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Previewing The Seahawks Game


The 8-1 Vikings are hosting the 3-6 Seahawks on Sunday.  More than the Lions or Rams, this could be a true trap game for the Vikings because the Seahawks are a better team than their record suggests… The Lions and Rams are not.

So, let’s break this down a bit and take a look at what can be expected on Sunday.


VIKINGS RUN GAME (Advantage:  Vikings)

The Vikings have the 10th ranked rushing offense in the league, despite teams still focusing on stopping Adrian Peterson.  The Seahawks are ranked 11th against the run, but part of that may have to do with their pass defense making things so darn easy for teams to find success through the air.

Peterson is averaging a whopping 5.1 yards per carry while the Seahawks are giving up 4.2 yards per play to opposing rushers.  The best run defenders for the Seahawks come from the second and third level in the form of linebackers David Hawthorne, Aaron Curry, and safety Jordan Babineaux.

Player To Watch:  The Seahawks are really struggling on the defensive line, and we all know what can be expected if Peterson is able to get to the second level early and often.  I expect another big day for “All Day.”


VIKINGS PASS GAME (Adantage:  Vikings)

The Vikings 12th ranked pass game should have no problem against a depleted 22nd ranked Seahawks pass defense. 

The Seahawks are giving up an average of 233 yards through the air per week, despite the presence of high-caliber cornerback Marcus Trufant for the last 4 weeks.  No single player in the Seahawk secondary has multiple interceptions, however middle linebacker David Hawthorne does have three.  They have a total of eight picks on the year as a team.

The Vikings should be able to go long with great success against a secondary that has done nothing but struggle all year.  The long passes obviously rely on pass protection which could prove to the Vikings biggest liability in the passing game.

The Seahawks have 20 sacks on the year, which is respectable.  Both Bryant McKinnie and Phil Loadholt will get tested pretty well this week as they go up against Patrick Kerney and Lawrence Jackson who have 4 sacks each.  The linebackers are also capable of blitzing, and once again, David Hawthorne is the stand out here with his 3 sacks on the year. 

Player To Watch:  If Brett Favre can stay upright then Favre and all of the recievers should be able to put up huge numbers this week.  The key factor in keeping him upright will be for Bryant McKinnie to have a great day against Patrick Kerney.  Keep a close eye on this matchup.


VIKINGS RUN DEFENSE (Advanatage: Vikings)

The Vikings 6th ranked rush defense should dominate the Seahawks 27th ranked rush offense, right?  Well, maybe.

On paper this matchup looks incredibly lopsided, but I watched the Seahawks play the Cardinals last week and they may have finally found their stride on the ground.  Justin Forsett is the guy to watch, as he was pretty darn good last Sunday against a pretty darn good Cardinals rush defense.

However, I tend to think that the Seahawks will still be unsuccessful on the ground because of the unbeleivable bad luck they’ve had on the offensive line.  That, combined with the talent on the Vikings defensive line and the Vikings potential to put up a lot of points, makes me think the Seahawks will forego any true effort of running the ball.

Player to Watch:  E.J. Henderson has been having a rough time this season.  He refuses to use injuries as an excuse.  Sooner or later, he is going to regain his form and this may the perfect opporunity to do so.  Watch for him to give Justin Forsett “The Business” on multiple occasions this coming Sunday.

VIKINGS PASS DEFENSE (Advantage:  Seahawks)

Matt Hasselbeck is perhaps one of my least favorite players in the NFL… mainly because I think he’s a giant baby that has no business playing football if he can’t handle it’s physical nature.

That being said… he’s pretty good.

If, and it is a big “if”, the offensive line can keep him upright then Hasselbeck’s 13th ranked pass offense has the potential to torch Minnesota’s 23rd ranked pass defense. 

The reciever that scares me most on the Seahawks is John Carlson.  Carlson has been called on to be a blocking tight end more often than he’d like this year.  This is a result of the O-Line being in shambles and needing help.  But Carlson has the potential to make big plays in the passing game, and one has to think the Seahawks will let him run wild against a Vikings defense that has proven to have no answers for talented tight ends.

If they do let Carlson run more routes against the Vikings, though, then there will be a lot of pressure on Hasselbeck who will need to get rid of the ball quickly.  With the Vikings getting Antoine Winfield back (maybe) this week, then the Vikings should have multiple chances to force turnovers.

Whether or not they exploit those opportunities remains to be seen.

Player To Watch:  Jared Allen was quiet last week, as he was double teamed and Ray Edwards played like a man possessed.  This week, double team or not, I expect Allen to have a huge day.  I’m thinking multiple sacks against an offensive line that is held together by duct tape and band-aids.

SPECIAL TEAMS (Advantage: Vikings)

Percy Harvin is averaging 30.7 yards per kick return and the Seahawks are giving up 23.2 yards per kick return.  Meanwhile, the Seahawks committee of kick returners are averaging 22.8 yards per kick return and the Vikings are only giving up 21.7 yards per kick return.  Consider the big difference there for a second.

It gets worse for the Seahawks.

Darius Reynaud is gaining 12 yards per punt return and the Seahawk’s are giving up 13.2 yards per punt return.  The Seahawks are averaging 6.6 yards per return between Justin Forsett and Nate Burleson, and the Vikings are giving up only 8.0 yards per return.

Olindo Mare and Ryan Longwell, just like Jon Ryan and Chris Kluwe, are having very similar seasons.  The kickers provide no significant advantage.

Player To Watch:  Just considering the stats above, I have a feeling that Darius Reynaud might just outshine Percy Harvin on special teams Sunday.


I think the Vikings will dominate this game as the Seahawks will provide little more than a few speed bumps as resistance.  Home field advantage, nearly at full health, and superior talent spells a victory for the Vikings.  If they don’t win, however, then the Wilfs may want to see if there are any refund clauses in that nifty contract extension.


31 – 13, Vikings win.

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33 Responses to “Previewing The Seahawks Game”

  1. Viking John says:

    With any decent kind of play we should be 10-1 when we play Arizona. We need the saints to lose a couple of games. Maybe the Cowgirls and the Pats can help us out. Go Vikes

  2. Viking John says:

    Hey Freds, you kickin some butt in FF this year. Is it summer yet? I miss the pontoon.
    What is your prediction for the game this week against the sea chickens?
    Go Vikes

  3. Fragile Fred Smoot says:

    The Seahawks are going to mail it in. Fred thinks it will get so bad that we will see Sage take a few snaps this weekend.

    Vike 28 Seahawk 3.

    Johns, your old pal Fragile has gotten lucky this year in FF. Pure luck my friend.

    Johnny, when Tebow runs a 9.5 forty yard dash at the rookie combine, you’ll be telling your old pal Fred how smart he is.

  4. Fragile Fred says:

    The only two teams stupid enough to take Tim in the first round are the Raiders and the Jags. The Raiders because, well, they are the Raiders and the Jags for the ticket sales. Nothing like a home town hero to boost ticket sales for a team that is moving to a new city anyway.


    Andre Ware, Cade McNown. Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith & David Klingler, Rick Meirer & Jamarus Russell

  5. Adam Warwas says:

    Freds, don’t forget Dan Snyder… Tebow could end up a Skin… or a Fin for that matter.

  6. Fragile Fred says:

    Fred was hoping the Vikes were going to draft Henne back in the day. Fred thinks he has a future.

    Adam, are you doing the live chat this week? I recommend banning Freds pal BigJohnny. Good enough dude, but not knowing what a web browser is, well, grounds for a 1 game suspension from VikingsGab.

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Cmon Freds isnt that a little harsh. I didnt have any boat parties or anything like that. And Freds I was the one that got the whole crow thing started. I want a reprieve from Freds so I can join all live blogs.

  7. Adam Warwas says:

    I like Henne… and he had time to learn.

    Sounds to me (a few comments ago) you are conceding that Tebow will maybe get picked in the first, eh? Steaks and Colt… that’s all I’m gonna say.

    Not sure on the live blog… Mr & Mrs Warwas have company this weekend, and one has to think it may be rude to have my nose inthe PC for three hours. I’ll let you all know soon if the blog is on.

    No suspension for Big Johnny. Not knowing what a web browser is means he gets an extended contract through 2013.

    Plus, he’s my most active commenter… can’t ban that guy.

  8. c.carterhof says:

    Everyone seems to think this is an easy victory for the Vikes.

    Makes me think it wont be.
    Sure we are the better team, but so are the Cardinals. And they had to come from behind.
    I say 30-23 Vikes.

  9. Adam Warwas says:

    Let’s be honest… I give it a 83% chance that Chili doesn’t know what a web browser is either… he probably thinks it is some type of a spider.

  10. Adam Warwas says:

    I could see this as a tough game for the Vikes, but it shouldn’t be.

    Won’t get a chance to post tonight, but jsut to let you all know Winfield is doubtful… remember, Berrian was doubtful against the Pack but still played.

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Adam you dont seem quite as confident this week. Dont blame ya, cautiously optimistic is the way to go.

      • Adam Warwas says:

        To be honest Johnny, from about an hour before each game, I do nothing but worry about how the Vikes will blow this one.

        “What if Brett’s arm literally falls off!?!”
        “What if Chili decides to have the Cheerleaders call the plays!?!”
        “What if Adrian somehow shows up 35 pounds heavier than last week!?!”
        “What if Harvin all of the sudden can’t catch a kick return to save his life, and the entire game is the Seahawks kicking off and recovering fumbles for touchdowns!?!”

        I get all clammy and nervous… the dog starts to growl at me wondering if I’ve become a zombie.

  11. bigjohnny84 says:

    I know how you feel Adam. We have been through so much disappointment in the past. Only natural to feel like that on gameday.

  12. Adam Warwas says:

    Geez, I just read back through my post and there was like 12 typos in this thing. The -37 degrees must’ve frozen my brain this week.

    You guys need to call me on that!


  13. bigjohnny84 says:

    Well Adam its like the old saying, rule #1 the boss is never wrong, rule #2 if the boss is ever wrong refer to rule #1.

  14. Adam Warwas says:

    You guys are the bosses around here… all of your subscriptions make up my paycheck!

    Let’s see… four readers times $0.00 per subscription… minus taxes…

  15. bigjohnny84 says:

    Gee Adam what do you do with all that cash? That sounds like a govt run business. I thought you had the power to block anyone from posting, thats why i referred to you as the boss.

  16. Fragile Freds says:

    Johnny, if AK had the power to block, do you think your old pal Fragile would still be visible here?

    AK Fred hopes you were kidding about the temp up there. Yikes!

  17. bigjohnny84 says:

    I think Freds is honored guest of AKs. Freds knowledge and wisdom are appreciated here. Not to many sites can boast about having a shutdown corner visit them. I think AK needs a raise maybe if he would offer a ” premiun content ” subscription Freds and Johnny could sign up. Then AK could take Mrs. Warwas out for a steak and some 45’s.

  18. Viking John says:

    Please don’t have a premium site. I used to blog on the star for 3 years. They have totally ruined it. Just terrible. You guys seem to have something really nice going here. Keep it up. Nice place to come talk some football, politics and Freds being the captain of my pontoon.

    Go Vikes

  19. Viking John says:

    If you guys want steak and colts, come on out this summer. I will buy and give you a tour of the river on the pontoons. Freds says he will bring the cocktail servers.

    Go Vikes

  20. Purple Charlie says:

    Viking John,
    I don’t read the new one anymore,Then Judd goes and says he isn’t even a Vikings fan,One more reason not to read his stuff… You’re right They should have never changed it, Alot of greats on the old one, Coach Grant,Homeskillet,I bleedpurple,and the list goes on over 4800 post!!! AK and the guys do a great job on this site. See A.Winfield is still out, B.Sapp and K.Paymah are banged up, I hope the front 7 keep pressure on whiner Hasselbeck. Still look for the Vikes to take it to them though

  21. Adam Warwas says:

    Nobody is getting blocked, and thanks for all the kind words… I’ll look forward to the pntoon ride!

    Not kidding about the temp, if Fran comes around he can confirm it. I worked outside all week too. A word of advice: If you’re ever in that sort of cold, don’t have a metal pocket knife in your front pocket. Ouch.

  22. bigjohnny84 says:

    John the premium thing was a joke. I dont think Adam would let that happen after seeing what happened at AV. John, would also love to take you up on the pontoon thing. Adam I guess the global warming hasnt reached you yet. By the way Adam you just had another typo. You forgot the first o in pontoon. Your welcome!

  23. Adam Warwas says:

    ha, thanks… I need an editor that isn’t me.

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