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Preseason Week 1 – Jump to Conclusions

The first week of preseason has come and gone and already there are plenty of opinions and thoughts floating around about peoples’ favorite, or rivalry, teams. We have seen a few good and a few bad plays from around the league, including some who had injuries and others who had Fantasy Footballers begging at their […]

A Gabber’s Offseason Welcoming & Review

Welcome Gabbers! The offseason is OFF and Vikings Training Camp is HERE!!! I know that it’s been a while since we have been posting regularly, but you can expect more action and coverage of the Vikings – injury reports, exciting changes, their weekly opponents for 2013 and around-the-league drama that may or may not concern our […]

Mike Talks About Camp With Erin Henderson

It’s great having players that are so responsive to their fans, and it really makes me proud to be a Vikings fan and have the privilege to write for a site like this. Vikings linebacker Erin Henderson has been kind enough to answer a few more questions for us, and hopefully will continue to throughout […]

NFLN Shows Jeff Dugan Highlights

Thought you guys might enjoy this video that NFL Network put together from inside Vikings training camp. You can view it by clicking here. And for those of you that have been waiting for some Jeff Dugan news (you know who you are) look no further than the video.

No Official Word, But Harvin Appears To Be Okay

Percy Harvin was seen by multiple members of the press walking around, signing autographs, and riding his bike after the first practice on Saturday. Harvin gave everyone a scare when he had to be carted off the field for an unknown reason. With Sidney Rice already on the PUP list, it is even more important […]

Camp Breakdown: Day Two (Morning)

It seemed like you guys liked how I did the “Camp Breakdown” of day one, so we’ll continue along.  This time, however, I am going to try a little bit of a different format that might make it more readable.  While I am not going to include every source link like I did yesterday, please […]

Camp Breakdown: Day One

Each day (hopefully) I am going to try and find as many opinions, observations, quotes, or whatever is out there in regards to Vikings training camp and share it with you.  I’ll also look forward to hearing from those VG readers that are making the trip to Mankato for themselves. Here is a crowd pleaser […]

Stringer Institute Reminds People Of Heat Dangers

It has been almost nine years since Vikings offensive tackle Korey Stringer died of heat stroke.  At the turn of the decade, the Korey Stringer Institute is doing their best to remember and honor the lineman by trying their hardest to prevent similar deaths. Apparently everywhere in the United States except for where I live […]

Weekend Discussion

I am working on developing a weekly “calendar” of recurring features on this site with hopes of adding a little structure to what is otherwise an unorganized and chaotic series of ramblings out of this hack blogger. So, the “Weekend Discussion” it is.  This is where I will pose a question or two that are […]

More Evidence Mounts For Favre Return

What was once thought to be the biggest question on the Vikings offseason now seems like a foregone conclusion. Everyone expects Brett Favre to return. Reports from earlier this week suggest that he is moving around just fine on his ankle, and even pulled a few jukes and spins (kidding) to get away from reporters. […]

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