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What Is What In The Standings

Week seventeen is heating up to be one of the most exciting of the year for the NFC.  All six playoff teams are set in the NFC, but the order in which those teams are seeded will depend greatly on the outcome of this coming week.

Let’s take a look at some of the places where the Vikings can land and how they can get there (I don’t bother with figuring out how ties effect thing, FYI):


In order for the Vikes to get that coveted first round bye week the path is simple.  The Vikes need to beat the hapless Giants and the Cowboys need to beat the Eagles.


The Vikings fell to the #3 spot this week which seemed incredibly unlikely just a few short weeks ago.  If they win, they could still be stuck in the #3 seed provided that the Eagles beat the Cowboys.

If the Vikings lose then the Vikings will need the Packers to beat the Cardinals in order to keep their current seed.


This is the lowest the Vikes can fall as far as seeding goes.  This will happen if the Vikings lose and the Cardinals beat the Packers.


I don’t know if fans want to see the Vikings play the Packers in the post-season or not, but it is a possibility that they face each other in the first round (as well as further into the playoffs).

In order for these foes to face off in the first week of the playoffs, the Vikes would need to lose to the Giants, the Eagles would have to beat the Cowboys, and the Cardinals would have to beat the Packers.

Phew!  There we go, folks!

The Vikings will have to do their part first.  They play in the first round of games on Sunday.  In the second round of Sunday’s games is when the Packers take on the Cardinals and the Cowboys battle the Eagles.

So, regardless of how the Vikings do early on Sunday, this puzzle will not be finalized until later in the day… which makes for a very exciting six hours of football to kick off the new year!

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25 Responses to “What Is What In The Standings”

  1. bigjohnny84 says:

    What a mess they’ve gotten themselves into.

  2. Fragile Freds says:

    It’s going to be a GREAT week!

  3. CO Vike Fan says:

    It was easy to root for Denver last week, but boy do I hate cheering for the Cowboys. How could they do this to us (and themselves)?

  4. Fragile Freds says:

    AKs –

    Freds random questions:

    1)So if Tony Winfield is hurt or as Fred thinks he understands, he had a “set back”, are we better off with Tony not in the game this Sunday? Let’s admit it, the Vikes looked better without Tony and his flaming shorts in past games than the past 2 weeks.

    2)Fred also wonders if Chilly will modify the defense to somehow play Ben Leber in the middle even more on first down and let Casper Brinkley watch and learn. Dude looks lost out there. Hard to blame him though.

    3) Petersen looked better last week, Fred knows, that pesky fumble, but expect him to go off big against the Giants.

    4) In your next mock draft, you need to have Minnesota pick offensive line as their opening pick. We need it bad!

    5) Who would you rather start for your purple next year. TJax, Sage, Jason Campbell or Brady Quinn?

    • krugjr says:

      1…Tony should sit
      2…LB change, yes
      3…RB coach babysits AD
      4…I say defense in Rd 1
      5…TJ & JC are twins…ball goes to Sage

      GO VIKES!!!!!

    • Adam Warwas says:

      1. I would limit Tony to nickel duties against the Giants.

      2. This is not a lack of talent to me, but rather that reoccuring tendancy to force players into schemes instead of scheming around a players attributes. The Vikings are forcing Brinkley to do things that are not his strengths… he is a very different player than EJ. They need to play him against the Giants in hopes that the “lightbulb” goes on and then decide how to approach this in the playoffs.

      3. Agree, Peterson is looking better. Prior to the fumble, I was particular proud of his 4th quarter pass blocking. His improvement in this area was HUGE in that 4th quarter comeback.

      4. The Vikings draft will remain a mystery until after free agency. But Left Tackle is not ever going to be considered a huge need until McKinnie is traded. And no centers or guards would really be worth spending a first rounder on at this point. Maybe Mike Iupati (guard).

      5. Of those, I pick Quinn if the price is right. I feel an odd amount of confidence in both Sage and TJack, however.

  5. Fragile Freds says:

    Right knee injury will keep Giants RB Jacobs out of season finale.


    • Adam Warwas says:

      For fantasy football purposes, I wish this would have happened in week one so I would have stopped starting Jacobs a lot sooner than I did. That guy has stunk this year.

  6. krugjr says:

    Permalink 1 Comments Back to Top
    Dilfer thinks Childress hasn’t mastered the game
    Posted by Michael David Smith on December 30, 2009 2:23 PM ET
    Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl as the quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens and then was not retained because, he says, coach Brian Billick didn’t like his tendency to call audibles — even when those audibles worked.

    Now Dilfer says he sees a similar dynamic developing in Minnesota. And he thinks it’s time for Vikings coach Brad Childress to acknowledge that quarterback Brett Favre has a better understanding of how to run an offense than Childress does.

    “Let the guy who is the best in the world at what he does do what he does,” Dilfer told Sean Jensen of the Pioneer Press. “Brad Childress can’t say that. Brett Favre can.”

    Dilfer said his view that Favre has a better understanding of how to make the offense work than Childress does is based on “conversations with people within” the Vikings’ team facility. It’s fair to wonder whether one of those people was Favre himself, because Dilfer clearly has a glowing view of Favre’s abilities — and a less than glowing view of Childress.

    “Give him the keys and say, ‘Hey, there’s a reason we sent the private jet, a reason why I picked you up, and you’ve won three MVPs,'” Dilfer said, adding that, “there is a mastery of the offensive game that some have and some don’t, and [Childress] doesn’t have it.”

    Dilfer’s comments came before Childress said Favre has the freedom to change plays when he feels the need to. In Dilfer’s view, that shouldn’t even be a question, because Favre is better at calling plays than Childress is.

    Permalink 26 Comments Back to Top


    GO VIKES!!!!!

    • Fragile Freds says:

      If you think Banjo isn’t going to do exactly whatever he wants to do at this point, you’re crazy. He knows Chilly is imasculated and can’t act in a role where he can do anything to Banjo. It’s not like he will bench him next year or something. The crap Coach would take pulling his southern fried QB out during the play offs? Fred doesn’t think so. It would be funny as hell to see Farvre get benched though, Fred would laugh his ass off.

      With all the spinning and grinding and Favre worship of this year, keep in mind that Farve has only one more win than the Feruooch/TJax lead team of last year. So far Fred doesn’t think we can call this Farve thing a success yet. Do you? One more win and basically the same playoff spot as last year?

      • krugjr says:

        freds………and this is the question, is it brett or brad that has us at 11 wins? whose play calling got us 60 yds of total offense in the first half? whose play calling and game planning had us behind at half in most of our games? that conservative, play it safe crap, and hope to win it in the end is Denny Green all over again…… before anyone says that brett only has us a 11 wins, I say Brett has yet to be “unleashed” for an entire game…..and like Dilfer said, the only way to win it all is to unleash brett, then live or die with your decision to make him a Viking!

        GO VIKES!!!!!

      • CO Vike Fan says:

        “then live or die with your decision to make him a Viking”

        That’s what I’m afraid of

      • Adam Warwas says:

        Great point Freds…

  7. Fragile Fred says:

    Krugs –

    Brent said he’s only called or changed 10 plays all year, so unless he is lying and there is no reason to think he is, then the same guy is calling both halves of the game, Childo.

    I think people love to hate Childo, so when its going well, it’s Farve calling the plays and when its not going well its Chilly holding Farve back. It’s too easy to break it out like that when we have NO idea what the facts are.

  8. Fragile Fred says:

    What scares Freds is the prospect of seeing Banjo “unleashed” as well. We saw some of that same old falling down underhanded pass crap that Farve loves to do. If the Bear could catch he would have been picked twice last game. The “gun slinger” has been known to pee down his leg often when left to his own doing. We’ve all seen it, especially during playoff time.

    Give AP the ball, block someone and let Farve take his shots when he has them.

    • CO Vike Fan says:

      That’s what I’m talkin bout! Wasn’t it nice to see a couple of the old quick slants and passes to the RBs the monday night? That’s what’ll set up the deep stuff

  9. Purple Charlie says:

    I’m with you, tired of Childress calling stagnant plays in the first half, It wouldn’t be so bad if they had a reasonable lead, Then he can torture us in the 2nd half a little…

  10. Fragile Fred says:

    Charlie I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Vikes finally admit that their offensive line can’t play the way they would like in an effort to run the ball effectively. If they do and Cheech is able to go across the middle again, it would be fun to see Chilly use the pass to set up the run in the first half. They just better be short passes, because this O line stinks!!

    • krugjr says:

      freds…..I agree chilly has been calling both halves….it’s just that the first half is made up of plays from chilly’s KAO and the second half is made up of plays from the gunslinger playbook……..speaking of gunslinger style, it only works if it’s used all 4 quarters, because you need to balance the 2 INTs with 5 TDs, then it works……handcuff brett with a KAO first half and hand him a 14 pt deficit, then he has to play a perfect half to win, and that’s cardiac football……am I making bany sense here?

      like what you said, freds, about passing to set up the run, early and often…..that’s what I thought the west coast offense was all about, and I’ve waited 3 yrs to see it…

      charlie……..yes, open it up EARLY!!!!! wouldn’t that be wonderful!

    • Adam Warwas says:

      Setting up the run by using the pass is actually how the West Coast offense was intended to be used. Jump to a lead and then grind it out.

      Bill Walsh would laugh his ass off at Chili’s bastardization of the WCO.

  11. Purple Charlie says:

    What a difference a year makes, Last year they pounded the ball at will, Birk is missed, I know he lost a step, He is still ahead of Sullivan, Sullivan and Herrera are eaten alive at times!!! Mckinney isn’t having a great year, Loadholt is doing ok for a rookie. Hutch is a warrior even hurting… They need to leave guys in the backfield, Just to protect Favre. And of course that cuts down on your options…

    And your right, They can’t block long enough for anything to open down the field, Freds I just hope they can get straighten around a little before this weekend, And not blow what chance they have to get that 2nd seed…

    And Cheech is fun to watch!!!

  12. fozz44 says:

    Napolean Childress. I’ve been trying to capture his problem…it’s clearly Napolean syndrome. I would just be content with Brett being allowed in the room when they script the first few series.

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