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The Vikings Reader Challenge

You will notice that we advertise the Vikings Reader on the right hand side of your screen.  That is because they sent me a copy and I thought it was the best Vikings book I had ever read.  Then they sent me three copies, which we gave away in contests way back in August. Now […]

Tuesday Trivia

Congratulations has to go out to Pat (again) for winning the Tuesday Trivia.  He answered correctly when he guessed that Jaymar Johnson is the one Vikings player that is on the team as a result of the Randy Moss trade. This week’s question also has to do with Mr. Moss.  What specific phrase did Randy […]

Tuesday Trivia

Congrats goes out to Pat (again) for answering the Tuesday trivia correctly.  I tried to get tricky last week.  The question was “What quarterback led his team to an NFL Championship the season before joining the Vikings franchise?” Pat answered correctly when he said “Norm Van Brocklin” became the Vikings first head coach one season […]

Tuesday Trivia

Congratulations to James for getting last week’s trivia question correct.  He was right when he answered that it is the Raiders who became a franchise as a result of the Vikings backing out of the AFL.  Also, a tip of the hat to Pat who sent me an email with the correct answer, but for […]

Tuesday Trivia On Wednesday

  Last week I promised to start a Trivia Contest every Tuesday.  Technically, it is still tuesday where I am at, but I apologize that the contest is up a little late.  The Favre “revelation” kind of left me with a one track mind. Congratulations to last weeks winner, Teresa, who correctly answered that Cris […]