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Rebound For Chad Greenway?

Chad Greenway has been one of the most popular Vikings for years.  Now with Jared Allen and Kevin Williams no longer on the roster, Chad will be leaned on for his leadership more than ever.  His on field play over the past couple of seasons have left me wondering if his bloated salary cap number […]

Bright Future?

Who has close friends who are Packers or Bears fans?  I have both.  How many annoying jokes/reminders about how many rings the Vikings have can someone tolerate before actually going on a mission to steal every Packer flag in the neighborhood (every neighborhood in WI has several… and I’m pretty sure it’s a felony if […]

Prisco: Vikings To Take OLB Khalil Mack With 8th Pick

CBS Football Insider Pete Prisco is out with his first mock draft, and he has the Vikings taking Buffalo OLB Khalil Mack with the eighth pick. 8. Minnesota Vikings — Buffalo OLB Khalil Mack: New coach Mike Zimmer has a big task in trying to rebuild that defense. He needs to get faster. To see […]

Path to Victory

In the past four night games, regular and post season, the Vikings have lost by a cumulative score of 127-65. Seven of the team’s Week 1 starters look set to be in street clothes. Last time we played the Redskins, this happened: Then why am I feeling optimistic? Perhaps because this game offers a win-win situation no matter […]

Stream of Consciousness

Due to the abbreviated period between games, I won’t be chewing the cud per se. In lieu, you’ll find a smattering of my thoughts about yesterday’s game below… Christian Ponder did well at what he is good at, and not so good at what…you get the picture. The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex native punished the Cowboys when […]

Chewing the Cud Week 8.5

For the second time in four years, the detested Packers of Green Bay have rolled into the dome and absolutely demolished the Vikings. The start was encouraging enough. Cordarrelle Patterson’s record kick return saw the game unfold much like this fixture has over the past two years. In 2011, Christian Ponder matched the anticipation surrounding his first […]

Chewing the Thud, Week 7.5

After nearly half a season, and just as the schedule difficulty ramps up a few notches, a summary is in order. To start the season there was a 78 yard touchdown run by Adrian Peterson, and a performance by Detroit that included two turnovers and 11 penalties, which spotted the Purple and Gold 88 yards. […]

Chewing the Cud Week 6.5

This is beginning to taste bitter. On the discomfort scale,watching that game is somewhere in between an episode of HBO’s “Hello Ladies” and a colonoscopy. Few things can temper realistic optimism like the inability to stop the run. Sure the Panthers averaged less than 4 yards per carry, but just after Brandon LaFell’s backbreaking 79-yard touchdown a […]

Chewing the Cud Week 5.5

The eleven days that have elapsed since the last Vikings game have not been without excitement. Many would look at the quarterback conundrum with doubt since, as the saying goes, “If you have two three quarterback, you have none.” I pay no heed to such haters. This squad has been engineered with “character” in mind, […]

Chewing the Cud, Week 4.5

  It was a gleeful Sunday over in Blighty, as the Vikings and Steelers did a swell job representing the product. The game featured many exciting plays, came down to the wire, and saw one of the NFL’s (slumping?) superstars break out. To boot, the crowd, which shaded slightly purple, would have been happy to […]