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Defense Needs A Shake Up

I’ve come to the conclusion that teams with the proper personnel can easily follow a specific formula to beat the Vikings defense. Step One:  Spread It Out Every time a team puts enough receivers on the field at once the Vikings defense is forced to take a very good defender off the field in exchange […]

Harvin And Leber Are Possible Casualties

The last things the Vikings needed was to add injuries to insult, following their loss to the Miami Dolphins today. That may be exactly what has happened, unfortunately. Percy Harvin was seen paying attention to his hip after attempting to make a downfield block during Sunday’s game.  His status is not certain right now, but […]

Some Fun for the Weekend

Just thought I throw this little clip out there for a weekend “pick-me-up”. It is a clip that is all about our D! A few things to look for: Asher Allen made a ton of plays in the very limited time he had last year. Leber, Allen, and Griffin are in on almost every play. […]

Quote Of The Week

This week’s quote comes from a recent appearance by Ben Leber on the NFL Network.  Before I give you the quote, I just wanted to say that Leber is a very well-spoken and classy guy.  He represents his team well both on and off the field every single day. When asked about “Favre Watch” he […]

OFFSEASON PREVIEW: Outside Linebacker

[For more previews of this nature, click on the “2010 Offseason Tracker” tab at the top of this screen.] 2009 Season Besides the occasional lapse in pass coverage, the Vikings saw great production out of their starting outside linebackers in 2009. Chad Greenway led the Vikings with 80 tackles.  He also had a forced fumble […]

Saints Week: The Run Defense

Teams have underestimated the Saints running game all year, and they have paid dearly.  With that being said, I don’t think the Vikings will choose to abandon their year-long philosophy of stopping the run first as they approach the NFC Championship game.  The Saints boast the 6th ranked running offense in the NFL while the […]

Cowboys Expected To Do What The Cards Did

How does a team negate the incredible talent that the Vikings have on the defensive line? Three step drops, quick throws, and running after catching is how the Vikings expect to see the Cowboys answer that question on Sunday. Back when the Vikings got embarrassed by the Cardinals, this was the key to Arizona putting […]

Short Term & Long Term Impact Of E.J.’s Injury

It is too early to know much about the long-term prospect of E.J. Henderson returning or not returning to play football for the Vikings.  Not all the news is horrible, like this story (thanks for the link Fran) in which a doctor says Henderson could easily be back by training camp. Now, I am always […]

Spreading The Love: The Defense & Special Teams

Antoine Winfield said that the defense deserved a B-minus grade after Monday Night’s victory.  Considering that if you take away Adrian Peterson’s fumble for a touchdown, the defense only gave up 16 points, I’m willing to give them a higher grade than that.  That doesn’t there were not a few things that could’ve been better […]

The First Cap Casualty To Look At

The Vikings were quite inactive in free agency, adding only two special teams type players.  They also were thought to have about $17 million in cap space prior to the draft.  Many people thought that the Vikings were going to be patient, not overpay players during the initial free agency period, and wait to see […]

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