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That’s A Wrap Folks

Our last of three contests to win a copy of “The Vikings Reader” came to a close the other day (sorry for the delay).  The last contest was a fun one.  We asked people to try and come up with the funniest title if Hollywood were to make a film about Brad Childress.  “It’s Always […]

Last Chance To Win

Well, we’ve given away two free copies of The Vikings Reader already this month, and we’ve got one more looking to find a new home.  It’s an awesome book and by just posting a silly contest you could win one… for FREE… so why not give it a shot? Okay, here’s this week’s contest.  If […]

We Have Our Second Winner

Last week we announced part 2 of 3 of our contests to win a free copy of The Vikings Reader. The task was to complete a knock-knock joke by writing the final line. It’s my pleasure to announce that the winner is SupaScout. The finished product looks like this: KNOCK KNOCK Who’s there? FAVRE FAVRE […]

New Contest Starting Today!

We still have two more copies of The Vikings Reader to give away.  Scroll down a few posts to see an update on the winner this week.  So here’s what we’ll do this week, I’ve written the first four lines of a knock knock joke.  Whoever can complete the joke with a line that makes me […]

We Have A Winner!

Congratulations to the The Jazzy One.  He won our caption contest by placing the following caption on the following picture: “Pat, adding wings to your helmet is NOT going to make you weigh less!” The Jazzy One has won a copy of The Vikings Reader, and another chance to win one will be coming up […]

Vikings Gab Exclusive Interview: Armand Peterson

We’ve recently been promoting The Vikings Reader by Editor Armand Peterson.  We’ve even given you a chance to win a free copy of your own.  Today, I got a chance to ask Mr. Peterson some questions about himself and the book.  Please enjoy the interview and check out the book by clicking here. Mr. Peterson, thank […]

The Vikings Reader: Win Your Free Copy Here!

I just finished reading my advanced copy of The Vikings Reader and let me tell you what, this book is seriously a MUST HAVE.  Editor Armand Peterson navigates you through Viking history, from inception all the way to Adrian’s rushing record.  The reason I love it so much is he uses articles from the press during […]

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