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Desperate Vikings fall in Green Bay on Monday night; 45-7

Next: Sunday November 20 vs. Oakland Raiders, noon CT.

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27 Responses to “Desperate Vikings fall in Green Bay on Monday night; 45-7”

  1. Vikadan11 says:

    It was what I thought I would see ~ yes I hoped for a upset but this is a roster that was robbed for years under Chilly and his need of a QB who could manage his KAO ~ No one was going to get his credit ~ Frazier took over a ship wreck ~ The Vikings had only won 3 games in their first 10 when Chilly was fired ~ Injures to EJ~Griffin~Rice didn’t help at all ~ Yet players like Winfield~Pat~KW~AP~Hutch~Harvin among others wasted valuable year trying to land his Super Bowl without a real QB other than Gus and Favre ~ Both were trained elsewhere and one was never meant to be a starter and the other was brought in to help Chilly get his new contract ~ After he got it he tried to bench Favre every chance he got the chance ~ Not the talent that is left that is still useful will have to hang on while the Vikings start to rebuild ~ This team need so much help it’s going to take a couple of years before they can take on the Packers\Bears\Loins for the NFCN ~

    I hope to see Frazier starting to take a look at some of the younger talents ~ See if they help the team next year ~

  2. Gary says:

    They had 2 weeks to prepare for this game and look what they brought to the table. It was pathetic, it was crap, exactly the same stuff you flush down the toilet after a big Thanksgiving dinner..I have never been more embarrassed in my life time of being a fan.. The play calling was terrible and I could tell from the first play nobody was pumped up for this game. Not sure what the answers are to this problem but this is worse than Les Steckels days…..Thank God we dont have to get embarrassed by the Colts this year!…..Here is the best solution……The Vikings are cursed, yes CURSED…….Let Wilf take his threats, and his team west and start all over. It would be just like someone filing bankruptcy. Sometimes a person just has to clean the slate and start over from scratch….Its time…..The Vikings are CURSED in Minnesota, face it…Change is good…..

  3. Vikadan11 says:

    I hope they get something worked out on a new dome or dome less ~ I dont blame Ponder and Kyle Rudolph should be the starting TE for the rest of the season ~ I dont see Shank getting a new deal with the Vikings unless he will take less than his 5+ million he is getting now ~

    The DB’s are mess as is the DL other than Allen ~ Robison has not played well sense his last game he had a sack in ~ What was that week 4 or 5 ~ ? KW is fighting a foot injury and he did have his best game of the season last night ~ Though thats not saying much ~ There isn’t a real NTon the roster ~

    The OL is as bad or worse than the DL ~ Harvin is a mess this year ~ While he has made some great plays he’s getting flanged a lot this season ~ Jenkins is the best WR they have now (Harvin in the slot) ~ But Aromashodu is no better than Berrain ~

    LBer is another trouble spot and I believe that comes back to the new LBer coach ~ Mike is IMHO as bad of a LBer coach as he was the HC of the 49ers ~ Greenways play has dropped way off ~ EJ has been playing with knee trouble as he did last year on Leber was around to play the nickle package ~ IMHO Greenway is trying to do to much ~ Erin has played nicely and could be his bothers replacement at Mike

    ~ I look for the roster to get a good cleaning once the season is done ~

    • Gary says:

      Need some coach cleaning also! Dont forget the coaching……..2 weeks prep for this game and look what they came up with! Thank god for the fumble recovery or it would have been 52-0….. Its a joke, almost beginning to believe its a conspiracy, Singletary Bears, Frazier Bears, holding the Vikes down for their old team to compete….Clean out the coaches, hire some former hometown folks! Its pathetic, the Gophers could kick the Vikings butts!No excuses allowed for crap like that, move west, start over from scratch…

  4. Lost Viking says:

    The roster personnel is a lot better than the play last night.

    Had to turn off the volume in the second half. Aaron Rodgers phan fest from the MNF booth. Worse than Favre.

  5. Dan says:

    It’s inexcusable to play as poorly as they did coming out of your bye week. The Packers are a better football team than we are right now, but that performance was pathetic. The score should never get that lopsided when you’ve had two weeks to prepare for the game.

  6. Mike T says:

    For the first time in a long long time I am embarrassed to say I am a viking fan. We had two weeks to get ready for this game??? And this is the best we can do. If that is so then we need to clean house. If it wasn’t for a muffed punt it would have been 52-0 The secondary is a mess, everyone yes everyone in that unit (except Winfield and he’s gone) should be ashamed. Leslie Frazier has officially lost my support. Jared Allen, EJ, Ballard, are the only ones that seem to care….Greenway has been lost the entire year. On Offense you can’t blame Ponder, Peterson has the the passion and desire….Ill keep Percy too, maybe Hutch, after that one good flush will clean it all up

  7. bleeding purple says:

    Oh come on…first of all Gary get ur happy fugde phucker butt off a vikings page….secondly yea we played a horrible game yesterday..I was hoping for an upset last night..didnt get it. 2ndly am I surprised? no…the packers are on was a late and away game we seem to do this on both kinds of games…But the way I see it..We need a number one reciver..I like harvin and jenkins but other then that we have nothing for other recivers..and neither of thise two are recivers…Our OLine is in desperate need of overhual…Our seconday just blows…But i believe there are some promising your players in burton and sherels..but we need some good veterens and some more promising young talent..hopefully cook will get his stuff straightened out and come back but who knows..I think our dline and linebackers are good…coul use more depth though..but our glaring holes are secondary o line and we need a number 1 reciever..thats definative

    • Gary says:

      Let me guess, you think they were calling plays good. C’mon man.Last night was the worse game calling in the history of the NFL.Starting with the coaching staff, clean house..Its embarrassing..Cook? You still talking Cook??? We would have beat the Packers last time if not for that thug..Cook? Get rid of him..distraction #1…..We need a coach also, 1 who can pump these guys up, instead of reading them peter pan books at half time…Bring Mike Dikta in for some coach training….. They looked like they just got done eating Thanksgiving dinner…Absolutly pathetic…They may as well move, games will be blacked out next year anyway. I will save 350 bucks on the sunday ticket too!

  8. Charlie West says:

    They DID clean house. A thrashed, depleted secondary just won’t hold up to that passing game. You can’t be great every year. This will be GOOD for the Vikings. High draft picks. Be careful what you wish for, Gary. You’re the biggest fan on this sight. Settle down. It’ll be ok. We found a quarterback, locked up Peterson, have Harvin and alot of good players. Jared Allen. It’s all about next year. As soon as the stadium thing is settled, it’ll be all about football. Try to just enjoy it. You golf in Minnesota in the winter?

    • Denise says:

      Hi Charlie! It’s been a long time since we met in Detroit. Remember, I met a guy who was impersonating you, and you got a homecooked meal out of it? I know it’s been a long time, so I understand if you don’t remember. I’ve been in Texas since 1989. My husband is from East Texas. Take care, and have a great Thanksgiving. Denise

  9. Charlie West says:

    Well, if you can’t look forward to the Vikings games, sounds like you’re excited about Thanksgiving!

  10. bleeding purple says:

    Well, heres one last thing, I have to say. I bleed purple and I will cheer on and support my team no matter what if we go 2 and 14, or some how manage to go 8 and 8. Thats what our team needs is our support. I cant say fraizer is a bad coach. We havent give him a complete off season yet. This was his first draft and I for 1 think it was a pretty good draft. We have hope for a future and IMHO anyone who expected us to make a playoff run this year was completely kidding themselves and theres even some bright spots in this darkness. And I’m hoping our holes are obvious to the coaching staff now and will be addressed this off season. We will have some good picks this offseason and will have some salary cap space for the free agency…The true test will be to see how frazier does with this……One last note im sick of seeing all the comments how we were stupid drafting gerhart. He is a good player and was drafted to replace chester taylor. people are screaming cuase he isnt contributing much…then people scream when hes on the field becuase AP doesnt have the ball. well hows he suppose to contribute? I think he has the potential to do great things.

    @Gary…..Honestly we didnt play a good game and got beat in every aspect of the game. But hopefully our coaching sees the holes in our team now…Theres a ray of hope even in the darkness. Yea I think cook is a good player and if can get straightened out deserves a spot. Everyone makes mistakes granted not as severe as this, but shouldnt people get second chances? Why not give our coaching staff more time? They barely have had half a season together..Their still working the kinks out and havent jelled yet…Now everyone is screaming for the firing of another head coach…How are we suppose to have stability on the roster if your gunna fire a coach every season? The team and coaches will never jell that way.

    • Gary says:

      This would be Cooks 3rd chance, get rid of him before he beats up or shoots someone in your family

      • Skol12 says:

        And you accused me of being a packer fan earlier this year gary… The vikings need to cut everybody who isn’t part of the future… remi ayodele, aromashadu, any db not named cook or winfield. Our offensive line… We are rebuilding and frazier not admitting that last year cost us another season.

        • Gary says:

          Cook(strike 2) and Winfield(injury prone) need to go too! And….we need some coaching instruction……Gotta pump up the players, bring in Dikta, Jon Gruden, somebody…..

          • Skol12 says:

            Not ditka, I’ve had enough of Chicago’s sloppy seconds. Berrian, aromashadu, frazier, singletary…

  11. CalVkg says:

    c’mon, gary, have you been eating waffles for breakfast? you said we were making the playoffs, remember?

    idk why all the anger and surprise. i told you guys we would suck, prolly for a couple of years at least. nfl teams go in cycles

    • Gary says:

      It wll be longer than a couple years Cal. Jared Allens contract is up in a couple/few years, he may not want to waste anymore time in Minny….He is getting older, heck. he may even just hang up the cleats for good. Yes I love waffles Cal, and actually did have some for breakfast, great call! You should send in a resume for Musgraves job! Im sure you (or anyone) couldnt do any worse! 🙂

  12. Gary says:

    Golf is a very athletic sport, and requires a lot of jumping and running… You hit the ball, JUMP in the golf cart, and RUN it to where your ball lands and do it again…..If your really good, you only have to JUMP & RUN a couple times per hole…..Its only as hard as you make it!

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