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That Won’t Do

First, I want to answer a couple of questions you may have.  First, following the National Anthem players from each team walked onto the field and gave each other a “one finger salute.”  The gesture was meant to illustrate how every player, regardless of team, is united as a member of the NFLPA in the […]

Saints Week: The Run Defense

Teams have underestimated the Saints running game all year, and they have paid dearly.  With that being said, I don’t think the Vikings will choose to abandon their year-long philosophy of stopping the run first as they approach the NFC Championship game.  The Saints boast the 6th ranked running offense in the NFL while the […]

The Time Is Now

This offseason has been one of mixed bags when you talk to most Vikings fans.  On one hand, you have a talented team that has maintained a great deal of continuity from the previous season.  Also, it seems like it’s been ages since the last offseason in which every single Vikings player stayed out of […]

NFL Unites With Other Leagues Against WilliamsWall

Pat Williams and Kevin Williams just had their StarCaps case get a little tougher. According to the Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, National Basketball Association, and the U.S. Olympic Committee have joined forces with the NFL in their effort to have the two players suspended.  These other league’s all have a stake in the outcome […]