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Last Word On The “Classless” Touchdown

The Vikings final touchdown against the Cowboys has unfortunately stolen much of the attention away from what the game really was about:  America’s Team getting their asses handed to them in one of those to-go containers you get from your local deli counter.

Keith Brooking, the emotional leader of the Cowboys defense, thought so little of the Vikings decision to throw the ball that he confronted the Vikings sideline immediately after the play happened.  In the locker room, Brooking said, “I was just trying to say something to whoever wanted to listen on their sidelines, whoever was in charge of calling that play and making that decision. It was B.S.”

“Yeah, they get to see us [next year], so you better believe I will have that one circled on the calendar,” Brooking said. “I say we get paid to stop them. I don’t care what’s called, but there comes a time, I just think there wasn’t much class involved in that decision in what he did.”

Brooking made a point of calling the choice a “classless” call by the Vikings.

The Vikings players, however, had little sympathy for Brooking.

“We don’t care what Keith Brooking says,” Pat Williams said. “He was about to get his ass whupped on our sideline over there. It don’t matter. Nobody said anything when they blew out the Eagles [the past two weeks]. It’s the playoffs. It ain’t no regular-season game. If you lose, you go home. We take no pity on them. Do they expect us to? I don’t care about no Brooking. He can say whatever he wants to say.”

“I don’t like to speak too much but they ran up the scoreboard the previous week before [against the Eagles] and they were calling timeouts and everything,” Benny Sapp said. “So you want to keep playing and that’s what it looked like to me. He got upset for no reason. It is football and I think he was probably the one that got scored on.”

“I didn’t see it because I was soaking in my touchdown, but I heard he said it was classless and unprofessional, etc.,” Visanthe Shiancoe said. “So I sincerely apologize to Brookings for doing that to him. We apologize, Brookings. If you don’t want us to score, stop us, right? It’s the NFL. You never know what could happen. We scored 24 points in, what, a quarter against the Giants. Who knows? I don’t want some fluke stuff to happen in a playoff game, a miracle.”

So, from the sounds of things, perhaps Brad Childress was seeking revenge for the butt-whooping the ‘Boys put on his former boss in the previous two weeks. 

Or, perhaps more accurately, the Vikings were simply tired of watching Keith Brooking be “classless” when Brooking himself knew the game was over:

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11 Responses to “Last Word On The “Classless” Touchdown”

  1. G.P. says:

    Brooking you sore loser. Ever heard of good sportsman like conduct? Apparemtly not, this isn’t park ball save all that mess for your mama. You’re in the NFL this is a man’s game so start acting like a man. You’re just mad you got stomped, punked, beat, whooped, altogether tore up, in other words jacked. Such is life, get over yourself. P.S. C. Carterhof I like the link.

  2. olderthandirt says:

    Who cares what Brookings thinks. Who cares what the media thinks. I am sick and tired of everyone getting on the Vikings ass and making up stories, like they did this whole preseason, and during the season itself. Did we complain when the Giants beat us 41-0??? I don’t recall anyone saying they ran up the score on us. It’s a game.

    I think Joe Buck should go and find himself a boy toy to play with and leave football broadcasting to real analysts. Although I am not too sure who they are anymore either. I hope they all predict that NO will stomp our butts like Dallas was going to do.

    Sorry for the rant, but I just can’t stand to listen to FOX or ESPN anymore. Why don’t we just get back to some fair nonbiased broadcasting.

  3. PackerMax says:

    All of this “classless” talk simply takes away from what was a good win for the Vikings. I see both sides of the argument, and ultimately, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is next week against the Saints. It should be a great game.

  4. olderthandirt says:

    Thanks for the video Adam!! I like the humilation part.

  5. B. Grant says:

    When Shank scored, Joe Buck sounded just like he did the day Moss did the fake moon in Lambut. He can hardly wait for the chance to get on the Vikes (“so by accepting the penalty the Vikings actually LOSE 3 yards.” Yeah, that was the Cowboys who took the penalty, genius.) I think he even irked Aikman a little, so Joe had to back off rather than have Troy honked at him.

    OK, as Adam says… “last word”. On to the Saints.

  6. Purple Charlie says:

    I know we would here about it all day. What a cry baby, Nfl Network made fun of it tonight, It’s done!!!

    All to the news now, will be on the AFC and NFC Championship match ups, the news that really matters…

  7. olderthandirt says:

    Good Evening Coach

    Do you think the Vikings can keep up their intensity in the next game??? Special teams coverage was awesome I thought, and the line play on both sides of the ball was much better than I expected. I hope the coaches can come up with a similar plan to keep Brees on the run, or at least keep some tight coverage. I still don’t understand why the guys in the secondary can’t break sooner on the ball when those receivers come out. If know one else is running in those zones, why can’t they tear ass over and cover those guys a little more tightly. NO Saints’ safeties and corners were as tight on the ball as the receivers were. Why can’t we do that???

  8. B. Grant says:

    The intensity question will be a good one, dirt. I’m not sure if the Vikes really need the home dome to do that, or if they can get more ready on their own in the Super Dome. But I think you saw two very confident teams notch relatively easy wins, so now it is time. I am not as concerned about this being on the road so long as it is not on a slow grass turf. IMO, that is what hurts us more.

    Our defensive philosophy is very ingrained to keep everything in front of us, so the breaks on the ball are kept very conservative. I can’t say it is wrong, as we are in the NFC championship game. But with that approach, our D-Line has to bring pressure, and they have to do it without the encouragement of the home crowd. The Saints protect well, but the Cowboys had certainly protected well in games vs. the Egos, so go figure. But our DB’s are gonna need a top level game this week.

  9. c.carterhof says:

    If we win the turnover battle by two or more, we win.
    These guys are gonna score. At least 20, probably more. We are too.
    It will come down to tunovers. I think we get a couple, lets just hope we dont give up any.

  10. olderthandirt says:

    I agree cc!! I think turnovers and special teams will be the key ……… all things else remaining the same, that is, they score, we score kind of thingy. LOL A couple of turnovers our way, with points off of them will help immensely.

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