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Vikings Add LB and Special Teams Depth

The Vikings have announced the signing of linebacker Marvin Mitchell to provide depth with special teams value. Mitchell looks like he could be taking over Kenny Onatolu’s role if he sticks on the team. According to Tom Pelissero it will be on a one year deal.

Mitchell played with the Saints from 2007-2010 and with the Dolphins last year. In 2011, he finished with 30 tackles with 12 on special teams along with 1 interception, a sack and 1 forced fumble.

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9 Responses to “Vikings Add LB and Special Teams Depth”

  1. Why do the vikings suck so much at life? Why does anyone even care?

    • SDViking says:

      What were you saying about those Gi…cough…sorry, those Gia….cough…I have to sincerely apologize, I cannot understand what you are saying, you seem to have something caught in your throat. Are you asking me about those Giants?

    • brette farve says:

      Why don’t you chokers (15-1 and out)(Losers) pay attention to your own teams website? To answer your question, YOU seem to care. Bite a dog pecker!

  2. Stonginator says:

    So who are you really??? Anthony Dilweg Blair Kiel ? ? ?

    Or . . . Aaron, do you even know these people? Are you even old enough
    to know these names? My guess is no.

  3. Lost Viking says:

    The NHL’s draft lottery system was designed basically after losing teams began “tanking” in order to get the top pick.

    Don’t believe that teams like the Colt, Ram and Viking aren’t aware of the draft implication of late season wins. Ram were able to extract a king’s ransom for 2nd overall pick. One problem is that teams know the long term benefit of losing even if players do not.

    The lottery system doesn’t change the benefit of losing but the lottery brings some unpredictability to the draft selection. The actual lottery is somewhat mathematical and complicated. Many feel the simplicity of the current draft order and associated viewer interest in ‘winning’ the top NFL draft choice keeps up fan interest. Losing keeps the current ‘last past the post’ system in place. But its only a matter of time before the League decides it can’t abide the embarrassment of having teams ‘fold’ in the late going.

    The basic premise of the NHL lottery isn’t really that difficult. Teams can only move up a maximum of four spots and down a maximum of one spot. Only one team “wins” the lottery – everyone else moves based on the team that won. For example, the bingo ball dropped for Edmonton Oiler who get the first overall this year despite finishing 2nd last; same position as Ram.

    That leaves every team with a maximum of only three different spots they can pick in. (Viking, for example, could end up with the first or fourth overall pick but will likely stay at number three). A draw determines the winning placement. The odds of the Viking moving down one spot would be double (30%) the chances of Minnesota winning 1st overall spot (14%) but the probability is they would stay at third overall (56%).

    Here’s a run through of the percentages for the top ten NFL draft based on the NHL system. The most losing NFL teams still retain a hold on their draft priority. You could say team organizations are still rewarded for tanking games but at least its not automatic.

    Teams Highest possible Next highest Lowest
    1. Indianapolis 1st – 48.2% N/A 2nd – 51.8%
    2. St. Louis 1st – 18.8% 2nd – 42% 3rd – 39.2%
    3. Minnesota 1st – 14.2% 3rd – 56.1% 4th – 29.7%
    4. Cleveland 1st – 10.7% 4th – 66.7% 5th – 22.6%
    5. Tampa 1st – 8.1% 5th – 74.7% 6th – 17.2%
    6. St. Louis (Redskin) 2nd – 6.2% 6th – 80.7% 7th – 13.1%
    7. Jacksonville 3rd – 4.7% 7th – 85.4% 8th – 9.9%
    8. Miami 4th – 3.6% 8th – 89% 9th – 7.4%
    9. Carolina 6th – 2.1% 9th – 94% 10th – 3.9%
    10. Buffalo 7th – 1.5% 10th – 96.1% 11th – 2.4%

  4. Vikadan11 says:

    Vikings just added depth for cheap ~ He isn’t a starter no was he signed to be a starter ~

    Rick has loaded the roster with mostly you guys on one year deal ~ Some of them could work out even though most of the signing get slammed here

    I dont guess anyone shot the many reports where Rick said he was going to build the team through the draft ~ ?

    Frazier believing this roster was still good enough to win the NFCN should be all anyone needs to know about how wrong he was ~ Its going to take a couple of seasons to turn this boat around ~

    Most likely the Vikings will have a new coaching staff next year and thats just another reason not to sign any big name FA ~

    How ever if Frazier and the guys step up it mans they did there job getting some of the young guys on the roster not ~ A big season out of Loadholt~Erin Henderson~Emmanuel Arceneaux~Jasper Brinkley~Brandon Burton~Stephen Burton~Chris Cook~Chris DeGeare just to name a few would set this team up big time to have a good season in 2012 ~

    JMHO Rick has been telling everyone who would listen that he wasn’t going to be signing any big name FA ~ He also made it clear that the team needs money to get deals with Harvin & J. Allen worked out ~ IMHO he is keeping his word even though it is upsetting some of the teams fans and that another year of rebuilding might be needed if Frazier and his staff can get better play out of the younger players on the roster now and the players who will come by means of the 2012 draft ~

    • Erik H says:

      You make some good points and as a fan I do agree to signing most of these guys to very short deals, in fact I think the Carlson signing was too long and slightly over-paid. My fear is, looking at Spielman’s draft record, re-building could take a little longer than 2 years. He’s done well in the first round and he deserves credit for that but in rounds 2-7 he has been less than good. He’s had 36 draft picks in rounds 2-7 since he’s been with Minnesota and has come up with only 4 starters…that is a bad record no matter how you look at it.

      • Jay says:

        Erik, I think it’s hard to tell how much power Spielman held while Childress was here. Was it Spielman’s idea to trade up for Tyrell Johnson and Toby Gerhart? How about trading out of the first round and landing Chris Cook? How much say did Childress have in those decisions? After all, we’re told Childress had complete power over the roster at the time those decisions were made.

        I think last year’s draft (particularly Ponder) and this year’s draft will be able to tell us more.

        • Erik H says:

          If you want to believe that all the bad moves were made by Childress and all the good moves were made by Spielman that is your right. As far as I’m concerned he was one of the people making the decisions and he has to carry some of the blame for the bad decisions, as well as getting credit for the good ones. The point I’m making is simple, if you look at Spielman’s track record (including his previous jobs in Chicago and Miami), he has a poor record in the draft. And even if you are right about all the bad decisions coming from Chilly, there is still no reason to believe that Spielman will suddenly be better at managing a draft.

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