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McKinnie Has A Mixed Week

Anyone who visits this site with any regularity knows that I am not a big fan of Bryant McKinnie’s actions on the field or off. He didn’t do himself any favors with me when he threw teammates Madieu Williams and Tyrell Johnson under the bus by declaring safety as the biggest offseason need for the […]

NFC North Power Rankings (Pre-Draft Version)

Occasionally throughout this offseason I will check in on how every NFC North team is faring and venture a guess at how they will stack up during this coming season. 1.       Minnesota Vikings (2009 Record: 12-4) For the most part the Vikings have been dormant throughout free agency.  Brett Favre’s retirement decision is often thought […]

Bryant McKinnie Might Have Work Cut Out For Him

Bryant McKinnie might actually want to consider a career that is exclusively in the rap music arena. Why? Well, the latest rumors indicate that the Bears will sign Julius Peppers and the Lions will sign Kyle Vanden Bosch. I’ll just leave it at that for now.

Peppers Rumors To Increase McKinnie Speculation?

One rumor that spread like wildfire on Tuesday was that the Vikings divisional rival Chicago Bears have defensive end Julius Peppers on top of their wish list for the 2010 offseason. The Bears were struck by tragedy when defensive end Gaines Adams passed away at the end of the 2009 season.  This left a pressing […]

More Confusion About The Confusing Rules Leaves Door Open For Trades

I recently posted an item about confusing uncapped year rules and mistakenly said that the Vikings would not be able to trade for any player with more than six years of NFL service. This is wrong. The rule is meant to ban final-four teams from trading for players that are unrestricted free agents this year.  […]

McKinnie AWOL In Miami

The last time I can remember Bryant McKinnie being unsupervised in Florida, he ended the day by hitting a pole with a bouncer’s head… or maybe it was the other way around? So, naturally it was a worry when he didn’t show up for his Pro Bowl practice on Friday.  The absence from practice was […]

Unrestricted Free Agents In 2010

Absent a shocking change of course, the NFL and Player’s Union will not reach a new bargaining agreement prior to the start of free agency.  This means that over 200 players that would normally be entering unrestricted free agency will be restricted instead and much more easily retained by their current teams. This year’s free […]

More Irresponsible Speculation

You all might be tired of hearing about this, but ever since the Vikings decided to give Jared Allen a $4 million dollar advance on his 2010 bonus, I just can’t stop wondering why they did it. Most NFL insiders seem to agree that 2010 is destined to be an uncapped year, which is what […]

Irresponsible Speculation: Defensive End

Okay, I have to say right off the top that I have done zero research to support this theory.  And theory is the key word there, because that is exactly what this is. Something has been nagging at me for a few weeks now.  A while back, the Vikings opted to give Jared Allen a […]

Is Big Mac Pro Bowl Material?

I recently expressed my surprise that Bryant McKinnie is not only in the Pro Bowl conversation, but is leading the NFC in fan voting for left tackles. Then some of you expressed surprise about me expressing my surprise. So, here’s a brief glimpse into my take on McKinnie. He is no doubt having one of […]

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