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Berrian Has To Pay Up

Remember that mid-season distraction that involved Bernard Berrian and Adrian Peterson getting speeding tickets, within a week of each other, for drive over 100 miles per hour? Well, Berrian has been punished. It is being reported that Berrian was required to pay $300. Now, mind you that 300 bucks is no small amount to pay […]

Minnesota Vikings New Stadium

Winning is everything. The Minnesota Vikings are 11-2 going into this Sunday night’s football game. Winning is everything.  I remember reading some articles about the possibilities of Brett Favre coming to Minnesota and how either it wasn’t going to make a difference in the final outcome of the season or how his presence was actually […]


Some people thought that I was being too harsh when I said Adrian Peterson needed to be benched for a length of time.  The point was to get it through to him, and any other Vikings player, that they need to be conscious of their off-field actions. Now I say an example needs to be […]

Peterson’s Week Gets A Little Worse

 Adrian Peterson has had to answer tons of questions about his inability to hang onto the football this week.  He also got ticketed for driving almost double the posted speed limit.  He also had some hack blogger suggest he should be benched for a portion of the upcoming game. Oh, and that’s not all. Peterson […]

Peterson May Get More Than A Ticket And Reduced Playing Time

My initial post in regards to Adrian Peterson’s ticket for driving 54 MPH faster than he should have been in a 55 MPH zone suggested that the worst Peterson should expect is the ticket and perhaps spending some time on the bench. That may not be true.  His punishment may be more severe than that. […]

Peterson Benching Gets Closer To Reality

There has been an ongoing debate this week within the media as to whether or not Adrian Peterson deserves to be benched for his fumbling ways.  The discussion started almost instantly after his second fumble against the Bears when broadcaster Troy Aikman said that very few coaches in the NFL would have the patience to […]