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Table Almost Set, But Seating Chart Will Wait A Week

An interesting day of football has made the Viking Monday night matchup even more interesting.

If the Cowboys win tonight, then the NFC playoff participants will be set (Saints, Vikings, Eagles, Cardinals, Packers, and Cowboys) and the Giants will have nothing left to play for against the Vikings in week 17.

With the loss to the Bucs (still giggling about that one) the Saints have kept alive the Vikings hopes for the #1 seed in the NFC.  Another loss by the Saints to the Steve Smith-less Panthers next week combined with the Vikes winning both of their remaining games then the Vikes secure the #1 seed as they own the tie-breaker with the Saints.  It seems like a long-shot, but it is still possible.

On the less optimistic side, the Eagles winning today puts the Vikings in a position to possibly miss out on a first round bye.  A loss tomorrow night would tie the Vikes with the Eagles, and the Eagles own the tie-breaker against the Vikings.  Even with a win tomorrow night, the Vikings would need a win or a Eagles loss next week to secure the #2 seed.

Assuming the Cowboys beat the Skins tonight, they are the only team that doesn’t offer up an “interesting storyline” game for the Vikings.  Think about the rest of them though… the Packers with the whole Favre thing, the Cardinals beating the crap out of us, the Eagles knocked us out last year and Chili went fishing in Alaska with Andy Reid, and the Saints have Sharper plus the whole two-best-teams things.

In Week 17, the Vikings take on a Giants team that may or may not have anything to play for.  The Cowboys host the Eagles and the Cardinals host the Packers… which could very well be the exact matchups the following week during wild card weekend.

It is shaping up to be a very fun ride!

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40 Responses to “Table Almost Set, But Seating Chart Will Wait A Week”

  1. c.carterhof says:

    No storyline for the Cowboys?

    I have one, how bout what happend 34 years ago tomorrow. Yea thats right, the hailmary game, and im still not over it. Drew Pearson can rot in hell.

  2. Cslinde says:

    The ‘Situation’

    After almost a week to think about last week’s game and all the drama that supposedly occurred, I just thought I’d chime in.
    This whole Favre v Childress thing is a joke, the ‘O’ line is a joke, and a HUGE portion of the Minnesota fan base is a giant #@*!ing joke!
    1. Any person who has played organized football knows scenes like the so called ‘heated discussion’ happen a million times a season.
    2. Favre has been allowed to change plays all season long. Any rumors Chili tried ‘pulling’ him before are unchecked/unreliable. Also, rumors of Chili being upset over changed plays are merely speculation.
    3. Chili said he said he told Favre: ‘I’m THINKING of pulling you out’. If he really wanted to pull him out, he would. He hasn’t except for garbage time. Anyone who says he tried to pull him is paraphrasing, and stretching the facts. He started the discussion, in an open manor, of the thought of Brett sitting.
    Both loses could be rectified by better ‘O’ line play. Specifically in the run game. Any defensive issues are related to being on the field too long due to the offense’s inability to sustain long drives. This rests the defense, but conditioning of the defense could also be pointed at. Against Carolina, the brutal play of Big-Mac wasn’t schematically dealt with for too much of the game.
    The players have to make plays. If McKinney plays half as bad, half as many tackles are missed, the defense recovers the forced fumble, interceptions are not dropped, balls are cought. Then maybe, just maybe the game plan works better.
    The whole ‘feud’ thing is a joke and all the negative fans who bring up the past and were obviously waiting for bad things to happen are a joke and disgrace to the loyal fans of the Norse! This is one of the most talented teams put together for our Vikes. We’re 11-3.
    If the playmakers on this team can NOT leave plays on the field, the run game gets fixed and protecting the passer improves then everything will be fine.
    Those are the issues that should be in circulation not negative hypotheses that only contribute to a self-fulfilling prophecy. Talk sense and football, don’t complain in a manor that projects you hope they fail. This especially goes out to all the beat writers covering the Vikes for the local fish wrap factories and all the self-proclaimed analysts that do network correspondence.

  3. Adam Warwas says:

    “The whole ‘feud’ thing is a joke and all the negative fans who bring up the past and were obviously waiting for bad things to happen are a joke and disgrace to the loyal fans of the Norse!”

    That’s the only part I really disagree with. You don’t have to be a Homer to be a fan, and being critical doesn’t make you a hater.

    It goes back to the whole being “patriotic” argument. Is one less American if they criticise their leader or wonder if the right decisions are being made?

  4. B. Grant says:

    I like those posts, Cs and AW. I really think the people who made this too big of a deal are not necessarily our local media, but the ESPN’s and national bloggers of the world. I am growing increasingly annoyed by both because very little of what they bring forward is news. They are selling entertainment, and what they do is speculate and embellish.
    Yes, these sideline arguments occur, but I think the problem here was Brett talking about it so much in his post game comments, and I think Chili had a right to be upset about those comments. The media didn’t need the details that BF provided, and in the end they were not properly interpreted, as Cs points out.

    • Adam Warwas says:

      Favre’s comments may have been taken too literally or something, but what can he expect after the way in which he has conducted himself over the years? He is the King of Drama, hands down… so how could we expect anyone just to ignore and dismiss such comments as “nothing to see here”?

      The whole reason he is a Viking in the first place is because of his knack for the dramatic, unwillingness to let a feud go by the wayside, and unwillingness to accept responsibility for his own actions.

      Other than Ron Wolfe and Mike Holmgren, I don’t think Favre is capable of considering himself as lesser, or even on an equal plane, as any other human.

      My point is: Fans that are waiting for the worst to happen are basing such off of patterns of the past. The worse transgression, in my opinion, are fans that were willing to put the other great purple players into a side note the minute Favre signed based off of little more than decade-old success and name recognition.

      Anyone looking at the stats, patterns, history etc had to wonder whether this whole Favre expirement would be what the Vikings were selling it as… and we still don’t know the answer to that yet.

    • homeskillet says:

      Happy Birthday Coach! However you are not really 39

  5. B. Grant says:

    I want to offer this as the Vikes head to Soldiers Field tomorrow night…

    In the 60’s and 70’s one of the raps on the Vikes was that we were built for the surfaces found at the Met, in Lambau, Soldiers Field, Frisco, etc. And we were fine when we got the Rams and Cowboys at home. Those games were played our way. But get us on turf, and folks made us look not so good in our black shoes. So as more turf fields appeared, we gradually moved from the Bill Browns and Dave Osborns to the Chuck Foremans and Darrin Nelsons, and from Paul Flatley to Gene Washington to Sammy White to Anthony Carter.

    Now we’ve come full cycle, IMO. We win with AP and Percy and JAllen and BerBar and Toine. These guys are on the small side for their position in most cases, but exceptionally quick, and able to outperform our opponents on the fast tracks like the Metrodome. But when we get on a grass field that is in less than ideal condition, we struggle. I’m not saying that its the only reason for the Cardinal and Carolina losses, but our competitive edge is clearly wider when we are on a fast track in controlled conditions. We are not gonna have that at Soldiers Field tomorrow night, so I feel we are in for a tighter game than most think.

    • Fran the Man says:

      That reminded me of when I became a Viking fan.
      I was a youngster living in Seal Beach Ca.
      Jack Snow (WR, LA Rams) lived two houses down and my Dad was a rabid Rams fan.
      I was too but I was also infatuated with Vikings at the time. My family were all from Minnesota and Vikings were my ancestors.
      So when I heard that an NFL team had just started up and called themselves the Vikings, I was on board, much to my Dad’s dismay!

      So flash forward a couple years and the Vikings have owned the Rams in several divisional games and NFC championship games.
      My Dad said it was because of the conditions at the old Met was the reason the Vikings always won.
      THEN, one year the Rams had the better record and the Vikings had to play them in California.
      I think it may have been for the NFC Championship game, not sure.

      All I know is my Dad was stoked! FINALLY, he got the Vikings on his turf!
      The night before the game, a storm moved in and it rained . . . and rained, and rained, all night long. Temperatures dropped and on game day it looked like Minnesota. The field was a quagmire
      Vikes beat the hell out of them.

  6. Ole says:

    I agree with your assessment of favre, Adam. He has managed to hide his character flaws up until now.

    There is a reason that Green Bay got rid of the coach killing, teammate back-stabbing, drunk driving, vicodin addicted, family abusing, ego driven, self absobed with personal stats, future hall of famer.

    As you can tell, I have never been a farve fan

    • Adam Warwas says:

      And even more reason for the media to suspect possible drama is that Chili himself also has dramas in his past. He has troubles dealing with diva-type players, or even big name veterans who aren’t divas.

      Think Terrell Owens, Darren Sharper, and Mattie B.

      • bigjohnny84 says:

        Greeeeeat point Adam. Although I would put TO in the diva category. Childos arrogance is just as big as Favres divaness, if thats a word.

  7. Ole says:

    SNF just showed clips of the favre-Childress encounter from last week.

    It’s easy to jump to a conclusion, but it is very evident from watching these clips that Childress is overmatched when it comes to controlling (coaching) a player such as favre

  8. Ole says:

    Fragile Freds stats tonight
    Tackles – 2
    Assists – 1

    good job dominating the game Freds

  9. bigjohnny84 says:

    Anyone think we would be 11-3 with Tjack at qb?

  10. Ole says:

    nope Big Johnny, T-jack would have been worse
    ….but who drafted and “groomed” T-Jack?

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      So I take it you are with me on the ” it was a huge mistake to extend Childos contract” issue.

      • Purple Charlie says:

        johnny, I still don’t understand the big hurry on extending his contract, I’t wasn’t like team were standing in line for him…

  11. c.carterhof says:

    Maybe we should threaten to not watch or attend any more Viking games until they fire Chilly and get rid of Favre.

  12. bigjohnny84 says:

    Easy there CC. I think Childo should at least win a playoff game before he gets extended. If he can pull it off, I will gladly eat a ton of crow for the greater good. Forgive me if I have my doubts.

  13. c.carterhof says:

    Oh no, dont get me wrong, I have my doubts too. Its just that 3-4 weeks ago everybody loved Favre, maybe not Chilly.

    Well maybe not everyone, but you know what I mean.

  14. c.carterhof says:

    A win tomorrow and things look better.

    If we run the ball 25+ times, AD AND Chester combined, Vikings will win.
    I guarantee that!

  15. Ole says:

    yup, lets get a win and put this favre-Childress crap to bed. Even better, hope the Vikes win it all so that both favre and Childress quit

  16. CO Vike Fan says:

    Speaking of running the ball, maybe someone should show Brett some video of the 97 and 98 Broncos with their version of AD (Terrel Davis), you know the Broncos that beat Brett and the packers in the Super Bowl and then did it again the next year with a great running back and an aging quaterback that still had a great arm?

  17. Purple Charlie says:

    I’m sure they worked on run blocking this week, Should have good success against the Bears compared to the Panthers last week ,The Giant didn’t run well on them yesterday. I’m with carter, run the ball 25 times + Lets Win out and at least get that 2nd seed!!!

  18. Purple Charlie says:

    Happy Birthday Coach,
    and many more…
    ( Knew you were older than 39 he he)

    • B. Grant says:

      Thanks Charlie! What gave it away? The crew cut? The title of grandfather? The constant reference to the Vikings of the 60’s?

      Home, where do we stand on that contract on Eli? I gotta make some plans in advance, you know. I will await your instructions on the old AV.

      I’m gettin’ no response on the issue of field conditions and surface affecting the Vikes. Guess it must just be me. OK. The horse is dead, and maybe my theory will be proven wrong tonight. Hope so.

      • Purple Charlie says:

        All 3 are giveaways, I like being a grandad myself, Field conditions, Everybody plays on the same field, In times passed I have thought the same thing,

        I guess it comes down to making the adjustments as far as Cleats…

  19. B. Grant says:

    Charlie, I agree with “everyone plays on the same field”, but when our speedsters get on a slow track, their advantage is reduced. The margins between players in the NFL are minimal, and a DB is very happy to see the likes of Percy, Bernard and AP slowed a little in long grass and soft turf. And JAllen’s speed rush is not quite the same worry to an OT on Soldier Field turf tonight.

    I agree with you that adjustments have to be made by everyone involved.

  20. homeskillet says:

    Coach the Vikes wouldnt dare lose on your birthday. I think we win our last 2 and I think the Saints might lose to Carolina and give us the #1 seed. But either way I expect us to keep at least the #2 seed, get our bye week, win our home playoff game and HOPEFULLY get the Saints in the nfc champ. game. The Saints D looks HORRIBLE, they cant stop the run and their cb’s are awful.

  21. homeskillet says:

    I bet the Bears do exactly what they did last game, just sell out to stop the run.

  22. Nume says:

    One interesting stat: When AD runs the ball up the middle at least 8 times, the vikes are 8-1. When he doesn’t, theyre 3-2 (I think those were the numbers… something like that). So yeah need to get AD more involved. I’m completely in agreement though on the idea they need to throw on first and run on second more often than they do. When they get in the mode where htey think they are just gonna run the ball, they tend to just run, run, pass, punt. They need to keep it balanced, and use short passes to keep third downs manageable even when the runs aren’t very successful.

    • homeskillet says:

      Hey Nume did you hear that all the Culvers in South Dakota are closing and they are all being moved to Minnesota?? They just announced it on TV.

  23. jallen says:

    […] possibly hugged him too much? JALLEN says: February 4th, 2010 at 1:58 am. GO FLY A KITE SCUMBAG …Table Almost Set, But Seating Chart Will Wait A Week …An interesting day of football has made the Viking Monday night matchup even more interesting. If […]

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