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Access Vikings Stoops To New Lows

Many of our readers like to rip on the new Access Vikings site for various reasons, and usually I take the high road and tell the readers that Access Vikings is still one of the best at what they do. Today I am not going to be so kind. The Star Tribune recently gave readers […]

Report: Griffin Will Not Be Suspended

We learned on Thursday that Vikings cornerback Cedric Griffin pleaded guilty to a drunken driving offense.  Since he was also arrested for disorderly conduct back in 2007, speculation began that he would be suspended by the NFL under the league’s multiple offender policies. According to the Star Tribune, this is not the case. The Star […]

Step On Up, Take Your Shot

I think I may start to have a self-esteem crisis if I keep recieving comments on my stories like: WOW…… A RIVITING ARTICLE or This was written by a 10th grader from Calgary. or my favorite come on adam you are?, ahhhhhhhh, a sports genius?, let me ask you a question adam, have you ever […]

Fans Not All that Excited About Maybe Grabbing Favre

Looks like Vikings fans are all not that happy about the team possibly going after former Packers and Jets QB Brett Favre. The Star Tribune wrote the following about that today: If the Vikings were to put their roster decisions to a vote, Brett Favre would not be wearing purple next season. Rasmussen Reports, a […]