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Week 12 Slide Now A Concern


I was perhaps more critical of the Brett Favre acquisition of any Vikings blogger on the net before the season began.  Then, just as I was staring at that glass of Kool-Aid contemplating whether or not I should take my first sip, Brett Favre laid an egg… right on schedule.

What I mean by “right on schedule” is that my good buddy (Just kidding.  He doesn’t know I exist.) Kevin Seifert over at ESPN wrote an article way back on May 12th depicting Favre’s meltdowns in the final quarter of each season since 2005. 

The week 12 slide is depicted in the following chart:

Time Period

Comp. %




’05 Games 1-11





’05 Games 12-16





’06 Games 1-11





’06 Games 12-16





’07 Games 1-11





’07 Games 12-16





’08 Games 1-11





’08 Games 12-16





I really am sorry to be the bearer of bad news (I would have much preferred another great game from Favre on Sunday) but all the questions of whether or not Brett Favre can be successful as a Viking are now right back where they were in August… at the front of our minds.

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19 Responses to “Week 12 Slide Now A Concern”

  1. Brett says:

    I too have been incredibly skeptical about Mr. Favre… even as he has done so well this season. I knew he fell off towards the end of the season but that table you posted is really scary. I had no idea it was that bad and that consistent. I wonder what contributes to it…?

    Now, I would like to take this opportunity to say that my name IS actually Brett… and before Mr. Favre was a Viking (and depending on how the rest of the season goes), I always hated that. It sucked being a Viking fan growing up and people calling you by the antichrist quarterback of the rival team. (Although I don’t nkow that I would have preferred Fran instead…)

    Throughout the entire season, I have always referred to Favre as a consultant quarterback. I’ve never really felt that he has been a part of this team (although, it seems he has tried very hard). It’s nothing he’s done THIS year, but instead…. his past unfortunately. Even when the commentators refer to the Vikings its always “Favre and the Vikings” or “Favre’s Vikings.” While this is done for other teams occasionally as well, it is MUCH more common with us. You rarely hear the Vikings referred to as simply “the Vikings.”

    Anyway, rambling now. I really hope that the tail end of this season will contradict previous years and the stats posted here…

    • Adam Warwas says:

      Sorry about the unfortunate name… we won’t hold it against you though 🙂 We don’t hold it against Freds.

      Just like when I was critical at the start of the season, I hope Favre proves me wrong. But who knows…

  2. Bismuth says:

    I’m not worried about the dropoff, because even though Favre tends to play poorly near the end of the season, he plays so well at the beginning that his teams always make the playoffs on confidence alone! I mean just look at the Jets last year, they were 8-2 at one point, and… oh. Shit.

    But we’re 10-2. That’s almost a guaranteed playoff spot. And as we all know, once the playoffs come around, bad Brett goes into total remission, like two years ago, NFC championship at home at Lambeau in subzero weather, he valiantly… oh. Shitburgers.

  3. JWK says:

    I think that we might be missing the most important implication of Seifert’s article. He goes on to cite the following:

    “According to STATS Inc., Favre has played 14 games in weather under 40 degrees during the 2005-08 span we’ve been analyzing. In those games, he’s thrown nine touchdown passes and 25 interceptions while compiling a 60.3 passer rating.

    In eight indoor games during times when the outdoor temperature was less than 40 degrees, Favre threw 15 touchdown passes and five interceptions while compiling a 99.9 passer rating. (Also based on STATS research.)”

    Since those eight indoor games were probably played at the end of seasons and Favre performed fine, one should surmise that the real issue is weather not stamina. From that standpoint, we should be concerned about the upcoming Carolina and Chicago games but should also remember that in all likelyhood we will earn the #2 seed, meaning that every playoff game (including the Superbowl) would be played either indoors (Metrodome or Superdome) or in warm weather (Miami).

  4. bigjohnny84 says:

    JWK. That’s the reason I wasn’t worried about Favre falling off at the end of the year. This year they are asking him to throw way to much. That 40 year old arm is overworked. They should give him a week or two off to get rested and healed up.

  5. jeege says:

    Ok. Everyone calm down.

    It was one poor performance. One. There is no reason to start suspecting the worst after one bad game.

    If you ask me, the biggest concern right now is our running game. Neither Chester nor AD could get it going last week. So, it should not have come to a surprise to anybody that the Cardinals were able to load up against the pass after going up by two touchdowns early.

    My points:

    1.) Running game = Zilch, causing us to need to rely on the passing game completely, which we haven’t had to do all year to this point and which this offense is not built for.

    2.) The Cardinals run that “Steelers Defense” that gave Favre such fits in week 7. It’s a very complicated D with a ton of different looks and it is merely a coincidence that the Vikes had to face it twice in one season. It’s not a typical Defense for an NFC hall of famer to face.

    3.) The Vikings just got outplayed. Plain and simply, they looked flat and uninterested the entire game. There was nothing but a breeze in their sails through most of three quarters and just as they were considering staging a comeback, EJ went down completely sucker punching the entire team emotionally. You could tell the Vikes did not want to play in this one.

    4.) Finally, and Adam has already addressed this, we just got hit with the injury bug. Hard and fast. There were multiple injuries to key players right off the bat and the Vikes just never recovered from it.

    So, I’m not concerned. Next week, they’ll prepare more and this thing will right itself.

    Now…about that hand of Favre’s…

  6. Purple Charlie says:

    Great points and Well taken,
    Plus just looks at the offense line change ups during the game, Alitte hard to get settled in…

    Not to change the subject, But did you post on the Viking Age at one time ???

  7. jeege says:

    Yea actually! I used to post there alot. I don’t like Danzinski’s negativity though, so I stopped reading him.

    It’s one thing to be negative about a team when it’s deserved. But, when you’re going 10-6 and fielding a team that has been entirely rebuilt in three years and STILL aren’t at least neutral about the team…I can’t handle that for too long.

    Negativity is best left for fans of teams like the Browns or the Bills or the Raiders. Those fans have something to be pissed about.

    But, yes! I did used to post there!

  8. Fran the Man says:

    In Favre we trust. We HAVE to. Look at the alternatives.

    I’ll say this though, Favre looked old while playing and during the post game interview. He looked pale and tired.
    Hopefully it was just the beating he took from our lack of an O-line Sunday but he really did look old in all aspects.

    I sure hope we can pick up our future QB in THIS years draft because our window of opportunity is shrinking.

  9. Purple Charlie says:

    I thought so. , I was Chuck and then Chuck too.(Another Chuck showed up) I quit reading his stuff too, Remember Mike ??? The guy that said the Vikes would sign Favre way before it happened, lol!!!He would tell Zinski the way it was… I really liked that guy.

    Enough of that, Good to read your articles again!!!

  10. Purple Charlie says:

    Your bad lol, Fran, they have to be thinking about in the back of their minds. (I Hope!!!)

  11. jeege says:

    Yea, Mike was awesome! …and right!

  12. Fragile Freds says:

    Freds expects to see a Vike team that looks more like it did in weeks 1-3. Specifically, the Vikings need to go back to the run, even in those situations where it doesn’t appear to be working. So we will see a few more 3 and outs, but it will take some weight off the offensive line and QB. Brent should always be the second option to our run game. More frequent run attempts will also allow the team to wear out the Bengal and allow Brent to pass more effectively in half 2, if need be.

    It’s more fun to watch the Vikes score 30 a game, but with a good defense our offense should try to control the clock and grind the crap out of the Bengal. Sometimes this year the Vike looked like the Dan Marino led Dolphins, great to watch, win most games, lose in the playoffs because they could never run and control the clock. The pass never sets up a great running game, the run does set up a big play passing game.

  13. Purple Charlie says:

    That would make sense, I miss Peterson & Taylor pounding the ball myself, Brett was brought in so we would Actually have someone that could get the ball to our receivers on a continual basis, Instead of T-Jack… Like you said, The run sets up the pass.

  14. bigjohnny84 says:

    Freds, I would love it if your scenario worked out. The problem being the o-line forgot how to run block, they need to step it up.

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