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Vikings 2012 Schedule

The Vikings 2012 Schedule:

  • Sunday: September 9, 2012     12:00PM-         Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Sunday: September 16, 2012   12:00PM-     @Indianapolis Colts
  • Sunday: September 23, 2012   12:00PM-        San Francisco 49ers
  • Sunday: September 30, 2012   12:00PM-    @Detroit Lions
  • Sunday: October 7, 2012          12:00PM-         Tennessee Titans
  • Sunday: October 14, 2012          3:15PM-     @Washington Redskins
  • Sunday: October 21, 2012        12:00PM-         Arizona Cardinals
  • Thurs:    October 25, 2012          7:20PM-        Tampa Bay Bucs
  • Sunday: November 4, 2012        3:05PM-    @Seattle Seahawks
  • Sunday: November 11, 2012    12:00PM-        Detroit Lions
  • Sunday: November 25, 2012    12:00PM-    @Chicago Bears
  • Sunday: December 2, 2012      12:00PM-    @Green Bay Packers
  • Sunday: December 9, 2012      12:00PM-         Chicago Bears
  • Sunday: December 16, 2012    12:00PM-    @St. Louis Rams
  • Sunday: December 23, 2012    12:00PM-    @Houston Texans
  • Sunday: December 30, 2012    12:00PM-        Green Bay Packers

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17 Responses to “Vikings 2012 Schedule”

  1. slim says:

    I got 6 wins this year. Looks tough with the 49ers and cards bucs and seahawks.
    Then you have the Nfc north with bears lions and packers with 2 games a piece.

    • Erik H says:

      I agree, 6 wins sound about right. That includes that one game per year that we will win that we should have no chance in. Obviously it depends on Ponder’s improvement level.

  2. Purple Charlie says:

    Vikings wins
    wk 1 Jags
    wk 2 Colts
    wk 6 Redskins
    wk 7 Cards
    wk 15 Rams

    5-11 Maybe they will do better…

  3. Phil says:

    I’ll say 6-8 wins

  4. vk4life says:

    I am gonna say 8-8, prayerfuly 9-7 when we pull out a close upset win! Hey call me an optomist. LOL

  5. Chase12 says:

    We can beat the lions and bears at home And I know for a fact we will beat the cards and the bucs

  6. one primetime game… :p think of how many we had 3 years ago.

    • Purple Charlie says:

      Sure is sad, I wished we would have cashed in that year, Would have made this easier to bear…

  7. meswant says:

    wow, would be nice to see 6 wins but honestly, I am not soo confident. If we do not get Ponder protection, if we do not get some receivers who can help Harvin & AP, & if we do not get some decent secondary who play great I am not sure if we get 6 wins. This Vikings will have to play top game & really want to win to pull this off. There was a time just a couple years ago I would have laughed at this schedule but many of these teams have greatly inproved since then. I will still watch the games but I have really no expectations this season. As well, the stadium issue may create some unease as well. Time will tell this season.

    • Purple Charlie says:

      I would have been happy if they would have had the Stadium settled…
      Really think the State will lay on this till next year.

  8. 4eversteve says:

    Purple Charlie, I think you are right it will take the Vikings packing up the moving vans and setting the GPS. for L.A. before the morons in the state capitol realize it’s to late. It will be a sad day in Minnesota history if the Vikings leave. I live out in Arizona now for the last 25 years and it would depress me if they leave Minnesota. I feel that the politician up there are playing games with the Vikings and the Wilf’s patients will run out very soon! I feel sorry for the Great fans of the Vikings like yourself who would no longer get to see there beloved football team take the field.

    • Purple Charlie says:


      I,m a out of stater just like yourself, moved to Rochester NY 22 years ago lol!
      I like yourself, feel sorry for the folks that love the Vikings also…

  9. Milt Sundea says:

    The schedule makes me think the Vikings need to draft the CB, and then the best WR. That gives the Vikings the best chance to be able to handle all those passing games,get turn overs,and not go three and out and they can be around for 10 years, too. And as far as the stadium goes, Goodell says he wants to maintain the current markets as they are. If that’s the case, if they actually want the Vikings in Minnesota, you’d think they’d be better off and able to come up with the financing through the NFL or whatever and just control all of it, get the soccer thing going and rent it out at a premium. IF they want to be in Minnesota. I’m agreeing with the people who say “Let the billionaire owner pay for it”, and I’m just wondering why the Viking owners wouldn’t want that, too. Anyone?

    • Erik H says:

      I agree with you to an extent, I do think the city and the state should be putting up a portion of the funds for a new stadium though. The Vikings do generate revenue for the state and especially for the city where the stadium is, they should be helping with the cost. It would be nice to see the league step in and perhaps help bridge the gap (maybe with a new financing option) and also have the owners increase their commitment a little too.

    • c.carterhof says:

      That’s short sided thinking Milt. Plus the city and state have made millions off the Vikes. Twins got theirs, it’s time to pay up, and keep the Vikings. Or don’t, and lose them. It’s quite simple.

      • Milt Sundea says:

        Yeah, it’s complicated. If the Vikings LIKE Minnesota and the market, then they wouldn’t have to be held up or pay the state back if they finance it thru the NFL, or whatever. I agree with you, carterhoff,the State and Minneapolis should partner up. It is too bad for the Minnesota fans that the decision has to go thru those channels. Of course, some people will play politics and oppose it. That’s why I say, bypass them,get it done, reap the profits. Question for the Vikings is, Minnesota or LA? Is it just me, or does Dayton look like Casper the friendly ghost? I hope it doesn’t rub off on the Vikings. I live in LA,and the fact is, if they leave the Childress uniforms at the dome, come out and play downtown in the sunshine with the throwbacks, and WIN, they will be LOVED like the Lakers. Put them in NFC west and put the Rams in the North. It IS an opportunity for them. I’m sure they realize it.

  10. Dr. K says:

    8-8. We need to step up with a stadium. Maybe not pay as much as is being asked for right now but gotta get the deal done or the Vikings are gone after this season.

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