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We have some great news for all of our readers and Vikings fans! Vikings Gab has partnered with to give two lucky Vikings fans a retro Vikings t-shirt just in time for training camp! All you have to do is reside within the U.S. and tell us in the comments section below what makes you the biggest Vikings fan.

We’ll select two random winners on Monday, July 30th, and they can choose a men’s or women’s retro Vikings shirt as their prize.

Good luck!

This contest is open to US residents only. The prize is only redeemable for a men’s or women’s retro Vikings shirt through, and cannot be substituted.

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15 Responses to “Win A Retro Vikings T-Shirt From!”

  1. Tom Kelber says:

    It started in 1965 as a CA kid with aunts & uncles in MN, and the Purple People Eaters were the spark. This d–n team has been in my blood through all these years, and will stay there until they finally win it all. I’ve watched every game available to me out here. A highlight moment was working with the sound crew at the dome for Vikes-Packers (loss – Favre & Driver hurt us).

    I’ve laughed and cried (Spergon Wynn) thru the incredible mis-steps and key chokes (who has more than us?). It’s a maddening team (infamous “pass”) to stick with, with amazing history (Bud Grant) and tradition. It is a testament to the true fan, who can hang in there despite all the near misses (Gary Anderson) and bone head moves (Herschel trade). I think maybe Jim Marshall goes the right way and everything would have been different. Drew Pearson gets flagged in the NFC championship, Underwood stays in camp, Williamson actually catches balls, the Saints get their title stripped, love boat was just a fishing trip, blahhhh blahh. You will just have to take my word for it on the biggest fan thing. Blow the dang horn…

  2. lisa says:

    I really want that t-shirt!!! I grew up, in Iowa, watching the team that my dad watched. He is a Viking fan, but not as big as the one that I have grown into. You would think that I have a child out there playing, because that’s how nervous I get before a game. I am very competitve and not afraid to jump into an argument about football. If you say anything bad about my Vikings, I will pipe up and most guys have learned to shut up because I do know what i’m talking about. I can always back my argument up with specific plays because I don’t miss a single game. To this day I can explain and argue games that were ruined by horrible reffing and there are ALOT!!! Honestly, I feel like the Vikes continue to get screwed over. It’s not just bad luck, but dishonerable reffs and I want to watch the better team win, not which team is liked by the reffs more. (Sorry, but that’s a sore subject for me) Last but not least I am the best candidate for being the biggest Viking fan because I absolutly HATE THE PACKERS!!!!!And always will..

    • dynalee10 says:

      I have to confess Lisa I share your opinion about the refs . I have watched so many calls against the Vikes over the years that I find it way to much of a coincidence that we always seem to end up on the wrong end of game changing calls .

  3. Quen Lamb says:

    Skol Vikings. As a Vikings fan I do not need to prove my aligance to the team because we know that the team is our life. Anyone who tries to tell us otherwise obviously doesn’t know the connection of heartache and agony we share with our fellow fans and team. Live, Vikings, Death.

  4. Damian Byers says:

    When we win, I am happy; when we lose, I am not. Simple. Thanks.

  5. Stonginator says:

    Stu Voigt,Joe Kapp,Jeff Siemon, Fran Tarkenton, Tommy Kramer, Steve Jorden,Darren Nelson, Joey Browner, Chris Doleman, Anthony Carter, Chris Carter . . .
    Being born in 1964 and having an older brother that was a *bears fan*,
    I got started a little later than some of you. However, I bleed purple like the ” Good Lord” gives us all grace. Let me change that,
    Like the ” Aint’s ” CHEAT.( Or Belicheck ).

    I remember all of the Superbowl loses. I remember the ” catch”.The Darren Nelson fumble in an attempt to tie the game in the 1984 NFC title game, against the Redskins. The 1987, we kicked San Fransico’s ass! Only to be screwed out of NFC title victory on phantom pass interference calls AGAIN against Washington. 1998, 2009 etc . . .

    I remeber so many a HEARTBREAKING loses. I also remember many happy monents when we kicked butt all over the Norse division!!!

    MAN, we have been thru it haven’t we PEOPLE. The pain NEVER quite completely goes away huh? BUT WE KEEP coming back for more!

    I am sure that there are many loyal Vikings fans out there that deserve this shirt much more than me, I think we ALL do.

    But if it were to come my way, I would wear it with distinction and Purple Pride, I WOULD!!!


  6. OgreBane says:

    My names Rob and I’m 48 years old. I cried like a colic baby when Anderson missed that d@mn field goal in the championship game back in ’98 and I think I cried a little harder when we lost the championship game against the bounty-giving Saints. I’m tired of crying and am more than ready for a superbowl victory, or at least to finally play in one again. Maybe all we need is everyone wearing retro t-shirts. I’ll lead the way, let me have one….

  7. wtf spielman says:

    Well I grew up in house with an atiment vikings fan, my father. When I was little, hed be hooting, holloring, screaming and yelling at the tv..We all thought he was nuts as I grew into a fan as well, needless to say I am the same way…on any given sunday we could wake the dead litterally…I collect the vikings football cards, the memorablia..All my good shirts are vikings related ie jerseys or christmas tree gets decorated in vikings ornaments..A wall in my bedroom is dedicated to hanging vikings blankets and jerseys..not like there not hanging in other rooms too…When I get a house, my first order of buisness is to pick a wall and paint it purple with a big Gold “V”.Im pumped up all week after a win, I cry after a lose, When the refs blow a call, If i could punch them through the TV I would…Ive thaught my daughters to scream “Go Vikings”, I tell ya that makes a proud papa..I BLEED PURPLE AND GOLD..SKOL…

  8. Chris says:

    Getting punched in the stomach every year and keep coming back

  9. I was born in a small town in Virginia. Lived most of my life there until 17 years ago when I moved to North Carolina. I have never been to Minnesota nor do I have any relatives in Minnesota. This is the story of why I am the greatest Viking fan. It started out when I was 6 years old. No one in my family liked sports and my step father was racist against blacks. But that did not stop me from watching sports. I would be able to watch sports when my step dad got too drunk to care. I remember the Vikings losing to the Cowboys in the playoffs in 1971. Bud Grant and the Purple People Eaters were awsome. That was the beginning of the life of this ole Southern boy Viking fan. During my teenage years I started working so I could buy the Viking Report. I still have pictures i cut out of the magazine. My favorite picture was the Hail Mary pass known as the Miricle at the Met! I shouted as if I was a crazy person when Ahmad Rashad caught that last second pass from Tommy Kramer. That was the good ole days When Bud Grant and the Vikings played outdoors. I can go on and describe several other Viking memories but I will end this now. Hopefully will have some great memories to come for our future stories. I have faith that we will and hopefully I will make that trip up to the great state of Minnesota and see the Vikings in person. That has always been a dream of mine, Go Vikings!!

  10. Stonginator says:


    • Yes, being a huge Viking fan that was one of my favorite Viking memories. Despite no no super bowls and living down south, I have never been afraid to tell everyone that I bleed PURPLE BLOOD!!

  11. Stonginator says:

    Amen to THAT ! ! !
    I am looking forward to this season getting started and now that we have signed Kalil, it will be a good year.

  12. Stonginator says:

    SO Who won the shirts???

    • CJ says:

      The winners were contacted by e-mail. If any of them want to chime in on this thread, they’re more than welcome to do so..

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