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Randle Is In, And They Can’t Take It Back

Here is John Randle’s Hall of Fame speech:   Wow. Well, it’s too late, they can’t take it back now. I’m here; I’m in. First of all, I want to thank John Teerlinck for presenting me, motivating me, focusing me on the game that I love. I also want to say, John, thank you for […]

Denny Green Doesn’t Plan On Returning To NFL

There are still plenty of Vikings fans that would love to see Brad Childress replaced as the head coach of the Vikings.  There probably aren’t too many that long for the coaching decisions of Dennis Green, however, and those people mustn’t worry. “At this age, I’m not willing to coach just anywhere, not willing to […]

Another Q&A Session

Thanks to those of you who submitted questions for this weekend’s Q&A session.  I know I promised to answer every question asked, but I have decided to exclude a few, becase they are… well… ridiculous. Let’s get started. Fragile Freds Asks:  Any news on the progress of treatment for Cheech Harvins migranes? Brad Childress was […]