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Asleep at the Switch ?

Jay Cutler ? Who needs him ? Orlando Pace ? What would we do with a dominant Tackle ? Torry Holt ? Why should we get a solid possession receiver to go opposite Bernard Berrian ? Jason Peters ? He‘s only one of the five best offensive linemen in the NFL. Could the Vikings have […]

Bears Wake Up

After what has been a very uneventful offseason in Chicago, the Bears have put thrown down the gauntlet in regards to the upcoming season. Soon after trading for Jay Cutler, they also signed free agent Orlando Pace. Pace is expected to be an improvement to the Bears offensive line, whether it be on the right […]

Will the Vikes Join the Race for Pace?

The St. Louis Rams have announced the release of offensive tackle Orlando Pace. Details on the release itself are available at As soon as the release was announced rumors swirled of possible interest from the Vikings. The rumors were fueled in part by a article pointing out that the Vikings were previously interested […]