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Spoiler Alert: Rice Can Catch

I recently got into a somewhat heated (scotch was involved) discussion as to whether or not Sidney Rice’s success last year directly correlates with the presence of Brett Favre. Me, being the self-proclaimed “Favre Basher” that I am, argued that Rice is a very talented and productive receiver regardless of who is chucking him the […]

Game Day Plan

Well, I think I can speak for most of us here at Vikings Gab, writers and readers alike, that this week will be full of sleepless nights and nervous days as the playoff game approaches. I’ve thought long and hard about how I want to handle game day, and whether or not I really want […]

Tip Of The Hat To Bill Simmons

There isn’t much that I find entertaining about ESPN. Bill Simmons is the exception. His recent Power Rankings almost had me in tears with laughter (okay, the bottle of scotch may have helped that part out) and I encourage you to check them out. In addition to the following excerpt, Simmons also discusses Brett Favre’s […]