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Carlson Signs With Vikings.

The Vikings have made their first official free agent signing. Former Seattle Seahawks TE John Carlson was just signed to a 5-year, $25 million dollar deal with the Vikings. The contract length is longer than I expected, but the price seems about right. This in all certainty means Visanthe Shiancoe’s days in purple and gold are over.

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20 Responses to “Carlson Signs With Vikings.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The price seems about right? Holy shit.

  2. Branden Lemke says:

    5 mill a year isn’t that bad. he will be getting a LOT of playing time. i’m not saying he’ll be worth the money, but it’s what i expected the Vikings to pay.

  3. Vikadan11 says:

    Good move IMHO ~ Just my thoughts worth what you pay for them ~ Nothing ~ LOL

  4. VikingJohn says:

    Is the Smooter coming in for a visit? We do need corner help…
    go vikes

    • Branden Lemke says:

      lol haven’t heard that name in a while.. but you’re right. i’m upset we’ve let a lot of the good ones go already. i’d love Tracy Porter, he’s still out there. as for WR, Manningham could become cheaper by the day.

  5. SDViking says:

    Hey guys,

    The Jon Carlson signing is a solid one. He’s another big TE that has yet to reach his full potential. 25 mil is a great deal as well, as many other teams were interested in him and likely would have paid more.

    I know it seems like we missed out on the wide receivers; with Garcon, Meachem, and Jackson signing elsewhere, but look at the $ paid to them. Now each of those teams (Bucs also signed Nicks) are strapped for the rest of the free agents. If I am correct, the Vikings are among the leaders in $ still available? Maybe Lemke can do a quick recap?

    This is GREAT news. Now we have the money to go after all of those “mid-level” players. Vikes need help at both corner positions, both safety positions, and two linebacker positions. Arguably we need some help at RB as well.

    Tulloch, Hawthorne, Lofton and Conner are all still out there. They are all SOLID MLB’s. D’Qwell just got resigned unfortunately but we have a lot of money to spend. I believe the Vikes are going after one of these guys.

    Henderson, Leroy Hill, and Manny Lawson are out there at OLB. These three won’t command monster deals and we should be able to target one of them.

    CB: Porter would be okay, but I don’t think he deserves a contract comparable to Eric Wright, which is what a lot of “insiders” believe he is seeking. I would rather we go after someone like Richard Marshall or Jason Allen, who’s skill set is very similar to Porter, and would come at a lower price.

    I really would like to see us go after Landry at safety. Landry, and whichever MLB we decide to pursue would likely be the most expensive players. However, I believe we can afford both. Having Landry in the middle would make CJohns, BMarsh, and GJenn think twice about coming across the middle and that is EXACTLY what we need.

    My brains exhausted, but I’m excited to see who else we target. What are your thoughts?


    • Jay says:

      Lofton is intriguing…but I think if they re-sign Erin, they’ll pass on ILBs in FA this year. They’ll go with Brinkley for first and second downs this year and maybe draft the ILB in the future in the first or second round next year…especially if there is a coaching change after this season and the defensive scheme changes.

  6. jo says:

    This is an upgrade? how?

  7. jo says:

    This guy didnt even play last year…
    Vikes paid too much for a guy that doesnt have a current body of work.

    • SDViking says:

      This guy has had two 50 catch seasons and had had to play with charlie whitehurst in ’10, before being injured last season. Carlson is quite the upgrade over our other back up tight ends Reiser and whatshisname, the guy we drafted in the 7th round….


      • Skol12 says:

        You forgot to add that Carlson has a high ceiling. He could be one of the better tight ends in the league if he got healthy and a qb who loves TE’s. Rudolph/Carlson isn’t Gronk/Hernandez but it is possibly the second best TE combo in the NFL.

    • Jay says:

      When you’re 3-13, you have to overpay to attract FAs. Just look at what the Bills had to pay Mario Williams to get him to sign – $50 million guaranteed. (I’m not comparing Williams’ potential impact to John Carlson’s.)

      Vikes get ripped for not doing anything on the first day of FA, then get criticized for working to get a good player to leave a meeting with one team so that they can sign him. I agree the Vikes have more pressing needs, but I don’t think it’s fair to be disappointed with adding a good football player to the roster.

  8. mike b says:

    On my last post to this site I ridiculed a Blogger for saying we needed to draft a TE with our second pick,it’s not that I didn’t
    think we needed one I personally think our running backs blocked better than Schiancoe did, and that’s not saying much. Picking up Carlson is a good move, if he is past his shoulder problem we now
    have two athletic pass catching tight ends for the two tightend scheme
    I remember the catches that rudolph made last year. It seems to me that we still need two more sets of hands and we will be in good shape, that would give us Harvin,Rudolph,Carlson,(Peterson and Gerhardt)out of the backfield and I’m inclinded to believe that we will see at least one WR rookie providing one of those sets of hands.

  9. Sam says:

    Is anyone besides me sick of the vikings doing nothing/filling lower need positions in the NFL offseason?
    In order our needs are:
    Tackle-Hopefully we will draft Kalil
    Corner/Safety-Finnegan? Carr? Where were we? All our corners do is beat up their girlfriends or tear their ACL
    WR-Vincent Jackson? Pierre Garcon? Reggie Wayne? Rober Meachem? Not helping ponder
    OG-Grubbs? Nicks? Still, not helping Ponder
    And a host of other positions (OLB, DT, DE) one of which is not TE, especially in an offense that completely underutilized a supreme talent like Kyle Rudolph.

    • Randy Perrin says:

      I understand your frustration but did you not see the deals most of those players got? when your coming off a 3-13 season 1. not many big name players want to play for you 2. we have needs for CB,WR,OT,DT,OLB,ILB,CB,S, so over paying for one or two players is not going to make you a playoff team. Vikings need to hit on a handful of their draft picks and once you are a player or two away from making a serious run is when you make a splash in free agency.

    • SDV says:

      Sam. Are you the only one not reading the previous posts? Take note of Randy’s response. It is right on the money (pun intended).

  10. Stonginator says:

    I would like to see us sign Porter. AND Manningham.

    Maybe a Centerm and a safety. Then get the rest thru the Draft.
    Draft a RB in the 1st 3 rounds. Use him until AP/Gerhart are healthy
    then trade him either during the season or next year . . .

    WHAT SAY YE???

  11. jo says:

    Ponder can’t throw beyond thirty yards, so i guess thats why they arent looking at outside WRs

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