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Coach B returns from Hiatus

I’m back and badder then ever. Did anyone actually miss me? Let me start out by saying first and foremost… Favre WILL be playing QB for the Minnesota Vikings this season. No great revelation there. A recent poll asked NFL fans if Favre will stay retired, and a whopping 89 % said “No”. The question […]

Favre’s Agent Releases Statement

Brett Favre’s agent, Bus Cook, just released the following statement: “As far as Brett is concerned, in spite of reports to the contrary, Brett’s situation has nothing to do with his contract, but everything to do with his health and ability to contribute to that team and play at a level that he has been […]

Favre MAY have had surgery this week

I came across an odd story this morning, one claiming a certain “old QB” was taking up a famous surgeon, Dr. Andrews time this week, down in Mississippi. In an article from (by John Holler): As most fans know, getting confirmation on anything Favre-related is a difficult proposition at best. Favre isn’t talking. Agent […]

Favre Feeding Fodder for Fear of Filleting

Alliterations are fun. And so are the constant speculations that the media and fans have produced concerning Brett Favre and the most famous bicep tendon that the NFL has ever seen. Over the past week, conflicting reports have been filtering through various sources indicating that Favre has asked for surgery opinions on his tendon with […]