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Contrary To Popular Belief, WilliamsWall Possibly Still In Danger

Earlier today, fellow Gabber Mike pointed out that most of the media considers the most recent ruling in the StarCaps saga as another victory for Pat and Kevin Williams. Say what you will about PFT’s Mike Florio, but I can assure you he understands the legal ramifications of this case far better than I do […]

Williams Wall Will Stand (Again)

Just a bit of (good) news for today: Via rotoworld: The Minneapolis Star-Tribune confirms that Vikings DTs Kevin and Pat Williams are likely to be available for “most if not all” of the 2010 season based on a Wednesday court ruling. We pretty much already knew the Williamses were likely to stay eligible, but Wednesday’s […]

Report: Williamses’ appeal filed, putting four-game bans on hold

It’s something I’m sure we’ve all already seen, but, apparently this could go on for YEARS, not months, YEARS… looks like the Wall will stand strong, at least for 2010. Minnesota Vikings defensive tackles Kevin Williams and Pat Williams had an appeal filed on their behalf Tuesday, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported, so their four-game […]

WilliamsWall Shall Not Fall (for now)

Well, we got some fantastic Friday news for you all… Judge Gary Larson has decided to give Pat and Kevin Williams a victory on Friday when he granted them an injunction. The purpose of the motion is to prevent the NFL from imposing their suspensions until or unless the Williamses have exhausted the appeal process.  […]

StarCaps Lives On

Despite a half-hearted “win” in the most recent StarCaps ruling, the NFL has reportedly decided to keep pressing the issue. On Thursday, the NFL is going to try and appeal to the United States Supreme Court, appealing the ruling that allowed the State court case to take place in the first place. Here is what […]

I’m Here For Ya

So, I don’t really know what it is about this week but there is freaking nothing going on.  All the big publications are trying to pretend that no news is somehow news when it comes to issues like Favre, the stadium, pro day visits, and the StarCaps trial so that they can fill up some […]

StarCaps Trial Is Getting Ugly

Every time I talk about the StarCaps case, I feel like I should apologize to you all for two reasons.  First, I’m fairly ignorant to the judicial process and all the little details that go along with it.  Second, all I really care about is knowing whether or not Kevin and Pat Williams will be […]

Links Of The Week

I think I may have accidentally missed this feature last week.  For those of you that enjoy it, I apologize.  For those of you that think it is a waste of space… you are welcome. Here we go: An in depth look at whether L.T. or Brian Westbrook is better suited for the Vikings. Gonzo […]

StarCaps Trial Is Underway

I’ll openly admit to you all that I do not like writing about the StarCaps case that pits the NFL versus Pat and Kevin Williams.  One big reason for that is because it is not the bright and shiny type of news that is fun to cover, such as the NFL Draft.  Mostly, however, it […]

Some Great News

I probably won’t reply to everything in the comments as I try to keep up with news around the web in addition to actual life stuff… so for that I apologize. But, I did notice that you all seem to be down about the news tidbits coming out today. Well, this will cheer you up. […]