvin. Hopefully BB will step up and quiet the critics too, as well as the rest of the guys. Can someone send a note to the guys running the cannons and tell them to make sure they have plenty of explosives on hand, we are going to need them! Go Vikes!! p.s…No Im not drunk guys, and my purple blood sugar is just fine!

          • Gary says:

            Ya’ll need to put this under your hats. 3 of the packers wins are against teams who have 1 win or less up to this date…Panthers stuck with them,(30-23) and they only scored 24 pts at home against the Rams. With that said sober, Ya’ll a little bit crazy up there in the frozen tundra if you dont think the Vikes can win this game! Sure wish I could go to this 1!

    • sb says:

      I agree with CalVkg, I don’t see our terrible secondary stopping Rodgers… Hopefully Ponder gives a good account of himself, the packers defense has been torched a few times this year so he might go OK.

  5. Dynalee10 says:

    I applaud Frazier for making the right call on a tough decision. Although statistically McNabb had his best game against the Bears, it just seems like the team doesn’t respond too him . I noticed the energy level jumped a few notches when Ponder came in the game and he was moving the team . I believe it’s better to live with rookie mistakes than a seasoned vet that just doesn’t have it anymore for a 60 minute game . I think the Vikings might be wise to try and let McNabb move on to another team because it will only make the transition to Ponder or Webb that much harder.

  6. krugjr says:

    do appreciate your optimism, Gary, and we are at home, but unless Rogers gets crunched in an AlRob sandwich and leaves with a concussion , it will be pukers by 10-17…..they are on top of their game and we are hurting, but I’m ready for the future and it’ll be close til the 4th, and very entertaining …..for once…..I also believe the team will respond in a positive way to the Ponder decision

    GO VIKES!!!!!

    • B. Grant says:

      … and assuming our new QB survives the Packer war, the next game will feature a rookie QB match-up… Ponder vs. Newton. Gotta believe Christian will be pumped for that one, and will have his first game jitters behind him.

  7. aaron rodgers says:

    Guess this is important news for viking fance, ponder starting, but it really won’t matter. Its really just a distraction.

    The real dialog here should focus on the critical question: WHY DO THE VIKINGS SUCK SO MUCH AT LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ghetto Defendent says:

      Take your meds, Ellen. You’re like a packer virus. Go away.
      Now we don’t have to discuss what’s his name anymore and we can see what we have. It IS a new start. Frazier had to do it. The crowd will be excited. I hope we win so Ellen will go away. I’m excited!

    • Gary says:

      There she is again on moms computor…Go to bed, you have school in the morning

  8. hookem says:

    upset in the making

  9. commander says:

    AS i said before the start of the season make Mcnabb number 2 guy use ponder if he goes down draft Luck.

    • Ghetto Defendent says:

      Yeah, no. Luck will be gone. Webb #2. We need the best WR in draft and free agency to go with Rudolph, and O line, for Peterson, Harvin,and Toby and this team will be rolling again. Luck will be gone, people. Come on.

  10. wtfvikesfan says:

    You could see Qbs go 1,2,3 in this years draft, or at least 3 out first five. Top 3 qbs are LUCK, MATT BARKLEY, and LANDRY JONES. All depends on teams needs, in those top spots. If you look at the standings there are three 0-5 or 0-6 teams and five 1-4 to 1-5 teams. Vikings could finish 1-15 and still end up with only the eight round pick. Vikings have no chance to get Luck!!!!

  11. B. Grant says:

    If the Viking finish 1-15, they have way more problems than a first round draft pick can provide. No one should wish for that.

    • sb says:

      If Ponder plays ok, yet the vikes still end up with the first overall pick, who do you take, Coach? Luck, trade out and get some more picks. I think the first overall pick will be worth a bunch next year (I don’t necessarily agree that they should trade it though).

      • B. Grant says:

        Unless Ponder goes Ryan Leaf on us, we don’t need to draft another QB. As badly as that position needs to be filled, we need just as badly to put an offensive line in front of him. That doesn’t happen overnight, so we better get started (should have already gotten started) It is my hope that Leslie fully understands the value of winning up front in order to win. I think he does.

  12. vk4life says:

    Hey everyone, I have been a fan of Ponders since college. I don’t know just something about him that makes me believe he will be our QB for the next 10-12 years… heres hoping anyways! When he came in the game the offense perked up a little, he has good energy and will be a good leader. The ball was out of his hands quick and pretty good on his accuracy. A couple balls he just threw away and one was just a bad communication between reciever and QB. I think he will be pretty poised in this game. Just gotta make sure we account for Matthews on every play. Mcnabb always seemed flat and no energy, and once again skipping passes off the ground. But in defense 2 balls that should have been caught by Shank and no hand Berrian killed 2 drives.

    Ok Ponder lets get this thing going! Good luck!!!

  13. Ole says:

    to the guy posting as “Aaron Rogers”

    Your last few posts seem to have a reoccurring theme, “suck” “suck” and “suck”. Using the name of the packer’s QB while evoking a home-erotic exercise lends one to question if you are trolling for men. Perhaps a blog dedicated to covering the Minnesota Vikings is the wrong forum to pursue your wanton, and evidently, unfulfilled desires. I am fairly certain that there are other websites on the internet where you are able to satisfy your personal gratifications. Please explore them and do not burden the Vikings Gab readers with your lustful overtures.

    Good luck in your future endeavors, where ever they may lead you.

  14. Zag says:


    We’re still gonna lose, but this is exactly what I needed to see.

  15. vk4life says:

    I truly believe that Mcnabb will ask for his release from the team. I remember back to some of his 1st press confrences that he was coming here to win not be a mentor. Well he has not done much winning so I do not see him wanting to hang around for 10 more games as a teacher. People always say he is a classy guy and says all the right things to the media. I still think he stays professional during questions, but asks for his walking papers behind closed doors.

  16. Lost Viking says:

    Five offenses whose quarterbacks are under pressure the most in 2011:

    1) Philadelphia Eagle (35.0 pct)
    2) Chicago Bear (34.0)
    3) Miami Dolphin (33.0)
    4) St. Louis Ram (32.6 and
    5) Minnesota Viking (31.9)

    The combined record of those teams is 7-21. Given this pressure McNabb has performed quite well overall.

  17. Stonginator says:

    VERY good points Lost. Like I have said from the beginning of the season, our Offensive line . . . well . . . is really OFFENSIVE.
    We need to spend our first 3 picks in the 2012 draft on top offensive linemen.

  18. bisatc says:

    Its like a new season has started, and its game one. Our QB play moving forward cannot possibly be any worse than it has been so far this year, even with a rookie taking his lumps at the helm. Thankgod Ponder is mobile, cuz our line is terrible. Here’s to the vikings finding a franchise QB in Christian Ponder. Go Vikes!!!

    • CalVkg says:

      you are so right, bisatc. it does feel like a new beginning and i hope so much that CP can be excellent for us for a long time and we can start to build a team around this guy

      and win a title

  19. 4eversteve says:

    Don Capers and the packers will blitz the liven daylights out of Ponder and the Vikings. If Ponder can keep some plays alive with his legs and if, and this is a big if the Viking receivers come back to the ball when Ponder is flushed out of the pocket to keep drives alive and be ready for the hot route passes the Vikings might give the packers a game. It’s time for the head coach to call out the O-line in practice and single them out as the overwhelming glaring weakness on this team, challenge them to earn their money this week and for the remainder of the season. I for one would Love to see Leslie Frazier just rip into the O-line coach Jeff Davidson and you know what they about it all rolls down hill. Those guys need a foot put up their keysters to get motivated. I have been saying that are O-linemen lack agility for a very long time, which limits their ability to stay with their blocks especially are bookend tackles and up the middle we need more power with the exception of Hutchinson, Sullivan and Herrera get no push off the line scrimmage in the run game and are pushed in the offensive backfield in the passing game. Ponder is going to need them to step up there game big time in order to have a chance to keep the game competitive. Go Vikings!

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