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Pro Bowl Voting


Hello Everyone!! Just a reminder that NFL.COM has opened the pro bowl voting so click here to submit your vote of who you think should be in it this year.

Don’t forget to put your Vikings in there too, despite being only 2-6 there is still plenty of players who deserve to make it.

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40 Responses to “Pro Bowl Voting”

  1. lost viking says:

    Best Available Coach not coaching 2011 Nominees:

    Bill Cowher
    John Gruden
    Brian Billick
    Brad Childress
    John Mara

  2. lost viking says:

    Jim Mora

  3. Wayup North says:

    Other than Jared Allen and Peterson, I can’t think of any Vikes that are having what I would consider a pro-bowl year – Am I wrong? I only get to watch what they show on highlights (other than the Packers game) so the linebackers could be playing better than I’m giving them credit for . . .

    • Lost Viking says:

      If they weren’t all st*rs in the first half you won’t find much to vote for in the second half…

    • Randy Perrin says:

      Jared Allen and AP are locks and probably only players the Vikings will send. Some other notables who are having good seasons are LB Erin Henderson, C John Sullivan, and CB Chris Cook until he was jailed and suspended. All 3 are long shots to get in though, none are high profile names.

      • B. Grant says:

        Wait a minute, Randy. Are you saying that Erin Henderson is having a better year than Chad Greenway? You’re not saying that are you?

        • Randy Perrin says:

          Coach you heard it right, Erin Henderson is out playing his brother and Greenway. He’s not going to get as many tackles as Chad but he’s made more impact plays and has been far better in coverage. While Chad hasn’t been bad, he hasn’t done much that’s stood out this year and has been a liability in coverage. Not what you expect from someone who just received a big pay day.

          • B. Grant says:

            Randy, I think you would find that if Chad Greenway went down, our run defense, and our overall defense, would suffer much more than if Erin went down. Obviously, this team would be hurt either way, but Greenway is just too darn good, and Erin is still missing a fair number of plays, that I would have to see this one different. EH is a pleasant surprise, I will Grant you that!

          • Randy Perrin says:

            Our lack of depth at the position would make it tough for us to replace either player. I’ll give Greenway the edge in run support but Erin still playing much better in coverage. Erin has played in 381 snaps and has 41 tackles, 2 pass reflections, 1 sack, 4 missed tackles, and 21 stops. Greenway has played 552 snaps and has 61 tackles, 1 pass deflection, 7 missed tackles, and 28 stops. If you were to give Erin as many snaps as Greenway at his pace now he would have the edge in everything but tackles. Also according to pro football focus, they have Erin ranked as the 4th best 4-3 OLB on the season and has graded positive on 6/8 games. They have Greenway ranked 33rd(big reason is his coverage skills this year) and graded positive in 2/8. Don’t get me wrong i’d still take Greenway everytime but can’t take away from what Erin has done. I will say that it will be tough to take Erin out of nickel duties when E.J. is fully healthy again.

        • Gary says:

          How about #35? I didnt see his name on the list, and he is right up there on punt returns and had a 78 yard kick off return last week!!

    • wtfvikesfan says:

      Percy Harvin!!

  4. krugjr says:

    one guy who won’t get any votes

    Blaine Gabbert getting worse as rookie year progresses
    Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on October 31, 2011, 10:54 AM EDT

    APLuke McCown threw two passes for the Jaguars on Sunday, and they both fell incomplete. His quarterback rating was still higher than Blaine Gabbert’s by the end of the day.

    Gabbert’s numbers and overall play have been regressing, and Gabbert didn’t start off too well in the first place.

    The brief feeling that the Jaguars could re-enter the AFC South race has passed. They are 2-6, and anything more than six wins this year would be a huge surprise.

    “Before our eyes, the Jaguars’ offense is shriveling like a dried prune,” Gene Frenette of the Florida Times-Union writes.

    The best thing you can say about Gabbert is that he doesn’t throw interceptions. (He has fumbled six times.) The worst thing you can say: Just recite his numbers.

    Gabbert ranks dead last among NFL quarterbacks in completion percentage (45.7) and yards-per-attempt (5.24) by wide margins. The schedule hasn’t been easy, but his average-per-attempt the last three weeks looks like he’s a mediocre running back: 4.19, 4.65, and 3.23.

    The team hasn’t topped 100 yards passing for three weeks.

    “I couldn’t imagine offensively that we’d be this anemic,” said Jaguars guard Uche Nwaneri said.

    Some growing pains are inevitable, but coach Jack Del Rio couldn’t have imagined this either. Or he would have stuck with McCown as the starter a little longer.

    making our #12 pick look better all the time!

  5. wtfvikesfan says:

    For all those people that want to draft Luck. Luck is technically a Junior, and could stay in school. Both Luck and his dad A.D. at West Virgina have said Luck doesn’t want to go to a shitty team. Luck’s dad said they may ask for a trade to good team, like Eli Manning did, or stay in school one more year. It could happen the top 3 QB’s (Luck, Barkley, and Jones) stay in school another year.

    • Gary says:

      And may I add to that? We dont need a QB……..To all those people who want Luck, Read this again from the start……

    • Zag says:

      If Luck decides to pull some Eli Manning-ish trade stunt I hope he breaks his throwing arm.

      Since when do college players have the ability to influence where they are drafted? Just because he’s good? Unbelievable. If this is true, I’d cross him off my list right now if I were a GM.

      This sport gets worse every year.

  6. wtfvikesfan says:

    Here is a QB that has some amazing stats. I told everybody here when he was a freshman he would put up great numbers…..

    7 Case Keenum, QB
    Houston Cougars

    Passing Stats
    2007-08 Houston 13 273 187 2259 10 14 13 147.6
    2008-09 Houston 13 589 397 5020 11 44 25 159.9
    2009-10 Houston 14 700 492 5671 15 44 16 154.8
    2010-11 Houston 3 64 42 636 5 5 0 159.3
    TOTAL 43 1626 1118 13586 41 107 54 155.6

  7. Lost Viking says:

    Hey, idea being floated that Chris Cook could be released by Viking can’t be serious, could it? Cook has been suspended for four games which could mean five in total as he was sitting in jail for GB game.

    Cook could still come back for last five games this season. Or, he could come back to the squad following NFL announcement of official punishment comes down.

    The talk of outright release is the scariest thing I’ve seen this Hallowe’en. Not sympathetic to Cook. But why do Viking have to cut the player?

    • Gary says:

      Why cut him?

      #1 He is careless with a gun in public
      #2 He is most likley going to do some time
      #3 Sounds like he cant control his emotions
      #4 The Vikings dont want that image
      #5 There is always 2 sides of the story
      #6 He is stupid……….

      • Randy Perrin says:

        If Vikings cut Cook, an already suspect secondary becomes even worse. Griffin hasn’t responded well after his injuries and is facing getting benched for Asher Allen when Winfield returns. Winfield isn’t getting any younger and Allen is a dime CB at best.

        • Gary says:

          I think Frazier is a “Class Act” kind of coach, and would much rather have a “Class Act Crappy” defense, than a gun slingin woman beatin thug on the team. Here is a chance to void his contract and invest it in some O line….. Vikes played well without him against SB champs, and we won last week…….Send the thug out of state before he shoots someone, or strangles someone elses daughter..No room for it!

          • Lost Viking says:

            “Yeah, I did [mess] things up off the field,” PacMan Jones said. “I blame myself for that. But I will say when times got hard [the Titan] weren’t there for me. But I ain’t holding no grudges, man. Life is too short for grudges. I don’t have time for all of that.”

            Jones said he doesn’t expect Titan fan to give him a warm welcome on Sunday.

            Aside from Viking interest in not wasting ’09 1st round selection do they have a responsibility to employees in times of personal trouble? Viking did due diligence on Cook before he was selected so assume he isn’t a thug.

            Just not a fan of self-righteous team management tossing players out with the trash.

          • Gary says:

            Im sure the Vikings will do the right thing. It is what it is…..

          • Fragile Freds says:


            Would you hold the same standard for Kevin Williams and Jerry Allen?

          • Gary says:

            Fred, Did they almost kill a young gal? From the sounds of it, and I know how the media blows things up, it sounds like he almost killed the gal…..Hemmoraging of the eye from a choke hold….I dont think Williams did that, correct me if Im wrong though..

  8. Fragile Freds says:


    Freds loved your attempt at humor. Aaron Henderson for pro bowl consideration, very very funny dude!

  9. Lost Viking says:

    Hey Freds.

    That ’09 Draft continues to amaze me. Another top pick bites the dust…

    In ’09 along with Harvin Childress brought in likes of Heyward-Bey, Britt, Nicks, Iglesias but not Robiskie. Think there’s any chance Vike would place a claim for a WR/KR? Good wheels but gets pushed around a lot.

  10. Lost Viking says:

    And the great thing about the Brown selection of Brian Robiskie at # 36 is that they traded down from # 17 spot after trading down from # 5 overall.

    This allowed Brown/Mangini to pass on both Mark Sanchez and Josh Freeman in the same draft.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    • B. Grant says:

      Is it worse than Vikes passing on Aaron Rodgers TWICE? Nothing entertains Lost like a missed draft pick – good stuff. Imagine how many teams “could have had” Tom Brady? Quite a few teams passed on our two biggest offensive weapons as I recall.

      Nothing raises a good argument like the NFL draft.

  11. Lost Viking says:

    2005 = Viking Draft Disaster.
    (Don’t blame Tice. He says he wanted Merriman)
    Could be excused for not drafting Rodgers as Culpepper was established QB.

  12. krugjr says:

    two weeks ago I gave the new stadium in MN 80% chance…..this week I’m down to 40%…..if the state tells ME to build it and pay for it myself, I move to a bigger market and a warmer climate, and spend my billion there…..MN can coninue to debate who pays for street plowing and garbage pick-up…..

    GO VIKES!!!!! (where ever you end up)

  13. Lost Viking says:

    Lester (the Bagman) Bagley has been proposing a $ 1 bil stadium sans the roof. Seat licenses are part of the financing package.

    Five hundred miles north of you they’ve completed a decent-sized (40K) stadium for $ 190 million (OK, $ 200 mil in USD).

    Land for the former rifle range/munitions facility can’t be much more than the clean up cost. Then there’s the hotels/motels/concessions/theme parks etc.

    My point is Wilfs need to show more honesty and transparency and I’m not talking about a roof.

    • wtfvikesfan says:

      Some engineer called into a sports radio show here in Fargo, and said the same dome the Vikings want to build, with a retractable roof, would cost 300 million or less, if built in Fargo or Sioux Falls. He said a lot of the added expense is construction costs and union labor.

    • c.carterhof says:

      Lost, that’s a nice little stadium. But it only holds 33,000, and its just not up to NFL standards.
      They could build on the cheap like they did last time with the metrodome, but who wants that?
      Check out Lucas Oil, the Colts put in only $100 million for a $720 million stadium. That was what, 3-4 years ago?
      And prices just keep goin’ up…
      I don’t think Zigi is trying to cheat anyone. How much money has he sunk in to Vikings? How much does the state make off them?

      • Lost Viking says:

        Budget for Qwest Field was $430 million in 2002. Of this cost, $44 million was allotted to build the Event Center, $26 million for the parking garage, and $360 million for the stadium. Seahawk group was to pay up to $130 million of the project while the contribution from the public was capped at $360 million. Run as a Private/Public deal with a lot of public ownership.

        Agree Viking contribute to revenue. I’m not against public participatoin. But Wilf development group and Bagman Bagley are proposing ridiculously rich package for themselves.

      • Gary says:

        1 problem some may have, is if Wilf has a big fancy stadium, built to his standard of living, most people wont be able to afford the ticket increase. When you go to a fancy bar, a bottle of beer will cost you 3 times or more than the dive bar down the street, and you get the same results….Yes Minnesota will see a loss if the Vikings move, but the only ones who will really complain are the rich 80,000 who can afford to go to the games, or the rich business owners close to the stadium. Let them move elsewhere, another 1 will come along sooner or later…If not, oh well, its only a game to 90% of the people…..Not everyone can keep up with the Jones’s.

  14. wtfvikesfan says:

    I think we are looking at the new L.A., Las Vegas, San Antonio, or Oklahoma Vikings. I heard even Lincoln Neb. has offered the Vikings a home. Now Toronto wants the Vikings. STUPID MINNESOTANS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. CalVkg says:

    Led Zeppelin had it right, and MN is the land of the ice and snow, not LA

    “Immigrant Song”

    A-ah-ahh-ah, ah-ah-ahh-ah
    We come from the land of the ice and snow
    from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow

    The hammer of the gods will drive our ships to new lands
    To fight the horde, singing and crying, Valhalla, I am coming

    On we sweep with, with threshing oar
    Our only goal will be the western shore

    Ah-ah-ahh-ah, ah-ah-ahh-ah
    We come from the land of the ice and snow
    from the midnight sun where the hot springs FLOW
    How soft your fields, so green
    can whisper tales of gore, of how we calmed the tides of war
    We are your overlords

    On we sweep with, with threshing oar
    Our only goal will be the western shore

    S-so now you better stop and rebuild all your ruins
    for peace and trust can win the day despite of all you’re losin’
    Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh
    Ahh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh
    Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh

  16. bisatc says:

    Nice. Love Zeppelin, love ‘Immigrant Song’, love the Minnesota Vikings. Perfect rally song for the Nordic henchmen.

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