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Sanford Plays Well But It Doesn’t Matter

Safety Tyrell Johnson started on Sunday against the Giants, and like most Vikings defenders he played pretty well.  Johnson only played for the first quarter, however, as he was replaced by rookie seventh round pick Jamarca Sanford. 

Sanford has been a dark horse to crack the starting roster by replacing Johnson.  Johnson has struggled in coverage and missed all too many tackles this season, leading many fans and hack bloggers to wonder why Sanford hasn’t been starting for the last four weeks.

After being inserted into the starting lineup, Sanford immediately made his mark by leveling Ahmad Bradshaw for a two yard loss.  Sanford ended up notching three solo tackles and one assist in the three quarters in which he played.  Even more importantly, he was never out of position during coverage duties.

Sanford’s stellar play lately will not be enough for him to get the start in the Vikings first playoff game, however.

When asked if Sanford might start the next game, Childress said, “No, just getting him some experience with the first group.”

“We wanted to get Jamarca in there a little bit and get his feet wet,” Childress said. “He has done a good job with the snaps that he’s had. He’s played extremely well and continued to play extremely well today on special teams. He’s a good ball player, a good hitter.”

Sanford appears quite confident on the field but is seemingly humble off the field.

He said, “I know my role. I’m just waiting and being patient.”

Sanford may not get the nod during the post season, but this is shaping up to be a great trianing camp battle for 2010. 

And in fairness to Tyrell Johnson, Madieu Williams may need to watch his back as well.  The best football Tyrell Johnson has played in the NFL was when he filled in for Williams at free safety in the beginning of 2008.  Moving Johnson to free safety and Sanford into the strong safety spot is not an unthinkable option next year, and that would leave Madieu Williams as the odd man out.

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41 Responses to “Sanford Plays Well But It Doesn’t Matter”

  1. B. Grant says:

    Good thoughts Adam, and I’m gonna say that Childo may be playing a little poker here. Regardless of what he says, those extra snaps for JamSan were more meaningful that what he owned up to. Yes, Johnson remains #1 on the depth chart, but I think Chili (and/or Frazier) wants to know if he can quickly go to option #2 if the starter is still stinkin’ it up. There was more to it than what he let on, and I think there could be a quick hook in a playoff game at that position, IMO.

    And I think your scenario for next year is a viable one. What is Madieu’s contract status?

  2. Cslinde says:

    Hey! Awesome bit. I have a huge crush on J-San too. When he comes into the game, x’s & o’s aside, the visual impact is so noticeable. I love those kind of players who fly around all over the field.
    It seems like Chili is treating T-John very similar to the way he’s handled T-Jack. He’s his guy

  3. bigjohnny84 says:

    This is the thing about Childo that I cant stand. It is so obvious that Sanford should have been starting for quite some time now, but Childo would rather watch crappy play than admit a mistake.

    • CalVkg says:

      yup, bigs, i agree. i see him as conservative chilli, gets an idea stuck in his head and won’t change easily.
      that’s how he got his job, wilfs wanted a staid, conservative guy to ‘right the minnetonka ship’, clean up the image.
      comes through in every presser he gives. it’s just the way the guy is built, mono-tone, low emotion, no fire, and that scares me for big games. ya need inspiration to come from somewhere else then, if not the coach.
      favre can provide that, though, the team will play for him, he’s got the cred

  4. Fragile Freds says:

    Freds isn’t sure Sanfords has enough “wiggle” to be a starter.

  5. B. Grant says:

    And by “wiggle” you mean…?

  6. Fragile Freds says:

    uhhh, well, uhhh Buds, uhhh, we here at the Vikings use the uhhh word “wiggle” as a football term meaning uhhhhh, A movement; To move with irregular, back uhhhh and forward or side to side motions; To shake or jiggle uhhhh

  7. Fragile Freds says:

    Buds, it isn’t all that easy to do a Chilly impression in typing. That’s the best Freds can do.

    • CalVkg says:

      freds, i saw ya doin’ an impression of a DB yesterday at the chargers game. this chilli impression was better. did ya hear me yellin’ at ya? “Fred Smoots, you suuucckkk!!!!!”

  8. Tomb says:

    I leave for 2 weeks on a much needed vacation back to the hinterland.

    …and what happens?

    Vikes lose two games in a row, and I come back to find Coach and Freds talking about a fellar’s wiggle.

    I dunno, I just dunno.

    • Tomb says:

      Luckily I was back home in time for the Vikes to wallop those pesky Giants.

      …anybody else love that moment when we were up 41-0? Seemed so fitting.

  9. jeege says:

    That was a great way to head into a bye week for the playoffs!

    It has been a cold winter for the vikes thus far, so it’s nice to get a big win.

  10. fozz44 says:

    excellent Freds!

    Sanford did come up big yesterday. He also had some great punt coverage… one point screaming down the field with the returner cued up for a monster hit on a long punt…forcing him into a fair catch. He was the only defender within 20 yards on the play.

  11. B. Grant says:

    Thanks for tryin’ Fred my man, but I remain in the dark on that one. Would it help to google “wiggle”?

    See now what you led Tomb to believe? A terrible, terrible misunderstanding.

    Welcome back Tomb! I was afraid we lost you in the Oregon stampede or something. Guess that Rose Bowl just got away from the boys a bit, eh? Actually, I think we held things together relatively well here, considering the perceived BF/BC schism and all. I mean, we got the two seed, so that ain’t all that bad.

    • Tomb says:

      Thank you my good sir. It’s good to be back in a place where my nostril hairs don’t freeze the second I walk outside. Turns out Minnesota is about as cold as I remember. Go figure.

      I’m not really much of a Duck fan. The ex is a Duck fan, so I get a little dollop of glee whenever they lose. Beavers are more my style, greatest mascot name EVER! PLUS, shouldn’t we be rooting for a Big 10 win in a bowl game? As little as that seems to happen, we gotta take ’em where we can.

  12. fozz44 says:

    tomb…are you a duck fan?

  13. B. Grant says:

    There wasa bit of irony in the 41-0 score, but not much consolation. I would like to play the Packers in the first round and win 42-0, and then the Cowboys in the NFC championship game and win 43-0. Then winning the Super Bowl 44-0 would finally allow me to forget the ’99 41-0.

  14. Tomb says:

    By the way, what the HELL is with people’s names anymore?

    Madieu, Jamarca, Husain, Letroy, Tarvaris, Visanthe, Naufahu…wtf?

    Or J Leman. I mean I’m ok with two letters, like E.J…but J? Your name’s a single letter?? I’m not sure if that’s arrogance, oddness, or good old fashioned laziness.

    Christ a-mighty, these guys make “Lovie” and “Romeo” seem almost normal.

  15. B. Grant says:

    Ducks, Beavers, Horned Frogs, Boilermakers, Buckeyes, Orangemen, Sooners… these aren’t mascots!! What were people thinking?

    • Tomb says:

      Well, Coach, it would be ridiculous to hope the Oregon State Vaginas would be publically acceptable, so they had to settle for the Oregon State Beavers.

      I, for one, think it’s a classy consolation on their part.

      Rodent-based digression: is a Golden Gopher different than a regular ol’ gopher?

      • B. Grant says:

        Don’t you be dissin’ on the Golden Gophers, young man! Much like a Golden Mich. or a Golden Oldie, it is considered to be the best of the best!

        Yes, Tomb, once again your logic on the OSU mascot trumps all other logic. Well done.

        Now, apparently you got a problem with my name, eh?

      • Tomb says:

        …or golden showers?

        Nahhhhhhh Coach, at least you are B.Grant–as opposed to B Grant. Yours is clearly just an initial, not an entire named wrapped up in one letter.

        I, for one, recognize the difference my good sir.

  16. CO Vike Fan says:

    We’ve got a baby boy due to arrive in 11 days and still undecided on name – suggestions for Viking-related handles?

    Wife is a big fan of Shiancoe, not sure how I like the ring of Visanthe though. If someone can have J for a name, maybe XLIV to remember the super bowl we’re gonna win? (for a middle name of course)

    • Purple Charlie says:

      CO and Better Half,
      Congratulations on the Baby Boy!!!

    • B. Grant says:

      Well congratualtions, CO! We’re waitin’ as well on a grandchild to arrive any day now, and names are also being discussed. I noted that Vladimir has a nice ring, but apparently it raises issues. How do you feel about “Brad” or “Darrell” as a Viking connection? Nah, me neither.

      BTW, apparently gonna be in your neighborhood soon. Headin to Denver for a few days later this week. I hear it’s much nicer than here.

      Good luck with your new arrival!

      • CO Vike Fan says:

        We’ve got a cold week here, but balmy compared to MN. Heard my hometown had a high of -9 yesterday, makes 40 feel like shorts weather.

        Listening to all the Broncos fans today makes yesterday fell even sweeter. Can you say Brandon Marshall to Chicago?

    • Tomb says:

      Congrats CO Vike!

      I’m all for any name with a silent “X.”

      I thought about spelling my name Xtomb, just to irratate people, but my aversion to actual effort uprooted my personal campaign.

  17. krugjr says:

    congrats, CO……

    how about Slinger or, like my german friend in HI, Gunnar…..after, when we win it all, there will be only one MVP!

    hmmmmmmm, if your last name starts with a P, make sure his initials are MVP!

    GO VIKES!!!!!

  18. Adam Warwas says:

    Congrats CO, how about Zygi? I like that name… sounds like a good name for a DB or half back.

    • Tomb says:

      You know, if the first guy on earth really was “Adam,” that means you have the most unoriginal name possible. Luckily that crazy “Warwas” business spruces the whole thing up.

      • Adam Warwas says:

        That is true… talk about lazy parents… “Lets just name him what God named his.”


        Maybe I’ll change it to Zygi to spruce things up even more.

      • Tomb says:

        I thought I saw a sign in the stands yesterday referring to “Get Zygi with it!” or some such thing (Pssst, Coach, I know you’re an old-timer, so I’ll help you out. It’s a play on the lyrics to a hip hop song that implores you to “Get Jiggy with it.”)

        …so you’d have that going for you, Mr. Warwas.

  19. olderthandirt says:

    Congrats to you and the Mrs. on your upcoming blessed event. If and when we make it (and win) the Super Bowl, maybe you should consider naming him Brett Favre (your surname) the XLIV. Let’s put credit where credit is due if we fans are blessed with the final glory of winning the big one.

    Go Cowboys!! Go Cardinals!!

  20. bigjohnny84 says:

    Welcome back Mr. Tomb. I was hoping nothing bad happened to ya.

  21. B. Grant says:

    Thanks for the cliffsnotes on the hip hop lyrics, Tomb. However, to dispel any thoughts that I might not be “with it”, I was aware of the reference. But I say that Zygi should have gotten a Klewe and not given Brad that contract extension just yet. We could have gotten a Longwell without it.

    Hey, CO. How about Bernard? Percy? Sidney? Those are Brett’s favorite names.

    • Tomb says:


      We really need to enact a limit on the amount of puns used on any given post. I’m thinking somewhere around zero.

  22. CO Vike Fan says:

    Thanks for the suggestions, gotta admit Zygi’s a pretty cool name. Others that have come up in conversation:

    Brett Adrian, Percy, Jared, Dave Matthews (suggested by my wife, initials would be DMB much to her delight), Visanthe (tough to pull off for a kid from german/norwegian parents), and my new fav XLIV

  23. krugjr says:

    Eric and Leif are two of the best Vikings’ names ever!

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