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Open Thread: First Quarter

In place of live blog, I am going to do this “open thread” thing. So, feel free to leave your first quarter comments in this post.  I will do the same. Here are my keys for the first quarter: BALL SECURITY – Brett Favre will see his offensive line tested early.  He needs to be […]

Cowboys-Vikings Preview

Here’s what is saying about Sunday’s Play-off game:    Fresh off four straight wins overall and their first playoff victory in 13 years, the Dallas Cowboys are rolling.   The Minnesota Vikings haven’t taken the field in two weeks – and that may play right into the hands of their grizzled, 40-year-old quarterback.   […]

Where’s The Love?

Still more predictions. Just in case you don’t know who America’s Darlings are. This time from Sports Illustrated:    Jason Cole – Pick: Dallas:  Unless the Vikings can get their running game going, QB Brett Favre is going to be in for a long, ugly day. Conversely, the Cowboys have the kind of balance going […]

Sports Nation Polls favor Vikings

A national sports poll asked the following 5 questions: It’s interesting the contrast between what fans say, and what the media says. Of course we all know there is NEVER any Bias in the media.   Over 323,774 fans were polled with the following results:   Which team will win ? :   Vikings – […]

Cowboys Week: Vikings Pass Defense

Each day this week I am going to delve deep into different aspects of Sunday’s matchup against the Cowboys in an attempt to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of each team.  Throughout the regular season, I normally did this all in one post, but since this is a playoff game I am going to try […]

Bring On The Cowboys!

As of this posting, the Eagles vs. Cowboys game is not quite over… but its over. A victory means that Tony Romo and the Cowboys will be the Vikings first post-season opponent.  The Cowboys eliminated an Eagles team that were responsible for the Vikings playoff season last year.  Eliminated tomorrow will either be a Cardinals team that scorched […]