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WR Greg Jennings Jumps From Packers To Vikings

John Clayton explains how wide receiver Greg Jennings departed Green Bay for rival Minnesota.

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7 Responses to “WR Greg Jennings Jumps From Packers To Vikings”

  1. govikes says:

    This is an OK move, but we overpaid him. If we were willing to pay that much we should’ve gone after Wallace who is younger and not coming off a major injury. Now that its done I hope they can make the best of things but this signing is going to cause us to lose some of our starters in the next couple years. J Allen, Robison, Cook, E Griffen all have expiring contract in the next 2 years. Hope the contract was front loaded so we can cut him in a couple years if we have to.

    • will says:

      Wallace? LOL! Talk about a team way overpaying for a wr,as did seattle overpaying for a slot wr.Harvin won’t even be their #1 wr,that is Rice.We payed fair market value for a proven wr,who isn’t a selfish headcase like other wr’s are.

  2. purplereign57 says:

    @govikes…good insights. Looks like you’ve thought this out well. He IS 29, and the Vikings DID sign Jennings for five years, but we REALLY needed a #1 receiver in our bullpen, and I think we have him in Jennings. Minnesota obviously had the money to play with, but the cap is much closer now with the signing of Jennings, and we may ot have the money it’s going to take to sign two first rounders come draft day. Let’s hope I’m wrong there. I’d still love to pick up Keenan Allen at #23, and then I think that we should either pick up a DT, CB, or S with the other first round pick. I still believe that our secondary is a very weak spot in our defense, but we are hurting even more (if you want to call it that) since Brinkley has signed with Arizona. Now, we need a MLB even worse. Maybe we can lure Urlacher over to our side, or pick up T’eo or even a better MLB in the draft. We STILL have a lot of holes to fill, and it’s going to take a lot of scheming with FA AND the draft to try to fill SOME of those holes. I think we have way too many still. It would definitely be a shame to lose some of our better starters because of the Jennings signing, and I agree wholeheartedly with you that that situation will absolutely will NEED to be addressed before it’s too late. Having Jennings’ contract adjusted so that the Vikings would be able to release him after a couple or three years might work, but if he is still playing then at a high level, I think they would do good to look elsewhere to keep their most important starters ( IF THEY are still playing at a high enough level to keep on the roster). In reality though, I think that Ponder proving himself at becoming the success that the Vikings need him to be is one of the MOST IMPORTANT factors facing the Vikings right now. I even think that it might be a wise move to look for and draft a good QB in the draft. I’m afraid that they may need one that can acomplish what needs to be done at that position. IMO, Matt Cassel is not the answer. He is mediocre at best, and barring a miracle, would not be able to take the club where it needs to go. Speilman and company will have to suck it up, and do something drastic if Ponder flops again this coming season. I desperately hope I’m wrong on that point, because I like the kid, and hope that he is successful and becomes a true #1 starter. I obviously have many opinions about this football team, as I am a true die-hard Viking fan, win or lose. But there has been just too much losing in the last few seasons to make me comfortable about their future…until this past season. Going 10-6 was a true shocker for me, but there were also too many close games in those victories. I’d really like to see more blowouts, and let them prove to the fans that they have what it takes to be one of the elite teams in the NFL once again, and instead of losing ANOTHER Super Bowl, winning one for a change, and bringing the Lombardi Trophy home.

  3. SouthernVikesFan says:

    With Ponder, the Vikes are going nowhere…..Cassel is better than what we have

  4. purplereign57 says:

    @SouthernVikesFan…I wouldn’t be so quick on the trigger.Even with all of the down side that one can see with Ponder’s play this past season, you must remember that he did show signs of being a rather good NFL caliber QB, for example, the last four games of the season without Percy Harvin, Ponder showed that he COULD lead a team to an important victory, and showed great signs of leadership in and out of the huddle. He used the weapons he had and was successful with them. I don’t mean to be some kind of hater, but you gotta give the kid a chance. Remember, there are some GREAT quarterbacks throughout NFL history that had numbers no better than Ponder has had through his first couple seasons. Brees, Manning (Peyton AND Eli), and Aikman come to mind right off of the top of my head. So who’s to say? People like Doug Flutie, Billy Kilmer, Joe Gilliam, and even Ryan Tannehill have made their marks in the league, so I think we must give Ponder some time before we judge him a loser. I WAS on that hater’s bandwagon at one time…calling for Ponder’s head, but hindsight being 20/20, I want to give him some more time to develop and mature. Spielman and company HAD to have seen SOMETHING in Ponder to have picked him up in the first round. They’re not complete idiots or they wouldn’t have the jobs they have. So, IMO, I believe giving the kid some more time to get more comfortable actually LEADING the offense is warranted, and eventually will pay off. They brought Cassel in for some competition and also for mentoring Ponder. I believe that this move will also prove successful, and will make Ponder a much better QB. He should know now that there is someone there that can conceivably take his job, and perhaps Leslie Frazier wouldn’t put that move off as long as say Rex Ryan did with Mark Sanchez. And by the way…I think that Ponder is AT LEAST as good as Mark Sanchez. In fact, I think that Ponder’s confidence level has already gone up to some degree with the addition of Greg Jennings. He sees that the management and coaches WANT to give him some talent to throw to. You must remember too that even though Harvin was Ponder’s #1 target, Percy Harvin did not like Ponder to begin with, and that may have been a factor in Ponder’s play. Jennings WILL be more fun to play with than Harvin was. I can tell it in his demeanor in his interviews. That will also be a confidence booster for Ponder. Finally, IF the Vikings choose to draft a talented and team oriented receiver, Ponder will have an additional teammate to establish some chemistry with, and there is the possibility that the two may even become a deadly duo. So, I say just give the kid a chance to develop and mature a little. He’s definitely felt the pressure on his back plenty already, and if he’s smart, wants to be a starter, and wants to be a success in the NFL, then I believe he’ll come around, and make the Vikings an excellent quarterback. They DID finish 10-6 with him at the helm, so he’s proven that he CAN win, even when the pressure’s on.

    • SouthernVikesFan says:

      Nice to see we have a confident fan, just hope your right. I watched almost every game he played at FSU, and to be honest, I was shocked anyone in the league drafted him, especially my team!….Just saying….

  5. purplereign57 says:

    @SouthernVikesFan…I hope I’m right too, for the fans AND everyone concerned. I hope Speilman was right too. I guess that remains to be seen. This will be Ponder’s third season, and I really think it’s high time that he definitely show some signs of improvement, or somebody else needs to play the position. First and foremost, I’m a Vikings fan, and I WANT to see them win, and if they can’t do it with Ponder, then they need to try to do it with someone else, plain and simple. Yeah, I have a friend that told me that the main reason Ponder looked anything like good at FSU was that he was surrounded by a bunch of stud receivers. He knows college football better than I do, so I’ll take him at his word, even though I’d rather not, and keep thinking that Ponder has enough skill to make a good QB for the Vikings. I have to sort of agree with you, though, that so far, he hasn’t shown enough to prove himself a consistent winner, and the caliber of a good NFL quarterback. I keep hoping and wanting him to be a winner though, because I hate to see a kid that’s trying end up losing his job.

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