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Looking At The Standings

Pretty soon, we’ll be celebrating the Vikings clinching of the NFC North.  For now, though, let’s take a look at where they stand and how they can get to where they want to be.  Each team has six games left to position themselves into a playoff spot.


The Packers (6-4) have again become the Vikings closest enemy in the North.  They lay three games back on the Vikings, but the Vikes own the tiebreaker which makes it a four game lead by all practical purposes.  The Pack have won two in a row, and may be able to position themselves into the Wild Card spot.  However, if the Vikings can win two of their next six games, and the Packers lose only once out of six, then they clinch the division title.  The Packers also took a big hit this week when they lost Aaron Kampman and Al Harris for the year to injuries.

The Bears (4-6) have been on a three game slide as Jay Cutler struggles to find, well, any success at all.  They are now five games behind the Vikings, and they happen to play each other this week.  A win over the Bears on Sunday would knock Chicago completely out of the Division “race.”

The Lions (2-8) are not in any sort of contention, not that they ever were.  Right now, the Lions are simply trying to find some success to carry into next season, and also to work themselves out of having to pay another rookie top five money.



The Vikings and the Saints (10-0) are both trying to hold onto a first round playoff bye, and also trying to determine which of them will get home field advantage should they play each other in the playoffs.  The Vikings trail the Saints by one game, and the Saints have a good chance of running the table and going undefeated.

The Cowboys (7-3) and Cardinals (7-3) are the Vikings next closest NFC foes, but both remain a full two games behind the Vikings at this point.



The Saints and the Colts (10-0) both remain undefeated and full game ahead of the Vikings.  Other than that, the next closest teams are two games behind the Vikings.  The Cardinals, Bengals, Cowboys, Patriots, and Chargers are all sitting at 7-3.



There are a few games besides Vikes vs. Bears that should interest Vikings fans. 

GREEN BAY at DETROIT:  The Vikings could sure use a favor from the Lions here.  If they could topple the injured Packers, and the Vikings beat the Bears, then the Vikings would have something to be very thankful for this week… a scenario in which they can clinch the North the following week.

OAKLAND at DALLAS:  The ‘Boys are only two games behind the Vikes in the NFC.  A win from Oakland would go a long ways towards securing a first round bye.

CLEVELAND at CINCINATTI:  I long predicted that the Vikings would be a part of the Bengals end-of-season collapse.  The Raiders helped get that started last week, and now the Browns could do one better and beat the Bengals down.

ARIZONA at TENNESSEE:  The Cardinals play the Vikes in two weeks, and they are also only two games behind the Vikes in the NFC standings.  The Titans seem to have found some rhythm these last couple of weeks, and Vikes fans should hope for that to continue.

NEW ENGLAND at NEW ORLEANS:  Finally a good Monday Night matchup!  The Saints are a game ahead of the Vikings in the NFC.  A loss would open the door for the Vikings to make the road to the Super Bowl head straight through Minneapolis.  Plus, nobody wants to see those guys go undefeated, right?

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47 Responses to “Looking At The Standings”

  1. Fragile Fred says:

    The main reason your old Pal Fred doesn’t want the Saint to go undefeated is that we will all have to hear Mercury Morris doing that stupid rap thing again. Go away Merc. Fred loved you as a player, hates you as an old washed up NFLer.

    Fred doesn’t really care if the Vike need to go to the Saints place for the NFC championship, as long as Brent plays in doors the cold won’t effect his broken down old body.

  2. Fragile Fred says:

    Was there really a Kenny Rodger sighting?

    Step into the light Kennys, glad your here!

  3. Adam Warwas says:


    Kenny was a few posts down (“Childress Allowed To Stick Around”) where he is involved in a pretty heated discussion with yours truly and TrueVikingsFan.

  4. Fragile Fred says:


    I just read the discussion. TrueViking had some interesting points. He lost me when he started talking like H&R Block, but whatever.

    Fred does get tired of hearing people, say the Vikings win inspite of Chilly. They site the aquisition of Allen, Farve etc as the only reason Chilly is a winning coach. As we saw last year the Patriots didn’t make the playoffs without Brady and the Saints sucked for years without Breese. Dungy became this great coach after Manning etc.. There aren’t many coaches who are considered great without talent (mostly at QB).

    Freds not a big Chilly guy, but we have to give him his props, the team is winning, he is the coach…so….roll on purple!

  5. Adam Warwas says:

    I agree, True had some valid points (though the presentation left something to be desired).

    Some people are going to liek the guy, some aren’t. Personally, I think Chili holds this team back more than he helps it. The talent acquisition is a positive for Chili, but as you know Freds not all of his doing.

    Bevell was deeply involved in getting Favre. Zygi made the call on Jared Allen after “listening to talk radio.” Spielman and Studwell conduct at least 2/3 of the draft.

    Chili got his pick of QBs quite some time ago… and it was T-Jack.

    He deserves props for finding, bringing in, and developing much of this talent on this team… which is why I thought he should be promoted… in order to get him off the sideline calling plays.

  6. Adam Warwas says:

    Also, the whole point of the article in the first place was not who likes Chili and who doesn’t… but rather focusing on the curious decision to extend him now… when a late season collapse is still a possibility… when they would lose nothing by waiting until after the playoffs.

  7. KevinWI says:

    One thing I cringe when I read is when articles state that Vikings are 4 games up on the Packers….no we are not….doesn’t matter if we own the tiebreaker…if we lose 4 and they win 4 they win the division….maybe it’s like 3.0000001 games up…but not 4!

    Regardless, I am not comfortable with the Packers getting this close to us…especially with our schedule.I had hoped that with Harris and Kampman out for the season, the Lions would have a chance to beat the Packers…but lo and behold, The Packers catch a break and the Lions QB is out and probably their top receiver too for the Thanksgiving game…..ughhhh!

    Never thought all season we were better than 13-3 or 12-4. Just hope the Packers stumble as it is hard to beat a team 3 times in one season.

  8. Adam Warwas says:

    That is a good point Kevin, it is not a true 4 game lead. However, the tiebreaker does give the Vikings the edge in the case of the tie…

    The Pack don’t have it in them to make the run this year, in my opinion.

    Good points though, and thanks for stopping in! Great to see a new face.

  9. Fragile Fred says:

    AK do I hear you discounting the fact that since Chilly has been coach the draft results have been significantly better than in past years? Pretty good drafts no?

    Other organizations have their personnel guys like Spielman & Studwell, yet you don’t hear (often) fans saying the team wins in spite of their coach and giving so much credit to the back office guys.

    Farvre would never have come here if most of the pieces weren’t already in place. Gotta give the Chilly his due. Each year of his tenure, the Vikes got better.

    With all that said, your old pal Fragile could coach our current team to 12-4.

    Fred gives most of the credit to the owner. Ziggy wants to win…bad.

  10. Adam Warwas says:

    No, Freds, our drafts have gotten much better. Chili has an eye for talent, no doubt. But Spielman, Studwell, Bryzsenskiskisksisni (spelling may be a little off), all play an important part in that as well.

    Chili frustrates me to no end on a majority of Sundays with decision making, however. Unfortuantely, once Chili doesn’t have a 40 year-old quarterback making those decisions for him, everyone will again be calling for his head.

    I agree, Zygi has turned into one the better owners int he NFL, despite the fact that i question the decision to extend Chili’s contract so early.

  11. bigjohnny84 says:

    Freds for headcoach, thats my vote. All problems solved. As long as he doesnt insist on being player/coach.

  12. bigjohnny84 says:

    I hope that Chelsea girl had a big hangover today. She wasnt being very nice toward the end of the chat

  13. bigjohnny84 says:

    Adam I just got a chance to read your exchange with that True pinhead. Go down and read my post and get rid of him.

    • Adam Warwas says:

      Nope. Like Freds said, his opinions are valid, just liek anyone elses.

      The way in which he presents them (calling people stupid and idiot) will not be tolerated on the Vg boards, however.

      I did offer true the opportunity to write a guest article stating the opposing viewpoint. Any reader is more than welcome to submit a guest article at any point…

      I’ve never had anyone take me up on it before, though, as most are afraid of being called stupid and idiot.

      • bigjohnny84 says:

        Another typo Adam. Ya his opinions are valid but namecalling the opposing view with nothing to back it up is in itself stupid. I mean it seemed like he was comparing Chili to Bud Grant and Tom Landry. How STUPID is that?

      • Adam Warwas says:

        He was trying to preach patience… which is valid. But to insinuate that only a coach or owner know what’s right… c’mon now. I sure wouldn’t be taking advice from Al Davis and Tom Cable, would you?

  14. Fragile Fred says:

    One of these days, Fred will take you up on your offer of a guest article. Fred enjoys having people commenting on his work.

    AK please invite Chelsea back, she was a bit tipsy, but ok in Freds book. Fred will turn her on to the virtues of Colt 45 yet!

  15. Adam Warwas says:

    I’d love a good article from Freds, let me know when the time is now.

  16. bigjohnny84 says:

    I admire the way you handled this Adam. Would you handle it any different if it was face to face? I would have knocked him on his keister. Nobody calls me stupid or an idiot to my face, except Freds, he can do it.

  17. Fragile Fred says:

    Fred’s list of current Vikings who won’t be Vikings next year:

    1) Pat Williams – My man’s play has dropped off, ALOT this year.
    2) Bernie Berrian – not worth the scratch, not very tough, not very reliable, soft.
    3) Brent Favre – The old boy just can’t do it one more year
    4) Erin Henderson – Times, up… move it over
    5) Greg Lewis – Fred hopes he stays.
    6) Chester Taylor – Sorry to see this
    7) Benny Sapp – Fred likes him, he’s a bit crazy
    8) Yahoo Tahi – Enough is enough man. Can’t we find someone else to block that can’t catch?
    9) a few other scrubs
    10) Sage ? If they don’t think he can start, do we need to pay that much for a guy who’s inactive?

    Tjax will be back IF he takes back up money. He is a decent back up. He can hold over a time for 5 or 6 week if need be. Starter, not so much.

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Freds, who’s the starting QB next year if Brents gone and Tjax and Rosencopter are backups? I pretty much agree with Freds assesment. Really hope Chet stays

      • Fragile Fred says:

        That goes back to AKs point about people hating Chilly 12 months from now when TJax proves again he’s not a starter. If Farve is gone and TJax fails, imagine how pissed people will be at Chilly. I have no idea what to do. Draft a QB? That will set you back 3 years. Brady Quinn on a good team might be better? A pack of Trident may be enough to get him. I don’t know.

  18. Fragile Fred says:


    Freds is smarter than to call you stupid to your face. Behind your back, well that my friend is more Fred’s style.

    AK is a big boy, he can handle a few names thrown at him from time to time. Dude lives in 28 feet of snow 10 months out of the year, believe me he’s been called idiot before!!

  19. bigjohnny84 says:

    Geez Freds doesnt know what to do and he’s going to be our headcoach. Please Brent stay another year. I do think Rosencopter could lead this team. Heck Freds said he could lead this team to 12-4.

  20. c.carterhof says:

    Hey guys.
    I agree with most of your list Freds.
    However, I think old Bart stays one more year.
    And I like Sapp too, whats wrong with being a little crazy. I thought all DB’s were a little crazy.

  21. Pat d says:

    They should try and get Brady Quinn. He is better than T Jack and with a better line and wr group he could be a pretty good player.

  22. bigjohnny84 says:

    Hey c.c. and Pat D. agree with ya both

  23. c.carterhof says:

    I gotta disagree on Quinn, the monday nighter was all I needed to see. Yeesh, he is not good.

  24. c.carterhof says:

    I dont know. I like Zac Robinson from Ok state, but its a bit of a reach. And he would need some time.

    You guys really think Quinn could be good?

    This is a very talented team, we need a quality QB. With some experience. I dont know, I kinda like David Carr.

  25. Adam Warwas says:

    Good conversation guys. I won’t respond to each individually but here’s my bullet point thoughts:

    – BigJ, thanks for sticking up for me. I hope he takes me up on the offer to write a guest article.

    – Freds, I hope you also take me up on the offer. We’re a small outfit here (as TrueVikingFan was so quick to point out) so varying opinions are limited. Presenting yours would be an honor.

    – Freds, good list, I agree with about everything.

    – Chester has had some good years, but solid third down backs are a dime a dozen… go youtube Noel Devine and just imagine picking him up for only a fourth rounder.

    – I agree that Quinn is a much better QB than he looks like in Cleveland. If the price was right, i’d love to see what he could do with some actual talent around him.

    – T-Jax will probably stay. He’ll likely be a restricted free agent, which means he’ll probably stick for at least one more year.

    – The draft could possibly be loaded with quarterback talent. Ryan Mallet is an interesting prospect at the end of round one.

    – Zac Robinson may end up being very solid, but wouldn’t solve our starter problem for next year.

    – Guys like Berrian and Sage will probably still be on the roster… the cap penalties would be hefty if we bailed on them right now. But who knows, maybe they are traded.

    -Perhaps the Vikings should offer ALL of their draft picks to the Titans for Chris Johnson… line him up with Adrian in the backfield and just forego the QB position all together 😉

    Have a great night, all.

  26. Pat d says:

    I forgot that Jeff George is always available 🙂

  27. Viking John says:

    I agree with Freds on most of his list. Big Pat has one year left, I believe he will be back. Chester is a FA after this year, depends on Money as it usually does. Erin Henderson will be back, he was a FA, little money invested.
    Adam do you have a list of the upcoming free agents of the Vikes? I am sure Greenway, AP, Rice, etc will be all FA’s in the next two years.

    Go Vikes

  28. bigjohnny84 says:

    Geez just read through the exchange Adam had with True Vikings Fan again. All I can say is the guy has some real mental problems. We used to be able to call them retards but I can’t remember what the new politically correct name is.

  29. Lost Viking says:

    Fragile Freddie’s list above of dispatchables above raises a question regarding Spielman’s future role with the team.

    Childress is criticized for seeking employment for former Eagle. But Spielman has brought a number of former AFC players into Viking orbit. The following FA list isn’t exhaustive but would include;
    . Madieu Williams (Bengal)
    . Fred Evans (Dolphin)
    . Jimmy Kennedy (Buc)
    . Heath Farwell
    . Sage Rosenfels (Texan)
    . Ben Leber (Charger)

    Childress’ extension came with an increase in salary but little has been written about a change in the scope of responsibility. Spielman has had success in the draft room but Chili has taken a direct role in approval.

    Looking at Freddie’s list above you have to consider adding Rick Spielman’s name to possible castoffs.

  30. Viking John says:

    Not that is matters, but Ben Leber came in under Fran Foley and Heath Farwell was signed as a FA out of college before Spielman came aboard. Speilman has done pretty good. Look at our first round picks from him. No busts. Our second rounders have been good also. The question marks came under Foley again when we took T-Jack and R Cook with second round picks.
    Spielman also had a hand in the Jared Allen trade. We could have gave up the same like Jacksonville did and we could have had Derrick Harvey from Florida. Who has been better? Harvey or Mr Allen.

    Go Vikes

  31. Purple Charlie says:

    I hope Leslie Frazier is still around next year, Read articles about the players saying If there is any weakness that a team spots,During half time,

    He makes the right adjustments…

  32. Purple Charlie says:

    Hey ccarerhof,
    Who is master of ceremonies??? Man, That guy is a goof…

  33. Purple Charlie says:


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