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EA Sports – Not Too High On Vikes

Okay, so I know the Madden video game has basically zero to do with the real game of football, but a lot of you out there have just as much fun playing the game as the purple and gold as you do actualy watching them play.  ESPN recently released Madden’s individual player rankings for the […]

Peterson Still Looking Safe

As we mentioned a few weeks back, Adrian Peterson is not likely to appear on the cover of Madden 2010.  Peterson has long been thought of as a shoe-in for the gig, but as PFT points out most recently, Peterson can be scratched from the curse watch list. I’m not saying a curse exists, but the Vikings […]

Peterson Possibly Safe From Jinx makes mention that rumors of who will grace the cover of Madden 2010 are centering around Larry Fitzgerald, not Adrian Peterson as many expected. This is good news if you are one of the many Vikings fans that believe in the Madden Curse.