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Mock Draft v4.0

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So, we just had a very interesting week of football, both in the pros and in college.  This means some pretty big changes to the Vikings Gab ongoing mock draft. 

The order, as always, has been set by reversing’s league standings… meaning tiebreakers are determined by nothing more than alphabetical order of the city/state/region in which the team is named.  Except I put the Vikings last, and will continue to do so until/unless they don’t win the Super Bowl (have to think positive here).

Also, as always, I think this practice is quite pointless but am doing it only because my readers enjoy it.  Let me put this into perspective.  Last season, of all the mock drafts updated within a week of the draft (most updated the night before) the best one I saw only got 6 picks correct.  So here we are, looking at a mock draft months ahead of the draft… the chances that I even get one right are very, very slim.

Nonetheless, here you go:


  1. Bucs –  Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska:  The Bucs need to get that defense right side up in order to keep up with the Joneses of their incredibly tough division.  Suh is a great second step in rebuilding, with Josh Freeman being the great first step.
  2. Rams –  Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame:  Marc Bulger may or may not be in St. Louis next year, but either way Clausen could be the Rams quarterback of the future behind an improved offensive line.
  3. Browns –  Jake Locker, QB, Washington:  The Browns continue to ruin the careers of talented quarterbacks by having no stability at the position and not surrounding them with enough talent.  The new coaching staff will doubtless want to bail on Anderson and Quinn and begin grooming “their guy.”
  4. Lions –  Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State:  One more piece added to the offense makes the Lions offense legitimate.  Protecting their gazillion dollar quarterback will then allow them to turn the attention towards that terrible defense of theirs.
  5. Redskins –  Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma:  I’m 99.9% sure that the Redskins let Jason Campbell leave via free agency.  They’ll be on the hunt to snag the best quarterback that they can get in the draft.  Bradford is exactly what Dan Snyder has in mind.
  6. Raiders –  Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas:  The run on quarterbacks continue.  If the Raiders haven’t given up on Jamarcus Russell yet, then just wait until they bring in a new coach.  That’ll be the end of Russell.  Mallett will become that latest hope for the Raiders.
  7. Chiefs – Eric Berry, S, Tennessee:  The quarterback frenzy leaves the Chiefs with a gift falling right into their laps.  Berry is a top 3 prospect in my mind, but falls because of positional value (or lack thereof).  The Chiefs defense desperately needs a spark, and Berry would almost certainly bring much more than that.
  8. Seahawks –  Bryan Baluga, OT, Iowa:  The offensive line of the Seahawks seems to be held together by nothing more than duct tape, band aids, and Big League Chew.  Baluga brings an instant upgrade to a line that desperately needs help.
  9. Broncos –  Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma:  The value here is just too good to pass up.  The Broncos don’t necessarily need a defensive tackle, but this pick is too good to pass up.
  10. Niners –  Tim Tebow, QB, Florida:  This makes Tebow the fifth quarterback taken in the top ten in my mock draft.  The Niners don’t have much going with Alex Smith, but Singletary likes Tebow enough to take the risk. 
  11. Bills – Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland:  The new coaches in Buffalo are not happy to see so many quarterbacks taken so early, so they draft the next best thing… a franchise left tackle.
  12. Titans –  Joe Haden, CB, Florida:  The quarterback feeding frenzy allows mid-range picks to be of great value.  This pick is a great value for sure.  The Titans are finally playing up to their potential, so I am sure they’ll pick quite a bit later than this, but Joe Haden is a top ten prospect who they can’t pass on at this point.
  13. Niners –  Charles Brown, OT, USC:  The Niners may have addressed their quarterback need by drafting Tebow.  Now it is time to work on better protecting whoever lines up behind center. 
  14. Jets –  Earl Thomas, FS, Texas:  The Jets need to provide Revis with some help in the pass defense.  Either a safety, cornerback, or defensive end needs to be their top priority in this draft in order to shore up the defense surrounding Revis.  Thomas is the best player available at those positions.
  15. Dolphins –  Rolando McClain, ILB, Alabama:  The Dolphins would probably be thrilled to have their pick of all wide outs in the draft here, but they are even more thrilled to replace that loud-mouthed, over rated Channing Crowder with the best linebacker in the draft.
  16. Texans –  Donovan Warren, CB, Michigan:  The Texans need to become better in the secondary, or else they will never ever beat Peyton Manning and the Colts.  Warren helps the Texans get closer.
  17. Steelers –  Ras-I Dowling, CB, Virginia:  The Steelers are about to see a bit of turnover in their secondary.  Dowling provides them with young talent at either the cornerback or safety position.
  18. Giants –  Brandon Spikes, ILB, Florida:  Antonio Pierce says he’ll be back in 2010, but the Giants don’t take any chances.
  19. Jaguars –  Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech:  The Jaguars continue to struggle in pass defense, and the best way for them to improve is to keep trying to improve on the defensive line as no corners or safeties are worth taking here.
  20. Ravens –  Damian Williams, WR, USC:  Derrick Mason is getting really old and Mark Clayton is not playing real well.  The Ravens must give Flacco some better targets or else the offense will become far too one dimensional.
  21. Falcons –  Gred Hardy, DE, Ole Miss:  The Falcons need help at many spots on the defense.  It needs to start with improving the pass rush, however, as they’ve been horrid in that area.  Getting a rush on opposing quarterbacks will make the rest of the defense look much better.
  22. Eagles –  Travis Lewis, OLB, Oklahoma:  The Eagles could use help at offensive line and linebacker.  Nobody is worth taking on the offensive line here, so they opt for a very talented weakside linebacker.
  23. Patriots –  Terrence Cody, DT, Alabama:  After trading Richard Seymour and possibly letting Vince Wilfork leave via free agency, the Patriots will be looking to keep a solid defensive line in front of Jared Mayo and the defense.
  24. Packers –  Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers:  The Packers seem to have salvaged a season that looked to heading very far south.  This means that McCarthy and Thompson probably get to stick around for another year.  If they do, then they better fix that offensive line very quickly or else they’ll be run out of town quicker than you can say “cheese curd.”
  25. Seahawks –  Mike Iupati, G, Idaho:  As mentioned previously, the Seahawks need all the help they can scrounge together on the offensive line.  Iupati brings another top notch prospect to the mix to help an offense become more consistent.
  26. Cardinals –  Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma:  The Cardinals need help on the offensive line, but no linemen are worth taking here.  Instead, they take a tight end that can help them block better and also be yet another dangerous threat in the passing game.
  27. Chargers – C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson:  Sproles could hit the road and L.T. is declining rapidly.  The Chargers need to ensure that fans continue to get the run game to which they’ve grown accustomed and also keep their offense balanced.
  28. Cowboys – Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State:  Roy Williams has embarrassed Jerry Jones this season on multiple occasions.  Something tells me that won’t last long.  Miles Austin has developed into a nice threat, but Jones likes to make sure his offense stays in high-octane mode by adding a wide out that could turn out to be one of the best.
  29. Bengals –  Taylor Mays, S, USC:  Mays has drawn a lot of comparisons to Bengals safety Roy Williams… which should not be taken as a good thing.  The Bengals have very little needs, and despite Mays’ short-comings, this is incredible value at this point in the draft. 
  30. Saints –  Sean Weatherspoon, OLB, Missouri:  The Saints manage to upgrade the one position on their team that they can easily upgrade via the draft.
  31. Colts –  Joseph Barksdale, OT, LSU:  The Colts have had trouble at the left tackle spot.  Barksdale is a first round talent that may be able to be their long term answer at a position of need… can’t ask for much more than that at the bottom of the first round.
  32. Vikings –  Tony Pike, QB, Cincinnati:  Right now this would be considered a reach, but after watching Pike completely dismantle Illinois’ defense this weekend I am convinced that he sneaks his way into the first round.  The Vikings need a quarterback, regardless of what Brett Favre decides and Pike could be a very good fit.  Other considerations here are:  RB Jahvid Best, CB Trevard Lindley, CB Brandon Ghee, OT Jason Fox, DE Carlos Dunlap, OT Trent Williams, and FS Morgan Burnett.

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9 Responses to “Mock Draft v4.0”

  1. wtfvikesfan says:

    Hey this mock was on bleacher report the other day.

  2. Adam Warwas says:

    That’s interesting, seeing as how I just wrote it this evening.

  3. Adam Warwas says:

    I just went to bleacher report and couldn’t find a mock that was really all that similar to mine… other than that they were, you know, mock drafts.

  4. jeege says:

    I’m a little surprised not to see Colt Mccoy on this list…I think he’s a much better fit for the Vikes in the late first round. (where he’ll likely fall)

    Now that Vince Young is proving that a Texas qb can make the transition to the NFL successfully (though I think the jury should still be out as to whether he will be a “great” player), clearly the system that Texas uses doesn’t eliminate the QB that runs it from being successful at the next level. Colt can also run the ball extremely effectively. He led his team in rushing last season. And we all know Childress has an affinity for freaky athletes like that.

    I think Colt Mccoy is a great pick for the vikes first round next year regardless of where they pick. Let’s hope the team agrees!

    • Adam Warwas says:

      My assessment of McCoy centers around the fact that he doesn’t create passing plays with his feet, but simply puts his head down and takes off. That will not translate well to the NFL.

      That being said, he has the physical tools to make it in the NFL, if he has the time to learn under the right coaching staff.

      That “time to learn” part is exactly why I don’t (and just my opinion) think McCoy will crack the first round… or even the first day for that matter.

  5. jeege says:

    Well regardless of where they get him, I think McCoy is a great fit.

    Keep in mind, Young had the exact same problem coming out of college, check one receiver and if it isn’t there tuck and run. Now it appears he has somehow learned how to check multiple receivers before tucking and running. And he is an IDIOT…literally. McCoy likely has more brains (people say he’s pretty bright), has similar if not better leadership qualities (your not going to see him on the sidelines pouting and complaining and disappearing for days at a time) and with Favre (hopefully) coming back and Sage Rosenfels under contract for a couple of years, there will be plenty of time for Colt to settle in and get his feet wet as an NFL QB.

    I really think the guy is perfect for us and I’m really crossing my fingers for that pick. (though I agree that it’s stupid to speculate on that at this point in the year)

    • Adam Warwas says:

      Those are interesting points, jeege. Though, I have a hard time seeing McCoy be the perfect fit in a west coast offense like the Vikings. Now a run and shoot offense like, say, the Broncos… now that’s a nice fit.

      I had to edit your comment above for language. Not a big deal. but try to refrain from swearing too much otherwise we have to turn filters back on, and commenting gets slowed up, and then nobody has fun. thanks.

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