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Favre Works Out With Another Player That Isn’t A Viking

It is an inconvenience for a forty year old quarterback to work out with the team that is paying him $13 million this year and poised to make another Super Bowl run. It is not an inconvenience for him to work out with his home town high school kids, however. It also, apparently, is not […]

Can Anyone Help?

There are a number of players that are now available or are thought to be available via trade.  Let’s take a look at some of them and how the Vikings may view some of these options. Ken Hamlin, FS, Age 29 I feel bad for safeties in the NFL.  They are hardly ever noticed unless […]

Next Year’s All Free Agent Team

As long as I was on the topic of the 2010 offseason, I thought I’d take a look around the league to see who could possibly be coming available in free agency. Again, lots of things (like contract extensions) can happen between now and then. In fact, in the time between when I started writing […]