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Take It For What It Is

I want to take a look back in time.  At the beginning of this season I was as skeptical of the Favre acquisition as just about anyone.  Part of my reasoning was that I felt just about any quarterback more talented than Kordell Stewart could have secured a playoff berth.

My criticism of the Favre signing was often mistaken as some sort of twisted effort to convince fans that they Vikings would and should fail.  I meant no such thing.  Commenter’s often called me names and told me that I wasn’t a true fan. 

Then, despite my predictions that this would happen, fans came back to say “told ya so” after Favre started lighting it up in the first half of the season.  Like most fans that keep close tabs on this team, I was not ready to conclude that the Favre signing was the right way to go. 

Here we are in week seventeen, with a clinched playoff seat and a division title, and I still haven’t decided if Favre was the right move or not.  Twelve million dollars sure could have secured us some more defensive backs with talent. 

In fact, I believe the jury will be out for most sane people on the Favre signing until hind sight can set in after the playoffs.

Now, I have noticed a disturbing trend, however.  People in the media, fans, and people all over the place are jumping ship like you wouldn’t believe.  I’m going to use our own Chris Boynton as an example, and it is not meant as a slight, but rather as a local example to help make my point.  I hope he doesn’t mind.

After the Vikings had won their first six games, here is what Chris had to say:

I said long ago, that a good Quarterback would propel this team into the ranks of the upper echelon of the league. 6 – 0 and counting. That’s Special ! But you know what else is special ? This team is winning games that it shouldn’t. Every great team wins games it should lose. The Giants of the early 90’s won a super bowl because another team that could have been “Special” missed “Wide Left” ! Thus making the Giants “Special”.

Now jump forward, after the team has gone 5-4 since then and Chris is singing a very different tune in his article today:

Just a month ago, there was actual hope that the Vikings had a real chance to win it all. Now, the team is trying to get us to buy into the “now were going to actually try” credo so often uttered by losers.

When the Vikings were winning I read articles about how Favre would slide in December, how Peterson’s fumbles would bite them in the ass, how the defensive backfield could easily be exploited, how our offensive line was struggling with pass protection, and how their schedule was so darn easy in the first half of the season that they should have won each of those games.

And then I read comments on those articles from some very pissed off Viking fans demanding their team get some respect.

However, now that Favre kind of struggled in December, a Peterson fumble cost us a game, our secondary has played like pop warner kids, and we’ve played some tougher oppenents all those same fans are hopping off the bandwagontractor as quickly as they hopped on.

Now, it is becoming increasingly clear that the ups and downs of this season are confusing fans and the media.  But should it?

This is a team that is 5-1 in its division, has eleven wins, has secured a spot in the playoffs, has a chance at the second seed in the NFC, and has about as many wins as most people expected when the season began.

So, the dumbass non-fan that criticized the Favre signing and thinks Brad Childress belongs in a dunk tank is here to tell everyone to chill out.  Wins are wins, and the order in which the Vikes get them means nothing.

You are Vikings fans!  You are used to a roller coaster ride, you are used to having your hopes shattered, and you have a thick skin because of it.  You are the football equivalent of the Boy Named Sue. 

Pull up those damn boot straps, get your Helga Hats ready, and blow that Vikings Horn until your lips are numb!  This team is playoff-bound and they need somebody to cheer for them. 

Whatever happens tomorrow against the Giants, the Vikings are still alive and still have a shot at it all.

I consider myself somewhat of a realist, but I do admire the enthusiasm of the true homers, and I would love to know where the hell they’ve all gone.  Where are the Super Bowl predictions now?  Where are the fluff stories about how great and special this team is?  Where are the Peterson fans and the Favre fans that were so fond of sucking each others popsicles?

So, here we go folks… here is the skeptical turd that is not a true fan making a very bold and homer-like prediction.

The Vikings will win every game between now and the start of next season… including the Super Bowl.  They are a cohesive team that is dangerous and can devour teams on defense and churn out points on offense like they are playing ski ball in the arcade.  They will take the playoffs by storm and opponents won’t know what hit them on their plane rides home to watch the remainder of the season.

Suck on that Packer fans.


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25 Responses to “Take It For What It Is”

  1. Chris Boynton says:

    Adam, I have not given up on anything. In fact, if you read my prediction for this week, I have clearly predicted a Viking victory over the Giants, as well as an Eagle loss which will deliver the #2 Seed we need to make our run at the Super Bowl.

    As for Favre, I haven’t wavered either. I am simply not satisfied with a team that only tries when it wants to.

    My point was that when the Vikings got a top flight QB they would be a top 5 team. Now that they have Favre, I stand by my statement. The Minnesota Vikings are a top 5 team.

    • Adam Warwas says:

      I hear ya, Chris. Wanted to use some examples about how the “mood” has changed among Vikings fans. The mood change is very evident if you read your articles from september as opposed to now, which illustrates the feelings of Vikings fans in general.

      That’s all, using your articles as a point of reference since I have easy access to them 🙂

  2. bigjohnny84 says:

    Why wouldnt we be a little down on the Vikes? My God we’ve seen this so many times. But we still cheer every game and every season. We will cheer tomorrow and the next week and so on. So I dont see any reason we cant critisize the obvious mistakes that we see.

    • Adam Warwas says:

      being critical is great, Johnny. I’m always critical as you’ve noticed.

      My point is that those people that were spewing “Super Bowl Homies!” after a 6-0 start are now hiding in the corner with their tails tucked.

      This is the same team that started out 6-0. We knew the losses would come at some point, right?

    • Adam Warwas says:

      And I’m not neccessarily speaking about anyone on this blog… I read hundreds of comments on dozens of blogs every day and it seem that 2 of every 3 Vikes fans have already jumped ship… which is pathetic since they are the same ones that were so confident that we would win it all after the Niners game.

  3. briano29 says:

    Wow. Adam with the pep talk! Of course we will all be willing to have our hearts broken again. Maybe just this once it will work out. I hope. The problem I have is our defense is way overrated and I don’t like Childress. I’ve tried and tried. I just don’t like the guy . . .funny thing happened on the way to the playoffs – I like Favre. Wish we had him for more than a year. Or two.

  4. Ole says:

    I was never in favor of bringing in the drunk driving, pain pill popping, family abusing, coach killing, self aggrandizing QB that we now have

    I would rather lose with T-Jax than win with favre

  5. Ole says:

    people to blame – Chris Boynton

  6. bigjohnny84 says:

    Gee Ole you would rather lose than win? Sometimes you have to swallow that pride.

  7. Ole says:

    true Johnny, and it ain’t about pride, its about principal. Doing the wrong thing will inevitably net a negative result

  8. Ole says:

    you young folks have a saying that illustates my last post “Karma’s a bitch”

    sorry about the language Adam

  9. Brett says:

    Nice post Adam – you are a very smooth writer.

    I tend to agree w/ Ole at times… but then again, I’ve wanted a Superbowl SO BAD for SO LONG that I’d probably be okay with anyone getting it for us … EVEN Favre.

    I bought my girlfriend a shirt at the Mall of America that says “Who Gives A FARV” – she hates Favre STILL!!! (I guess I taught her a little too well 😀 )

    Looking forward to the chat tomorrow morning. I’ll try and be optimistic about the game until (and hopefully they won’t) the Vikings give me a reason not to be lol…

  10. c.carterhof says:

    I like it Adam, if you’re purple proud say it!
    I would rather win with…Favre, Lombardi, Bart Starr, Staubach, Aikman, Landry, Jimmy Johnson (The Cowboy names bother me cause I grew up close to Dallas). Than to lose with anyone.

    I believe this team will, at the very least, make the NFC Champ game.
    And not only because I am a homer.
    I’ve been thru the heartbreak, as alot of us have. But I believe this team is good enough to make it.
    1976, 1987, 1998, all those seasons our Vikes got to at least the conference title game. And I think anyone of em could have won it all with some luck.

    Well it is the 2009 season, 11 years is here again.
    Aint that weird? Dont know if it means anything more than coincidence, but there it is.

  11. fozz44 says:

    I’m fired up, ready to suit up for tomorrow’s game….good locker room speech Adam!

    Let’s put a hit out on Chilly’s scripted playbook for the 1st quarter….and see these guys light up the Gigantes like a Christmas tree.

    Most importantly, let’s hope for a ‘healthy’ game tomorrow…..losing a key guy like Rice or Percy could be devastating for their playoff hopes.

  12. wtfvikesfan says:

    Do you guys think vikes will go after mike mckenzie? only playoff teams can put in claim for him.

  13. Kevin WI says:

    Do you get whiplash from changing directions so fast??? after reading your last article I half expected to come here and see it was turned into a Packer site.

    I’m a Vikes fan….good, bad or otherwise and when we get into a slump, I don’t try to fire the whole team…..I just keep on being a fan.

  14. Fragile Fred says:

    See, now this is quality discussion. Freds just wishes Ole would come out of his shell and tell us how he really feels.

    As always, Freds has observations. And as always they are probably not worth a damn, but here they are:

    1) Viking fans tend to think they are cursed and are somehow different than other cities and other teams. Take a look at most other places, the tough losses, the difficulty winning the big one etc. It’s not just us, though Viking fans love to think it’s only us.

    2) It’s been a darn good year, lots of fun. The Farve experiment however won’t begin until the play offs start. This team was good enough to win the division without him, so the playoff run will define success or failure of bringing him in. If the Vikes win two games in the play offs, Freds says it was a success, if not, then a failure.

    3) Fred hates Farve. If the Vikes win the superbowl with Farve, Fred will still hate Farve. He’s a jackass. That doesn’t stop me from cheering like crazy.

    4) Let’s not worry so much about who’s on the bandwagon or not, all are welcome as long as they wear purple.

    5) As Mike Tice said…”enjoy the season”

  15. AnotherBlondeViking says:

    G’Morning Boyz!

    I see Ole has found someone else to blame during my holiday vacation! I appreciate that!

    I’ve agonized with and cheered on this team since I was a little girl waving purple pom-poms for Joe Kapp. The pom poms have given way to jerseys and sweatshirts, but I’m still cheering for the Purple. (Anyone else remember the Les Steckel season with three wins?)

    Let’s hope for a couple more wins after today–and like Freds says, it’s been a darn good year.

    I agree with Fozz–it’s more important to go into the playoffs healthy than to lose someone really valuable today.

    Enjoy the game, Everyone! Go Vikes!

  16. homeskillet says:

    I still feel hopeful mostly because we still havent lost at home and I dont think we will today or in the playoffs. The Vikes will come out today fired up and intense and win big, which will prove chris’s point about how they havent really been giving their best effort every week the way they should. I still havent decided if Chris really wrote that or it was ghost written by Adam tho.

  17. Purple Charlie says:

    Almost Gametime,
    Fred, #1 Hits home with me at times ( Last monday) #5 Enjoy the ride, Miss Mike Tice a 180 of Chilly, Will always be a Vikings fan Period!!!

    And I don’t give a crap who is QB as long as the Vikings win, It’s been a long time coming!!!

    Go Vikings

  18. Chris Boynton says:

    That’s right Ole. Its all my fault ! Just because I want …..No, I expect an honest effort from my team, that doesn’t make me any less of a fan ! But if that makes you happy……then you have my respect……..and sympathy.

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