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Adam Trash Talks With The PackerRanter

Last season I began doing a “trash talk” segment every week with a blogger from the upcoming opponent, and it was quite the fun exercise.  My first (and favorite) venture into this feature was with Robert Greenfield over at  Thanks to the Vikings whooping the Packers twice last year, I never really had to […]

Statistical Matchup

The time in which we have to explore the Saints matchup is significantly shorter than the time we had to explore the Cowboys matchup.  Therefore, I wanted to put some of the key stats together and let you make observations of your own before I get started analyzing it for myself.  By the way, the […]

Gameday Guide

Well, the moment of truth is only hours away. Over the course of this week Chris, Todd, and myself did our best to bring you every storyline, bit of analysis, predictions, and anything else we could find time to type about.  We wrote posts at a record rate of about 10 per day. All of […]