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Rumors Fly Of Favre Return Today

Here we go again. On the same day that Jared Allen, Ryan Longwell, and Steve Hutchinson reportedly headed to Mississippi to talk with Brett Favre, it looks like rumors are heating up that Favre will announce his return today. Favre’s own official website had this to say: “Stay tuned for breaking news from the Minnesota […]

More OTA News

While most of the world is shut out from OTAs, Mike Wobschall of is luckily bringing us the scoop on a daily basis.  Here is his latest update: A few observations from Monday’s OTA… – K Rhys Lloyd was one of several veterans who didn’t participate in last week’s OTAs but did participated on […]

COOKing at OTAs (Day 3)

A lot of fans, myself included, were not thrilled by Chris Cook being our #1 pick, even if it was in round 2. Although it had been known for quite some time that Frazier was a huge Cook fan, it just felt like a letdown. So, with Defense the focus on day 3 of OTAs, […]

Vikings Sense The Disappointment

I’m not sure how much contact writer Mike Wobschall has to the football guys in the organization.  I would guess that he is a direct conduit that puts out articles that display Vikings-related news in as positive of a light as possible. Especially after reading his most recent article. The article is titled “Time […]

Vikings Site Misses Big Time

Boy did I luck out that I was in a NyQuil coma during the last 24 hours.  Otherwise I probably would have been part of the chain of outlets to report that former Vikings safety Orlando Thomas had died… when he had not. first reported his death on Wednesday and the news was repeated […]

Don’t Fix What Isn’t Broken

This isn’t something that is necessarily worthy of a post of its own, but I wanted to comment on a recent trend:  fixing things that aren’t broken. First, has changed their game centers for the worse.  For those of you who don’t know, the game centers exist in order to provide internet users detailed […]

Just What The Doctor Ordered

I know is often just a bunch of fluff pieces.  I mean, it’s obvious that the Vikes won’t want to release a video featuring Adrian fumbling, T-Jack doing a no look jump pass to a ghost, and Benny Sapp getting burned three times in a row.  It just wouldn’t make sense for them to […]

Tickets! Get Your Tickets!

For all of you that are planning on getting single game tickets to see the Vikings at the Dome, now is the time to do so. has put tickets up for sale for every home game except for the Packers and the Bears. In doing a preliminary search, there are very high-quality seats left, […]

Wilfs To Celebrate Anniversary With You

Thursday marks the four year anniversary of the Wilf family taking over ownership of the Minnesota Vikings. As a way of celebrating the milestone, Zygi and Mark Wilf will be conducting a live chat over at the much, much, much improved  The chat will start at 11:30 C.S.T.

Kick Starting The Week

Here’s a few notable items to start off your Monday morning on what is sure to be a slllllow news week when it comes to football: takes a comprehensive look at the Vikings offseason in which they are high on the defense, low on Percy Harvin, and indifferent when it comes to the teams’ […]