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Allen Sends an Early Message to New NFC North QB Jay Cutler

Vikes To Face Cutler Twice Per Year

Jay Cutler has been traded to the Chicago Bears for at least two first round draft picks and quarterback Kyle Orton. The Vikings will be able to witness first hand if the young quarterback was worth the investment, as they will now be playing against him two times a season. No talk of a contract […]

Cutler Still In The Mix?

I’ve been pretty confident in my recent assertions that the Vikings chance to get a deal done for quarterback Jay Cutler has already come and gone. While I still think that they don’t stand a chance, there are rumblings that if Childress and Cutler were able to sit down and have a chat they may […]

Cutler Available Now

PFT reports that the Broncos have announced that starting quarterback Jay Cutler will be traded. As we previously mentioned the Vikings opportunity to trade for Cutler has already came and went, and it is unlikely that they jump back into the race. In fact, PFT doesn’t have the Vikings as one of the teams in […]

McDaniel’s Antics: Olive Branch or Nail In The Coffin?

While it may not have been as shocking as Mike Singletary dropping his trousers, Josh McDaniels turned to some odd antics during his interview at league meetings. According to coaches were asked to wear throwback jerseys for their respective teams for a photo shoot. McDaniels had his jersey in hand, and made the room […]

Usually When Something Is Too Good To Be True…

Well, well, well. The saga surrounding Denver quarterback Jay Cutler continues to take turns towards the interesting. As we’ve mentioned once or twice Cutler’s agent, Bus Cook, is busy behind the curtains of the NFL stage trying to direct a show exactly how he wants it to go. The information, mis-information, lies, half-truths, and speculation […]

Bus Cook Working The Magic

We previously opined that if anyone was able to pry Jay Cutler away from Denver, it’d be his agent Bus Cook. Well, it looks as if Cook might be laying the groundwork for getting jay out of Denver and into a new (and hefty) contract. Channel 7 in Denver is reporting that Jay Cutler has […]

Jay Cutler, Brett Favre and a Guy Named Bus

Rumors of Broncos starting quarterback Jay Cutler being traded continue to dominate the minds of Vikings fans. They ask themselves questions like would the Broncos really do it? What would the cost be? What are the Vikings willing to pay? And so on… and so on… and so on. The recent news of Cutler and […]

Vikings Fight For Playoff Lives In Denver

The Minnesota Vikings need a win and a little help to make their playoff dreams a reality this Sunday against the Broncos in Denver.  Minnesota’s playoff aspiration were dealt a serious blow when they suffered a 32-21 loss to the Washington Redskins.  The Vikes now need a victory over Denver and a Redskins loss to […]