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Will the Vikings Pass on Kalil?

Many of you have expressed who you think we should draft with the 3rd pick for awhile now and we will continue to discuss it until draft day so…..

Will the Vikings pass on LT Matt Kalil with the 3rd pick?

While pretty much everyone has Kalil slated to the Vikes, including myself, there still some who think other wise.

At least two that I know of do.

Adam Schefter of ESPN stated that he believes the Vikings will pass on Matt Kalil. He said he is in the minority on the belief but he hasn’t been shy about letting people know. I wouldn’t say Schefter is a draft expert but he does have a lot of ties around the league.

Draft analyst, Eric Galko of OptimumScouting also has the Vikings passing on Kalil and taking Morris Claiborne. This is his comment on the pick: “A major change of note, Matt Kalil doesn’t have the size (he’s under 300 pounds) the Vikings generally look for in an OT, and Claiborne can further improve a secondary that has dealt with injuries along with having to face potential prolific offenses in division in Detroit, Green Bay, and Chicago.”

Some other options could be Justin Blackmon or a possible trade down. At this point it’s all speculation but isn’t that part of the fun of the draft? We will be digging deeper into our picks in the next 2 weeks but wanted to pass on some others thoughts here first.

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44 Responses to “Will the Vikings Pass on Kalil?”

  1. jo says:

    Viking fans will lose their minds if kalil isnt picked.
    The media slotted him at #3 and the fans bought into it all the way. Even the fans who have never seen him play a down. which shows the power of the media.
    I used to like the way Dennis Green approached the draft……He would take the best player on the board regardless if the team needed that position filled or not.
    If by miracle Rg3 fell to #3 how could you pass that up even though you already have ponder?
    You don’t …….
    Learn from denny …..take the best guy left regardless of needs.
    Hey Dennis got us to the playoffs almost every year drafting like that.
    Just my thoughts ….

  2. Zag says:

    You have to take the best player available. Letting need dicate your picks is a surefire way to fail.

    That said, I do think Kalil is a solid football player and I think he could help us out quite a bit. Cover 2 teams don’t usually take blue-chip corners. When implemented correctly, the tampa-2 defense doesn’t require you to have shutdown corners like Claiborne.

    Not to mention that if they truly do want to build around Ponder, they’ll get him a new best friend. Good quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers can compensate for bad OTs like Marshall Newhouse. Ponder is not at that level, and he needs help. Since none of the receivers in this draft grade at #3, Kalil should be the pick.

    We take Kalil unless we trade down. If we do that, I’d hope we waited and picked up Jonathan Martin rather than Riley Reiff. Regardless, we need a high-level LT prospect.

    • SDViking says:

      Zag I really think you hit the nail on the head.

      My concern is if we drop back to 8th, whether Martin is just the “best of the rest.” We need to hit on this pick and I think it is too risky to let Kalil go to someone else and take Martin or Floyd.

      In the grand scheme of things, if the VIkings get a package like the Rams, I wouldn’t feel as bad. But if they made a deal like that, us as fans shouldn’t expect the Vikes to be too much better THIS year. Who knows right? Maybe we get tons of Miami picks, grab Martin in the 1st, Jeffries/Hill in the 2nd, maybe a corner with Miami’s 2nd rounder, and they all work out!

      Wouldn’t that be great?


  3. Lost Viking says:

    Spielman won’t pass on Kalil because he knows Kalil is a quality player at a position of need. Spielman’s stock rose the day he punted McKinnie.

    Redskin set the market with Griffen3 and all Spielman has to do is sit back and set a price for the third pick. If a team offers a 10% to 15% premium over market value (2,200 pts) then Viking will move down and take their chances.

    The possibility of Viking staying at #3 and taking a cornerback sounds too remote and ridiculous – even for our Rick.

  4. CalVkg says:

    yeah, kalil is a good, safe pick at 3. if there was a super good deal, we should take it. it’d be nice if cleveland swapped with us and we still got kalil plus another pick, but doubt that’ll happen

  5. jo says:

    Espn rumors Kalil going to Tampa Bay at #5
    Sorry everyone 🙁

  6. SDViking says:

    Espn also rumored Quinn to Vikings with the 7th pick in the 2007 draft a day before draft day.

    Kalil at 3, or we’ll trade down. Those are the only two things that might happen.

    Sorry jo, we are not taking Claiborne. 🙁


  7. jo says:

    Lol….don’t shoot the messenger.
    If we trade with Miami at 8 ..Kalil will end up in Tampa

  8. jo says:

    I really hope people prepare themselves for disappointment during this draft.

  9. jo says:

    People put too much stock into mock drafts…….
    Everyone buys into the so called expert picks.
    When these teams pick differently than what was expected people freak out.
    SDviking was pissed about an espn rumor because his mind was made up for him by Mike Mayock and Mel Kiper…….lol

    • SDViking says:

      The fact you posted 3 times in 10 minutes and still managed to say nothing of value doesn’t shock me. You responses are streams of nonsense that seldom make sense. It seems you are the one that is “pissed” that people disagree with you. You also change your opinion every other hour. I recall you insisting at different times over the past month that with the third pick, we were going to choose Blackman, and then you went on to Claiborne.

      Then you conveniently changed your mind from picking Claiborne (after several of us were kind enough to inform you on how a Cover 2 defense works) to any pick other than Kalil. It was impressive to see how you backpedaled and now you seem to have attempted to cover your ass by saying, “Well, if the vikings trade down to 8, Kalil will go 5.” Stunning observation, as any half-wit would also come to the same conclusion.

      My comment was geared to your alternative arguments that you are trying to present as one. You say “prepare for disappoint” and “when teams pick different than what people expected…” Neither of these arguments actually disagree with what I said. I said the Vikings were either taking Kalil or trading down. Trading down is not “picking different”, because if we trade down, we are obviously not getting Kalil (unless its with the Browns). Your opinion “if we trade with Miami, Kalil will end up in Tampa” does not conflict at all with my statement.

      Now, if we DO trade down to number 8, I think that a whole new game is on and frankly, I do not even know who I would want more between Jonathon Martin and Malcom Floyd. I know Lost, Strong and I think Zag and I discussed earlier that Floyd may be an intriguing pick. My only concern is if we go WR there, then we almost have to go T in the second round. I’m going to think about this for awhile and post again later!


  10. Why do the vikings suck so much at life? Why does anyone in Minnesota care?

    They are going to play in LA next season anyhow and you little girls will sit at home Sundays howling and crying and relieving it all by pullin’ your puds.

  11. jo says:

    Wow SDviking you are pissed….lol
    What made you more mad? The fact that you didn’t know who Matt Kalil was until
    Mel Kiper told you to like him? (you probably dont see too many usc games )
    Or the fact that this is a open forum and other people dont have to share your opinion?
    As far as changing stance on issues…You have been locked on Kalil for a while….now all of a sudden you
    are open to trading down? As far as your tampa 2 expertise?
    You believe you can use scrub corners to cover a top tier wr?
    Isnt that what we had last year?
    Stop being afraid to disagree with the masses.
    Im not……..
    Just remember everyone has a right to express their opinion here.
    If you don’t like my opinions just ignor my post.
    Respond to people who use Mel kiper or mike mayock to do their thinking

  12. jo says:

    I just re read the article……matt Kalil is under 300lbs….he definitely isnt going #3 now.
    Ok Sdviking this is the part where you rip my football intelligence …….

    • SDViking says:

      Do I even need to? I think you are doing a pretty good job of showing it yourself. Oh, and in case I didn’t make it clear, I wasn’t only ripping into your football intelligence.

      “SD” in “SDViking” stands for San Diego. As in, I live in San Diego now and have for the past three years (12 season of season ticket holder for the VIkes before that!). In case you didn’t know, San Diego is in California. Los Angeles (that’s where the Trojans play) is in California too! As a matter of fact, San Diego is only two hours from USC. So, I in fact DO see a lot of Trojan games. I actually have been to 10 since I moved here and have seen Kalil play. So that kinda backfired eh?

      I would prefer the Vikes don’t trade down but what is the problem with speculating? I simply said if we do trade down that is a whole different game and I do not know which player I would prefer at that draft position.


      • Randy Perrin says:

        Not everyone is going to agree on choices, even scouts all have different opinions. That’s one of the best parts of the draft is speculating and seeing others opinions. Were all Vikes fans who share the same thing in common, our love for the Vikings. No need to get upset with each other, I enjoy both of you engaging in discussions here. On another note, should have a post out soon on on 1st round possibilties and a bunch of different options.

  13. jo says:

    aaron rodgers posts suck…….you should want what we want……your an idiot
    next time you post check with Mel kiper…..he will tell you who you should like

  14. Stonginator says:

    We will get Kalil. Not because Mel or Mike said so, but because he IS the best available player at # 3, AND he playes the position that we happen to NEED the most. If you cannot keep your QB vertical . . .
    AND you cannot keep your, LEAGUE BEST, RB from getting hit in the backfield on every running play, YOU NEED A NEW OFFENSIVE LINEMAN or 2.

    If we can trade down a spot or two, AND STILL get Kalil, so be it.
    If not, WE GET KALIL.


  15. jo says:

    @sdviking ….im not here to argue. i think most people on this forum ..except aaron rodgers is a viking fan.
    When i reported the espn rumor of Tampa looking at kalil @5, im just sharing this with my viking brothers.
    Im not looking to be ridiculed because people dont want to hear that kind of talk.
    At this time of the year people are just posting their wish lists about their favorite team….everyone doesn’t have the same wish.
    What we all do have in common is we want to win.
    The second thing everyone here has in common is we are all frustrated and that comes across in these posts. The problem with that frustration is we point it the other fans in the forum.
    I apologize my viking brother…..may we win a few games this season and enjoy ourselves in the process.
    I look forward to reading everyones posts in the future….whatever their views and wishlists may be.

    • SDViking says:

      Lets bury the hatchet and discuss our possibilities at different drafting positions.

      I read an article this morning that cited the Vikings were talking with guess who…the BUCS! Apparently, the bucs are concerned that Richardson will be chosen right in front of them by the Browns. Now if we get the Bucs pick at 5, who do you think will be the best player available?

      Alternatively, if we swap with Miami, same question.

      IMO, if we swap with the Bucs, Kalil may still be there. If he is gone, that presents an interesting conundrum on the best player available. Claiborne, Blackman, Floyd probably will still be there. Again, I’m not sure who I would prefer at this position.

      At 8th, Claiborne and Kalil will surely be gone. Here, I think I would prefer Floyd. I just don’t think Martin or Reiff is worth the 8th pick. That being said, I do recognize the importance of protecting Ponder…so I wouldn’t be disappointed with any of them.


  16. jo says:

    My opinion is the Bucs are bluffing with Richardson.
    Last year their defense cost them dearly. I also heard rumor that this is Ronde Barbers last year.
    I think its claiborne their after. Boise states Doug martin will be there when the Bucs pick again.

  17. jo says:

    @sdviking per the link you provided….the Rams are such a sweet position.
    If the Rams move to the 4th spot they could move on Kalil to protect Bradford or they could go Blackmon.
    The Rams actually mirror the Vikings in terms of needs. Lucky for the Rams the rg3 deal fell in their lap to enhance their draft, so they have options.

    • SDViking says:

      I don’t know if the Rams will trade up again like that article says. Why wouldn’t they just wait for Kalil to fall to them?

      If the Bucs trade up, here is what I think the top ten will look like…

      1) Andrew Luck (Colts)
      2) RGIII (Skins)
      3) Claiborne (Bucs)
      4) Richardson (Browns)
      5) Kalil (Vikings)
      6) Blackman (Rams)
      7) Ingram (Jax)
      8) Tannehill (Miami)
      9) Floyd (team who trades up to CAR spot)
      10) Reiff/Martin/Cox (who cares this isn’t our pick)

      • SDViking says:

        *omit my first paragraph, I wrote that message at two separate times when I thought the Rams would hold the 5th

  18. jo says:

    Looks good….could possibly see the browns go for tennehil possibly.
    i dont know how they feel about colt mccoy

  19. Lost Viking says:

    Viking are taking a look at Dontari Poe and Malcolm Floyd sending signals they are interested in trading out of #3. Two main scenarios for teams trading up to # 3 involve a) Tannenhill and b) Trent Richardson. Team would move to secure a player ahead of Cleveland pick.

    There’s a good chance Viking will move the #3 pick on draft day. That leaves a huge hole at LT and you wouldn’t think we’d leave the first round without one.

    One of these teams – Viking, Buc, Brown, Ram, Dolphin or even Bill has got to have a hard on for one of the top players. If they do they’re not sayin

  20. Jay says:

    It’s fun to speculate, but if they stay put at No. 3, they will take Kalil. This draft is all about helping Ponder stay on the field and giving him some weapons, despite the obvious needs on defense. The first two of the three picks will be offense.

  21. Vikingsfan2812 says:

    Id like to see us trade down to the dolphins and get a another 2nd rounder and 3rd plus maybe an future 1st.

  22. SDViking says:

    Second Round:

    Harrison Smith, Nick Perry, Alshon Jeffery, Stephen Hill, Alfonzo Denard, and Kendal Wright are all AVAILABLE. Who would you choose (in order) and why?


    • Lost Viking says:

      There are certain positions where its hard to pick up talent in later rounds. Receiver is one of those. Vike are one of eight teams who may be in the market at the top of the 2nd round. And Vike are 2nd in that order.

      Kendall Wright
      Stephen Hill (hoping he’s not another Troy Williamson)
      Alshon Jeffrey
      Harrison Smith (we need Safeties)
      Nick Perry (Vike have good 4th round record on D-line)
      Alonzo Denard is a cornerback.

      When do we get to discuss Viking bringing Richard Sherman in for visit last year then drafting Brandon Burton ahead of Sherman in 5th round. What friggin’ genius made that decision?

      • Erik H says:

        That is actually the exact opposite of true. WR is one of the positions that is the easiest to find talent in the later rounds. Blackmon and Floyd are the only 2 prospects that should have a 1st rnd grade. Wright is the only second rnd level talent, then there is a large drop off. After those 3, the next receivers shouldn’t be taken until the 4th rnd or later. To back up my point:

        Steve Smith – 3rd round
        Hines Ward – 3rd
        M Wallace – 3rd
        Manningham – 3rd
        T.O. – 3rd
        Brandon Marshall – 4th
        Brandon Lloyd – 4th
        Donald Driver – 7th
        M Colsten – 7th
        Stevie Johnson – 7th

        Plus a few undrafted players:

        Wes Welker
        Victor Cruz
        Rod Smith
        Nate Washington
        Lance Moore

        • Stonginator says:

          While I can agree with what you have posted here, how many hundreds of WR’s were drafted ahead of these guys or in the same round, THAT did not pan out ? ? ?

          Of the 15 guys you listed, I believe all posted marginal numbers their first year in the league. Ponder needs help NOW.

          Also, at keast 2/3s of these guys are somewhat products of the systems that they are in. Many were #3 WRs on their teams that got a chance and had ” good ” years. Only Steve Johnson has done well as a true #1. IMHO

          • Erik H says:

            Ponder does need help NOW…he needs not to get killed every time he drops back to pass. Give him time to throw and he will succeed (even if he is throwing to Streeter or Jeffery), getting Blackmon or Floyd won’t help at all if you don’t have time to throw the ball. Very few WRs (even ones drafted in the 1st rnd) make an impact in their rookie season.

            Oh, and one other thing…Steve Smith, Mike Wallace, Brandon Marshall, T.O., Donald Driver….these guys haven’t ‘done well’ as #1 receivers? What league are you watching?

    • Jay says:


      1. Wright – Helping Ponder develop is the highest priority for this draft. Wright has more experience and has been far more productive than Hill.

      2. Hill – Does not have first round production, but has size/speed combination that you can’t teach. Miami WR Tommy Streeter has similar measurables and far better production last season, and they could wait and take him in Round 3 or 4.

      3. Harrison Smith – We still have no starting safeties on the roster. People talking about him as a first round pick should watch the last two minutes of last year’s Michigan game (Wolverine’s drove the field twice in the last two minutes to score TDs with a QB who will be playing WR in the NFL next year).

      4. Nick Perry – Can’t go wrong with pass rushers. Allen, Robison and Everson Griffen will all be FAs in 2014. Planning for their departures (Allen for sure, possibly Robison as well) makes sense.

      5. Alfonzo Denard – Not an every down player. A nickel back to replace Winfield in 2013? Would strongly consider him if he falls to Round 3.

      6. Jefferey – Too many questions for Round 2. Would strongly consider him in Round 3. I think we’re looking for more speed on the outside.

    • Jay says:


      Two other players to consider for your list of potential second rounders: DT Worthy and DT Reyes. Spielman wants to get younger and may look to find Kevin Williams’ eventual replacement, if WR Hill and S Harrison are off the board.

  23. jo says:

    There are only two that i believe are first year nfl ready…
    Kendal Wright ….catches everything and play faster than he really is
    Alshon Jeffery…..Big strong play like beast
    I know i said only two ready starters…..but i like this guy as a project……steve hill….fast fast fast….

  24. 4eversteve says:

    Kevin Williams is a beast, last season he play hurt and toward the end of the season was getting healthy and his production went up. That being said however it is time to look at drafting a stud DT to groom for when Williams leaves, I still believe that he has a few good years of production in him as he was dominating the line of scrimmage in the last few games once his foot condition got better. He will command double teams again in the upcoming season putting more pressure on opposing offenses and helping out our weak secondary, although I believe that will be much improved as well.

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