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Peterson Trade Keeps Popping Up

Nothing makes me worry about the state of public education more than reading comments from football fans on some of the bigger sites out there.  I guess not every blog can have a group of such well-informed and reasonable readers as this one does. I bring this up right now because I have noticed quite […]

This Says It All

I started doing my “Links of the Week” segment but decided to stop since every single article was basically beating the same dead horse about Monday’s loss. However, if you venture from the safe confines of Vikings Gab to read any single article, then it should definitely be this article from the ever-talented Vikes Geek. Here is a […]

Links Of The Week

Here are some stories to keep you busy while I try to catch up from missing some time.  As always, I encourage you all to give some love to some of the other great sites out there.  The folks on our blogroll dedicate their time (most of which is unpaid) to bringing you news and […]