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Vikings Willing to Spend in Free Agency?

This morning Greg Rosenthal from Pro Football Talk posted on twitter that he heard during the combine that the Vikings are in the mix for a few of the biggest names in free agency and are ready to spend.

I was a bit surprised to hear this because I wasn’t sure how the Vikings were going to attack free agency during a rebuilding year. I’m sure targets will be towards the younger side and we know Spielmam likes players coming off of their rookie deals.

Vikings have roughly 10 Million to spend as it stands now and depending on which veterans get released, we could see up to 20+ million to use for 2012. The free agency pool for wide receiver and cornerback are strong this year and arguably the Vikings biggest needs.

Teams have until next Monday to place their franchise tags on players and i’ll be rolling out my free agency rankings shortly after.

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18 Responses to “Vikings Willing to Spend in Free Agency?”

  1. Vikadan11 says:

    The Vikings could use one of the better free agents at CB and WR ~ A LBer would be nice as well but thats problem asking to much ~

    I look forward to your free agency rankings ~

    • Randy Perrin says:

      Vikes could make a strong push at picking up a top tier WR or CB but i’m not sure they will be able to grab both. Some good value for 2nd tier guys if the price is right. My guess is the Vikes will try to resign Erin Henderson and pick up some depth later in the draft at LB. I think we could get away with running Jasper Brinkley as a 2 down MLB and have Erin/Greenway run the nickel duties.

  2. Jay says:

    I don’t like all this talk about WR Vincent Jackson. I think WR Pierre Garcon is a better value. He’s three years younger and proved last year that he could be productive without an upper echelon QB. I think Jackson is chasing a big pay day, like Ray Edwards was in 2010. Jackson will flop with his new team next season.

    • Randy Perrin says:

      I heard Garcon turned down a offer from the Colts for 5 years, 35 million so if he’s requesting more money than that from the open market, i’m not sure he offers better value. I just don’t see him getting more than 7 million per year so my guess is he could end back up with the Colts.

      • SDViking says:

        Vincent Jackson is in no way like Ray Edwards. If I believed your comparison, which I don’t, I would use someone like Bernard Berrian. Again, I believe Jackson is far above Berrian as Jackson has been able to go over 1000 yards a few times AND has shown the ability to completely take over games.

        For the Vikings offensive system, VJackson is exactly the type of receiver we need. He creates separation, which is what we were lacking all last year. And that’s not even mentioning his ability to get the jump ball in the endzone.

        I live in San Diego (as my name shows), and watch the Chargers games, pathetic. But VJax works hard on every play. I know there is this belief floating around that he has all these ego issues but I’d be pretty pissed too if I got the franchise tag, and was the subject of trade rumors for three straight years.

        Overall, I think Vjax is better for our team than Bowe, and less of a head case than DJackson. We’ll have to spend, but that way we have our WR’s covered and can use the draft to get Oline and secondary help.


        • Jay says:

          Thanks for the insight SDViking. I’ll have to trust your judgment, as I didn’t see that many of Jackson’s games. Still, if I were in the GM seat, I’d pursue other available WRs.

          I think Jackson could get eight figures in the first year of his new deal. I agree that Garcon won’t pull in that much, which is why I suggested he would be a better value. Garcon is also three years younger and could grow with Ponder, Harvin and Rudolph.

          I disagree with jo. Garcon proved this year, without Manning, that he’s more than a system guy. His 2011 stats: 70 catches, 947 yards and 6 TDs with Curtis Painter and Dan Orlovsky throwing to him. (You can’t believe that Painter and Orlovsky were running the same offense as Manning.)

          He’s not perfect – he’ll drop some passes. But I believe he’s a nice fit for where the Vikings and Ponder are right now.

  3. jo says:

    Pierre gacon is a system guy…..without a top caliber QB you will never hear form piere again……So if he comes to Minny don’t expect much from him

  4. Dan says:

    They might be willing to spend, but that doesn’t mean they will land any of the top guys. A 3-13 season, lame duck coach, and crappy stadium doesn’t exactly scream luxury to the FA’s out there. If they want to bring in one of top guys they will likely need to overspend. At WR I would rather them go after a guy like Meachem who fits the type of size speed guy they need to go along with Percy. I’m guessing they will make a run at a top corner like Carr or Finnegin but focus more on the mid-level guys at other positions.

    • Randy Perrin says:

      I agree with you Dan. I think the Vikes will make a few bids at some top tier FAs but will focus more on 2nd tier guys. Meachem surely can stretch the field but having Drew Brees also helps. I wouldn’t give him a ton of money but if the price is right hes an upgrade for us. The draft is also heavy in WR’s this year so we can find value there in rounds 2-7.

  5. Lost Viking says:

    With 2012 draft choices and CFL recruits there’s going to be a lot of youth and speed in Mankato. Coaching staff has got to be nervous about keeping enough experienced NFL players to compete in the division.

    If I were Frazier my biggest priority would be re-signing Hutchison to maintain OL stability. Sorry, run first offense doesn’t work with three new guys.

    Biggest D priority would be getting K-Will back. Then safety, rather than CB, position jumps out as FA position. Would consider a FA middle LB as a replacement w/ Brinkly just a back up.

    After Berrian have to replace a deep threat WR. Can you find a WR who will mesh (not mess) with young Ponder? Do you want speed or a jumper? Tricky to find that right combination.

    • SDViking says:

      Seeking youth and speed from the CFL is good when you are looking for special teams players but not when you are doing a roster overhaul. I think resigning hutchinson is a mistake unless he takes a HUGE pay cut. For the price we would re-sign Hutch, I would rather see Fusco or CJohns in there.

      I’m not a Hutch hater, I just really think it’d be a bad idea to sign him to even a 3 year contract. This is nothing like the Matt Birk situation (DAMN THAT), where Birk was still showing signs of dominance when he did play. Hutch, when healthy, has digressed significantly.

      I do agree with your assessment that a run first offense doesn’t work with three new guys, however, I’d rather take my chances with the low risk, high reward option than medium risk-medium reward (at best, Hutch) at left guard.


  6. Purple Faithful says:

    Vikes need to go get Brandon Carr, CB, Kansas City. They’ll have to over-pay, but he’s young & a fit for us. KC signed Routt, so they’ll franchise Bowe & let Carr walk. As a second free agent, I’d stay corner & go after NY Giants corner Terrell Thomas as I think he could be cheap. Then we can trade or just kick cris cook to the curb. Trade back & draft Michael Brockers & our defense has a pulse again.

    • Skol12 says:

      Are you crazy? Cut chris cook? The guy may be an idiot off the field but he’s on the verge of becoming a monster cb. He went man to man on megatron and held up which is more than most cbs can do.

      • Purple Faithful says:

        Yeah, I don’t think you can count on Chris Cook after what he is accused of doing nor do I think he should be a part of the Vikings for what he was accused of. First the gun thing, then the beating/choking. At a certain point, maybe he’s just a worthless human being. So yeah, I think he can easily be replaced. No one is irreplacable in a salary capped sport with 22 starters. Also, Cook did ok against megatron, if you don’t mind 50 yard completions & TD’s. Let’s not get carried away that he’s now some shut-down corner guy because megatron didn’t go for 200 yards on him.

  7. 4eversteve says:

    The only Chris Cook is not on the roster next season is if he get convicted of felony charges. The Vikings paid him to stay away and handle his business. They didn’t do that to release him, they will expect return on their investment.

    • Purple Faithful says:

      Expect all you want. Bums have a way of not delivering a return & he’s a bum of the highest order. Vikings are fools to count on a guy who misses games because he gets arrested for nearly killing his girlfriend. Makes it harder to sell tickets to certain people, too. I’m always amazed at the die-hard fans who’ll roll with a Mossy Cade. Vikes can just use that cap money on one of the free agent corner’s available. Many of which are much better than Cook.

  8. Dan says:

    Hutch is under contract for next year but they aren’t going to pay him $7 million. I don’t know that he plans to play past next season so extending his contract to get the cap # down might not be feasable. My guess is they’ll find a way to get him back next season, especially if they draft Kalil because it would be nice to have a former all pro to give him pointers.

    • Purple Faithful says:

      You may be right, if the choice is Frazier’s you are for sure right. He loves his players. I think I’d move on from Hutch, for his own good even with the concussion issues, and i think i’d take a later guard & just plan on rolling with Fusco. As for Kalil at 3, I would not do that. I think I’d take a hard run in free agency at Levi Brown who the Cards are about to cut, supposedly, & take a round 3 tackle. Jonathan Martin might be there in round 3, or Zebrie Sanders, or the one I’m leaning towards, Bobbie Massie. I do not think good teams are built by drafting offensive lines with high first round picks.

      With the 3rd pick, I’m going out on a limb & suggesting a DT. Fletcher Cox. Check out his 3-cone time & then go look up Justin Tuck’s & compare the two players size, strength from the combine. He’s got that never quit motor, too. He’s gonna be a real steal whereever he’s drafted. (i acknowledge it is unlikely to be our purple)

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