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Worst Nightmares All At Once

The Vikings going against the Cardinals on Sunday night turned out to be every Vikings Fan’s worst fears coming true before their eyes.

Last week I struggled to come up with anything negative to say about this football team.  This week is the exact opposite.

Here are a few quick notes about the game:

  • This was the game we all feared out of Brett Favre.  He was 30 of 45 for 275 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions.  The fact that he had to throw the ball 45 times speaks to how unprepared this Vikings team is to come from behind.  Also, Favre was not at the top of his game.  He threw at least two other passes that very easily could have been picked off.  He looked uncomfortable and reverted to his “gunslinging” ways.
  • Even worse than Favre’s performance was that of Adrian Peterson.  Peterson had no room all day and ended up going for 19 yards on 15 carries.  The fact that Peterson did not fumble anything and also his 6 catches for 46 yards meant that he wasn’t completly shut down.  But this performance provides some very serious doubts about our running game.
  • Some of you may have picked up on this since I’ve started writing here, but I am admittedly a huge E.J. Henderson fan.  He is easily my favorite defensive player on this squad.  It was really hard for me to watch the replay (I actually missed it the first time around) of him breaking his leg after Jamarca Sanford hit him while trying to make a tackle.  Henderson will miss the remainder of the season and possibly more.  I would just like to extend my appreciation to E.J. for everything he’s done for this team so far and wish him a speedy recovery.  It will be interesting to see if the Vikings replace him with Ben Leber or rookie Jasper Brinkley.
  • It was well known that the Cardinals planned on using a lot of three-step drops to try and equalize this Vikings pass rush.  It worked to perfection.  This not only avoided Warner having to take a sack, but it exposed exactly how much of a liability our secondary is.  This could spell trouble in the future.

I will try to have more details throughout the week, but I just wanted to hit those main points.  Have a good Monday everyone, and we’ll turn our focus towards the Bengals very soon.

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43 Responses to “Worst Nightmares All At Once”

  1. John says:

    Well stated article. If this was just a bad game that we needed to have prior to the playoffs, that would be one thing. But all of our weaknesses (insert ‘secondary’ and ‘running game’ here) were exploited. We will probably have to play these guys again, and I personally just dont know what adjustments could be made. The best we could hope for is a shootout I would think. And then to lose EJ like that when the game was already over….just horrible. Not feeling very good today.

    • Adam Warwas says:

      John, I agree… not sure what to say other than eveything (save for Percy) was utterly terrible. At least if we see them again, it will almost surely be on our turf.

  2. Purple Charlie says:

    We have waiting for AP big game, There wasn’t room for a gnat to fit thru, We were a much better run team last year And the Card gave the prefect game plan for us,that 3 step drop killed us, It was bad enough to lose the game but losing E.J.I felt bad for him, I remember his first couple years he wasn’t getting it and all of a sudden the lights came on,He was just getting back from last year how sad… I see Ben Leber sliding over to MLB position, I like Jasper alot but he doesn’t have enough experience, Unless Leber would still make the calls, Guy said last night Hey, We are still 10-2 agreed, Thankful for that, Hope the team shows alot of Heart and bounces right back!!!


    • Adam Warwas says:

      The Vikes are expected to use Jasper in base sets, but Leber in the nickle downs. Soemwhat like alst year after EJ went down. I’ll do a story on Brinkley at some point this week, kind of introduce him. I gave the Vikings a draft grade of an “A” when they drafted him. He’s a big hitter.

  3. Purple Charlie says:

    Hi john,
    It took me so long to post, Didn’t want you to think I was not responding to you also…

  4. bigjohnny84 says:

    Only good in this game was Percy. He needs more balls thrown his way or handoffs. I also kinda liked what I saw in Sanford. He seems to be able to cover some ground. Our starting safeties just arent very good, period. My prayers go out to EJ. I’m kinda in Adams camp on EJ.

    • Adam Warwas says:

      Sanford will be best remembered this season as the guy who took out E.J., but I agree, the kid has more range and fire than our current guys. I’m impressed with him and unimpressed with our starters at safety… then again, if I were G.M. Shiancoe would have been cut about two years ago and he’d have caught 9 TDs for the Patriots or something instead of us.

  5. Purple Charlie says:

    Morning Johnny,
    Percy was a brite spot last night, I hope Winfield is good to go this week,EJ 2nd round pick Maryland, EJ quiet to himself but a great leader, Lets his playing do the talking, He is a 1st class player, I can see him coaching the guys on the side line soon, Just the type of guy he is…

    Will be greatly missed

    • Adam Warwas says:

      EJ stuggled greatly in his first few years, on and off the field, but he grew on me and I wasn’t kidding when I said he is my favorite defensive player on this team. Mrs. Warwas and I were just sick when we saw what had happened.

  6. Fran the Man says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Brinkley in the middle. Leber can still call the plays but we moved up in the draft to get the kid, so someone saw something in him.
    He’s sure a big dude (275#)

    EJ could very well be done. That was a gruesome injury. I had to leave the live chat for a bit as too many jokes being made right after the injury. I had replayed it immediately after and knew it was REAL bad.

    I’m worried that Winfield’s injury is more significant than we know. He tweaked it again last week in practice.
    Without him AND EJ on the field, we’re a different team.

    I don’t know, maybe we needed this punch in the mouth. . .

    • Adam Warwas says:

      Were there jokes? I just remember being pissed about the music choice in the stadium…

      We need ‘Toine to at least come in and play nickle back on limited downs.

      A punch in the mouth isn’t the worse thing in the world. We did it to the Cards last year and they still made the Super Bowl. We did it to the Giants during their Super Bowl season.

      We’ve lost to the reigning Conference Champs from last year and that is it… this game could have been worse had it been against the Lions, Packers, or Bears.

  7. bigjohnny84 says:

    Mornin Charlie and Fran. Agree Fran they should go with Brinkley. He’s a monster and huge hitter. Farwell is pretty respectable too. It feels more like a kick to the groin than a punch in the mouth.

  8. Brett says:

    First, wanna say thanks for this awesome blog. The amount of updates and notices through twitter is really awesome and manages to get me through the crapiest of days.

    Yesterday’s game was horrible. I’m convinced we played so horribly because I attended a different Vikings bar than I usually do (the nature of the game parralleled the nature of the service).

    What bothered me the most though about this game is not that Favre through 2 picks, or that Adrian Peterson ran for 4 inches, or even how horrible the defense played – but instead…. the additude and the defeated vibe the team put off. It seemed as if eveerryone on the team just wasn’t in this game… there was no passion. NO excitement. We had the additude of a team ready foe the first round draft pick instead of the first or second seed in the playoffs.

    I really hope this is addressed over the week and does not become an issie again. I can deal with the miscues but not that defeatist nature.

    • Adam Warwas says:

      First, let me say a big “you’re welcome!”

      Second, let me shoot a big thanks right back to you. Knowing that I’ll have readers and commenters on this blog when i get home from work helps get me through the crapiest of days as well 🙂 So thanks for stopping in Brett.

      I’m supersticious as well… I was like, okay, what did I do different today that cuased them to lose, haha.

      I agree on the “tempo” and “attitude” we brought to this game. No inspiration… hopefully that doesn’t become the normal destinction between this team playing on the road and this team playing at home.

  9. bigjohnny84 says:

    Well said Brett. I cant argue anything you said. I feel the same way.

  10. bigjohnny84 says:

    On a lighter note, I hope Friskie Freds didnt wear himself out after the game last night.

  11. Viking John says:

    We were due for a bad game. Hopefully this is the only one. The Cards put it to us like we did to them last year. All parts of the game where bad. Someone said the team had no fire and it showed.
    I have another concern and that is of how bad our safties play. Is this just me or do they always play out of position. I thought we would be as good or better when Sharper left, but this makes me wonder.
    10-2 homies
    Go Vikes

  12. Purple Charlie says:

    I’m with you, They need to forget about this last game and move on…

    If Fred did the Wild Thing after that game…
    Fred’s the Man!!!

  13. starrc10 says:

    We’re 10 and 2 and Brett is our quarterback.

  14. Tomb says:

    I sat, mesmerized and utterly deflated, when the Redskins missed a GD 23 yard field goal that would have likely put the Saints away.

    …at that point, I should have guessed the Vikes would throw out a real stinker.

    The big question is, did the Vikes come in with a bad game plan, bad play, lack of effort etc. OR, were they EXPOSED?

    I’d like to charter the next plane to Winter Park, assemble the Vikes, furrow my brow, then walk away slowly shaking my head in indignation.

    Let’s see how they bounce back against them upstart Bengals.

    • Adam Warwas says:

      Welcome, Tomb… I too was having a bad day before the Vikes even started playing thanks to those pesky Saints.

      2 games behind them means we don’t really have to worry about homefield advantage battle now. Now we just need ot keep someone (especially the freaking Pack!) from catching us.

      • Tomb says:

        HUGE game with the Bengals next, I want to see The Vikes adjust to getting torched on both sides of the ball…otherwise, we are nothing more than fodder in the playoffs.

        Let’s hope the Ravens beat them pesky Packers…then at least I can smile about SOMETHING football related this week (besides the Steelers getting beat by the lowly Raiders, and the Cowboys losing is always fun).

  15. bigjohnny84 says:

    Hey Tomb, glad to see ya over here. Adam and I could’ve used you here a couple weeks ago when we were trying to put down some babling idiot. I recall you being very good with guys like that.

    • Tomb says:

      I’m a huge fan of eviscerating babbling idiots. Hopefully I’ll be around the next time it happens.

      • bigjohnny84 says:

        Thanks for coming over Tomb. Adam does a very good job here and getting more posters every day. More of the old AV gang keep checkin in. Not to long ago Adam took the new AV to task.

  16. jeege says:

    I first read an article about EJ when he was still a Terrapin. He was a sophmore or a junior when I read the piece detailing his tough upbringing and leadership qualities. It painted him in a wonderfully positive light and made him seem like a very good person. (As far as football players go, at least.)

    I remember thinking at the time, “Man. The Vikes need more guys on defense like him.” I don’t even remember who was playing MLB for us at the time. (Ed Mcdaniel or Don Nelson? No idea.)

    Sure enough, we drafted him and he turned into one of my all time favorite players to watch the last few years. Unquestionably could have been a centerpiece for us for the next 5 years.

    Terrible loss and a terrible way to go. All the best to EJ and wherever he ends up next, because I seriously doubt he’ll make it back on a football field. That was a heart breaker.

  17. Purple Charlie says:

    Hi Tomb,
    Nice to meet ya,I so freak’in mad when they missed that field… Saints could of fell in a pile of crap and smelled like a rose… I too, Enjoyed the Steelers and Cowboys going down.

    Enough Babbling lol

    • Tomb says:

      Ahoy there Charlie.

      I wonder if Ochocinco is going to send the Vikes a care package this week.

      I hope so, they could use something besides getting their collective asses handed to them to get ’em fired up.

  18. Tomb says:

    …on a side note, I wish I could do that Benny Hill old bald guy forehead repeated slap on Brad Childress right now. Not that he’s the culprit, but it would be fun.

  19. bigjohnny84 says:

    Cmon Tomb, Ocho would never say anything stupid or contoversial would he? Oh forgot the guy is a total moron and could very well send that care package. Lets hope so

  20. Purple Charlie says:

    That’s funny!!!
    Don’t think Chili would like that. I wish Chadwick would send something too!!!

  21. Purple Charlie says:

    Don’t think he will, Marvin Lewis said something to him last time.

  22. Purple Charlie says:

    Do you remember someone sending something to Robert Griffith one time???

  23. CO Vike Fan says:

    Awful game, hope this is the wake-up call they needed. Phat Pat making plays downfield never a good sign.

    Offensive line and safeties to blame from where I sat, line had an excuse with injuries, safeties just missing tackles and getting out of position. We need Winfield bad

  24. starrc10 says:

    I just read a great comment from someone… somewhere… anyway:

    After Brett Favre retires, Joe Mauer is going to enter in the NFL draft to avoid the Yankees and the Vikings will draft him.

  25. Fragile Freds says:

    Greetings to Fred’s old Pal Tombs! Glad to see you out and about.

    People the Vike have only lost two games. Easy now, settle down. The boys will be just fine. Not many teams have a receiving corp like that and a QB on top of it.

    Freds would like to fist fight Mrs. Warner. Fred enjoys Kurt, hates his hag ass wife!

    Freds would also like to Gilligan slap Big Johnny… “Freds has been known for trying to shoot pool with a rope” Fred loved the comment. See you people THAT is funny.

    Someone call Coach…get that old bastard over here too.

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