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Vikings Sign CB Chris Carr

The Vikings have signed ex-Ravens cornerback Chris Carr to a one year deal. Carr visited with the Vikings a few weeks ago but left without a deal and now joins Zackary Bowman as free agent additions to this secondary.

Carr started 16 games in 2010 but dealt with injuries in 2011 to his back and hamstring which made him miss 7 games. He has 6 interceptions in 27 starts with 7 forced fumbles and 24 passes defended.

Carr’s one year deal seems to be the norm around Minnesota this year as he enters on a prove it deal. In a low risk, high reward deal, Hopefully he can re-gain his 2010 form and help provide some much needed depth in the Vikings secondary which ranked near the bottom last year.

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35 Responses to “Vikings Sign CB Chris Carr”

  1. SDViking says:

    This is a pretty good deal. A lot of people will look at these signings and be disappointed but these 1 year deals are exactly what the article says, low risk, high reward. Depth is very important to our Tampa 2.

    Unfortunately I saw Hawthorne just signed with the Saints.

    What do you all think about the wide receivers on the market?

    Did I seriously beat Lost in posting on this story?


    • Randy Perrin says:

      I think the receiver market is pretty thin now as far as free agents. Now this years draft is deap and I expect us to use at least 1, if not multiple picks on a wideout.

      • SDViking says:

        I just looked over the available wide receivers and Randy, I have to agree.

        Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t mind the Vikings taking a one year flyer on Braylon or Simpson. I think both wide receivers have some intrigue to them.

        Braylon was injured most of last year and we know what he is capable of. Even with Derek Anderson he put up monster numbers.

        Simpson is 6’2 and seems like he could develop into a sydney rice type of player.

        Other names out there are

        -Adrian Arrington (saints)
        -The Clayton brothers (not Crayton…but he’s out there too)
        -Roy Williams

        Ick. I don’t want to see any of them in Purple.



        • Bonvoi29 says:

          What ever happened to Mike Wallace? hes UFA but the vikes were willing to shell out big for Garcon. He would fit our body of work, young, athletic, proven. I’d say he would be the best to go after if available.

          • Randy Perrin says:

            Wallace is a RFA, would cost us our 3rd overall pick and he wants Larry Fitz money. I believe Fitz got 8 years, 128 million with 50 of that guaranteed.

          • Bonvoi29 says:

            RFA – you are correct, I was falling asleep at my job when I wrote UFA.
            Lary fitz money? I dont think hes quite deserving of that, but he should be paid right up there. he could be a valuable asset if we get him to lower his asking price.

        • Randy Perrin says:

          I wouldn’t mind taking a flyer on Braylon but don’t see it happening. He just doesn’t seem like a Frazier type of guy. Simpson is still facing criminal charges so after the Cook fiasco I highly doubt Spielman would bring him in. Arrington got resigned to the Saints I believe and as you said to the others, ick.

  2. Sportmentary says:

    I sure hope this move works out. The Vikes need a solid player back there!

  3. Stonginator says:

    I tend to agree with SDViking on this one.
    We have recently made a couple of key low rent moves in spots that could really turn out to help us in the short term, and quite possibly the long term also. Now we can take one of the 4th round picks and draft a cornerback for the long term, and save the top 3 picks for a Lineman, a lineman, and a lineman . . .

    Okay, maybe a linebacker and a wideout too.

    • SDViking says:

      Hopefully all those lineman have wonderlic scores over 4. -SDV

    • Erik H says:

      Glad to see I’m not the only Vikes fan that thinks the o-line should be the top priority for the first few picks…Kalil is the best move we can make in the 1st rnd, but unless he can block 4 guys at once we still need a few more linemen.

  4. jo says:

    this is a decent signing, still low risk but decent.
    what worries me about most of these players is, that they were all hurt last year. Cb carr, te carlson, and the lineman they signed from Carolina. You really don’t know the level of player you are getting.

  5. jo says:

    braylon edwards is a number three receiver at best, but give him a one year with incentives

  6. wtfvikesfan says:

    I was hoping Vikings would go after this guy in the third round…………..Trumaine Johnson, CB, Montana, 6-2, 204.

    • Randy Perrin says:

      I really like Trumaine Johnson. I think he can play CB and S at his size. Would like it even better if he falls to the 3rd round.

  7. wtfvikesfan says:

    Here is a player I hope the Vikings sign as free agent after the draft…….Chris Lum QB…….

  8. wtfvikesfan says:

    Here is another interesting prospect for the Vikings. He played on the FCS champion NDSU Bison team…..Matt Veldman, TE, North Dakota State, 6-7, 257

    Read more:

  9. jo says:

    i still think the cb claiborn is still an option at #3
    Vikes still need a lot of help back there

  10. jo says:

    I hope viking fans don’t freak out if the Vikes don’t draft Kalil
    and opt for Blackmon or Claiborne.
    The media slotted Kalil to the Vikings, and everyone bought into it.
    Nothing against kalil, but these other guys are needs too.

    • Randy Perrin says:

      I like Blackmon but not at #3 overall. I would consider him if we traded back. I actually don’t even think he’s the best receiver in the draft. I rather have Michael Floyd and I’m very high on Kendall Wright.

    • Stonginator says:

      Yes but the Vikings have needed offensive line help for WAY longer than the media pegged them to take Kalil.
      Not having a decent line has cost the Vikings for several years now.
      If we would have adressed this 1 year earlier, they would have won the SuperBowl, even with the lousy Aints cheap shots.

      They NEED Kalil, or if offered a ” To good to be true” trade like we gave the Cowboys for Herschel trade, then they could possibly pass on him. But other than that, we need a monster O. Linemam.

  11. Lost Viking says:

    Claiborne #4 has been scheduled for Vike visit along with the following:
    # 79,, Cornerback Trumaine Johnson
    # 210, Cornerback Ron Brooks
    # 454, safety D.J. Campbell California
    # 17,, Cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick
    Cornerback Casey Hayward
    Cornerback Lionel Smith

    Corners galore and Jamarca Sanford & Mistral Raymond at safety. Something’s gotta give.

    • SDViking says:

      Thanks lost I was just going to ask why I didn’t see Claiborne scheduled (god forbid we take him – just saying).

      And the million dollar question for today is….Can anyone tell me what happened to Barrett Ruud? I remember a couple years ago that he was a pretty decent LB. Lat I heard, he was cut from the Titans.


  12. Zag says:

    We won’t pick Claiborne at #3. Teams like us that run the Tampa 2 rarely take corners like him. While we certainly need good corners, we don’t need shutdown guys like him, unless we’re looking to change our entire defensive strategy.

    Kalil will be the pick. He is the best non-QB available and he fills our biggest need. If we don’t pick Kalil, Spielman’s head will be on a stick within a few days, courtesy of an angry mob of fans.

    The only scenario in which we don’t take Kalil at #3 is if the Dolphins/Browns feel the need to jump up and preemptively take Tannehill. The Dolphins would trade up and send us down to #8, with a few picks in tow. But we wouldn’t get Kalil. The Browns would only set us back to #4, and we could still get Kalil. And probably the Browns #2 this year.

    • Stonginator says:

      I really hope that trade happens with the Browns as you stated.
      We have given draftpicks away for so long, it would be great to get one back, ESPECIALLY in a rebuilding year like this.

    • SDViking says:

      Zag, is there an echo?

      I couldn’t agree more. In fact I have been posting an almost identical analysis on every thread that someone says we need Claiborne. Good to have another on-board that understands our defense!


      • Zag says:

        Haha, thanks SD. People always want good cornerbacks, which is understandable. But they often don’t understand that in the Tampa 2, you don’t need shutdown corners. We need serviceable corners who can play a zone well and be above-average hitters.

        Let the zone do its work while the defensive front racks up sacks. That’s our philosophy.

        In fact, with the signing of Bowman and Carr, I would expect that the Vikes might take a new middle linebacker before taking a corner this year in the draft. That might be a stretch… but it could happen.

  13. jo says:

    Just because the vikings run a tampa 2 doesn’t mean you can be sucessful with scrub cornerbacks. You still need dbs that are capable of covering man on man. receivers in this div. like calvin johnson and brandon marshall will eat tampa 2 for dinner if you have second and third tier cornerbacks covering them.
    You still need to have that one guy who alone can shut down their best player.

    • Stonginator says:

      Don’t you also need someone to keep your QB vertical? And maybe a person to block for who hopefully still is the best RB in the game?
      This possibly let your elite CB get a little rest on the sideline now and then. Withany luck, we will have someone that understands we need an offense too.


  14. jo says:

    I know the vikes need offense ….they need everything

  15. Erik H says:

    Carr is a fine signing, we are required to use almost all of the cap space anyway.

  16. meswant says:

    1 year deals are ok, if he proves himself I am sure he will get a longer term deal but little risk with the possiblity of high rewards sounds just fine by me. If the Vikings get a good deal to trade the #3 spot I say go for it. The Vikings need help in just about every spot on the roster & true we need o-line to keep Ponder up-right, if we can trade down a few spots & still get a o-line & a wr I say grab it. Lets just hope the Vikings use what they have & chose smart!!!!

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