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Andy Reid Flies Plane Into A Bird

We had previously mentioned that coach Brad Childress was to be joined by Eagles coach Andy Reid, Panthers coach John Fox, and Bengals coach Marvin Lewis on a USO tour to the Persian Gulf. Their first day got off to a bit of a rough start when Reid was allowed to be in the cockpit […]

The Onion Takes Aim At Peterson

There are many reasons to enjoy “fake news.” For example, a lack of actual news besides what 61 year old coaches and never-has-been defensive tackles are up to (see: previous two posts) are a perfect example of why fake news can be quite entertaining. The Onion comes to the rescue every now and then, however, […]

Denny Green Doesn’t Plan On Returning To NFL

There are still plenty of Vikings fans that would love to see Brad Childress replaced as the head coach of the Vikings.  There probably aren’t too many that long for the coaching decisions of Dennis Green, however, and those people mustn’t worry. “At this age, I’m not willing to coach just anywhere, not willing to […]

Favre Is Still Alive

Every year around the Fourth of July, Brett Favre talks to hometown reporter Al Jones of The Sun Herald.  This year is no different and what Favre here is what Favre had to say as transcribed by Access Vikings: By Al Jones The Sun Herald BILOXI, Miss. — Whether Brett Favre plays a 20th season […]

What Is Going On With Greenway?

Chad Greenway did not participate in the team activities during mandatory minicamp this weekend.  His recent comments on KFAN radio really didn’t put a stop to the swirling speculation as to why he wasn’t going through the drills. “Coach [Brad Childress] and I had a little agreement and that’s all I can say about that,” Greenway […]

Childress Not Happy With Peterson Missing Minicamp

Adrian Peterson is not gaining a lot of love today from coach Brad Childress. The star running back missed minicamp for the Vikings Friday as he gets ready to take in an event in his honor in his hometown – “Adrian Peterson Day.” “I just know that there’s a bunch of guys here,” Childress said. […]

Another (probably meaningless) Ruling Coming On Friday

At ten in the morning on Friday, Judge Gary Larson is expected to give his latest ruling in regards to the StarCaps case. Pat and Kevin Williams are attempting to get the court to extend a ruling that temporarily prohibited the NFL from imposing their four game suspensions until proceedings were finished.  They are asking […]

Notes From Camp

Today was the first day of rookie camp and tryouts.  Here are a few notes picked up from around the web: Joe Webb is a lot bigger than he is listed, according to one reporter. Toby Gerhart is looking forward to winning the backup role to Adrian Peterson by proving he can help protect the […]

Childress The Motivator?

Brad Childress is often the butt of many jokes among Vikings fans, particularly when it comes to his lack of enthusiasm (see tonight’s presser) and seemingly has endless amounts of crazy ways to try and motivate his team. Fans often wonder how effective speeches about water buffalo, videos about NASCAR, and having “that guy from […]

Childress Talks About Allen Video

Earlier today we posted a video found at TMZ which shows Jared Allen haveing a “heated discussion” with another bar patron that insulted his fiance. I may have failed to give comprehensive analysis of the situation, so ladies and gentlemen, I give you Brad Childress! “I actually spoke to Jared about that last night. That’s […]