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Jared Talks About Favre, Haynesworth, & Himself

Apparently Brett Favre politely declined to attend Jared Allen’s recent wedding (the wedding is better known as a funeral for his mullet) and Allen apparently doesn’t mind.  He also apparently doesn’t mind that Favre forgot to RSVP when it comes to attending offseason events. He is still assuming Favre will be back for another season, […]

News of the Weird

Just a few articles I came across today (via Rotoworld): According to Vikings beat reporter Judd Zulgad, an Albert Haynesworth trade to Minnesota “is not going to happen.” A Haynesworth trade was possible during the draft, but the Redskins and an interested team would have to get extremely creative to make a deal happen now. […]

Summer Doldrums

[Note from Adam:  In a time when the NFL offseason is about as exciting as watching paint dry, I have suddenly found myself busy enough that I can’t even keep up.  Don’t worry, my lack of updates is temporary, and I’ll catch my eighty-second wind pretty soon.  However, I would like to be the first […]

Some Interesting Stuff

Well, I again have to apologize for the longer-than-usual absence.  Once again, life managed to keep me away from the keyboard for a couple of days.  We are working on fixing that issue, however, by possibly adding a few new names to the bullpen.  I think we have one new guy coming on board already […]

Can Anyone Help?

There are a number of players that are now available or are thought to be available via trade.  Let’s take a look at some of them and how the Vikings may view some of these options. Ken Hamlin, FS, Age 29 I feel bad for safeties in the NFL.  They are hardly ever noticed unless […]