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Vikings Fumble Away Super Bowl Dreams

As it turns out, only 10 Vikings will be making a trip to Miami… and it will be to play in the Pro Bowl.

In many ways, some of the lesser-known Vikings kept them in this game while the superstars made lethal mistakes that proved too many to overcome.

The team was charged with six fumbles, a number that should make anyone’s jaw drop.  Adrian Peterson was responsible for half of those fumbles.  Percy Harvin, Bernard Berrian, and Darius Reynaud can claim the other three. 

Brett Favre tossed two interceptions, including an unthinkably poor choice at the end of regulation.  Favre took a risk to throw across his body when he could have merely limped forward and gained enough yards to give Ryan Longwell a realistic shot at booting a game winner.

Jared Allen and Kevin Williams had two tackles a piece, but were largly absent from the action and did not get much pressure on Drew Brees.

This was another heartbreaker for Vikings fans, but with every ending comes a new beginning.

I would like to extend my congratulations to the Saints, their fans, and the City of New Orleans.  You have a fine team, and you deserve to be playing in February.

I would also like to thank everyone who stuck with us here at Vikings Gab, through high times and low, and I hope we will see each and every one of you commenting here throughout the offseason.

And remember… there is always next year.

More to come later on in the week.

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42 Responses to “Vikings Fumble Away Super Bowl Dreams”

  1. CalVkg says:

    we played more than good enough to win, except for the turnovers, they’ll kill ya


  2. EastCoastVike says:

    I dont know about next year. I hope the window hasn’t shut…

  3. Brett says:

    This hurt really, really, REALLY bad.

    But let’s keep oure heads up. There’s always next year.

    Thanks Adam for upkeeping the best source for Vikings info throughout the season.

  4. fumblemaster says:

    going home*
    born in a little town in missip.
    thinks he’s a god but he’s just a drip
    got one more game in the superdome
    threw 2 ints. and now he’s going home
    berttly, berttly faver king of the ints.
    berttly, berttly faver just go home now please!

    *sung to the melody of davy crockett

  5. Skee says:

    thanks Adam for keeping up a great blog that I look forward to reading every morning. I am so friggin dissapointed and hurt right now that I can barely type. I cant help but think that window is closed. 30 years a fan and I wonder how long until we get another chance. We have one less fumble, dont throw the pick, etc. etc. and we are in the super bowl where anything can happen. It must be an incredible feeling to have your team go to the super bowl and win. I just hope that I get to know that feeling one day.

    That being said, now we have to deal with all of the Favre waffling. He got the crap beat out of him tonight, and I really dont think he will come back. How brutal is it that the last plays of his career (GB, Jets, and now the Vikes) have to be a pick? I do know this – to all of the Favre bashers – we are not even around to play this game without him, so we have to live with it. Man does it hurt right now though – just brutal

  6. bigjohnny84 says:

    I would also like to thank Adam and all the good folks at Vikingsgab for the excellent blog. And thanks to all my fellow posters here you are the best. Keep up the great work everyone. I must say tonights game has been a bitter pill to swallow.

  7. Budda Edwards says:

    Favre on the ground, Favre on the ground, looking like a victory with Favre on the ground. Helmet turnt sideways, turf in his mouth, looking like a victory with Favre on the ground!! …

  8. fumblemaster says:

    great to see bf throw a pick to lose the nfc title game making it 3 of his last 3.
    you even had the officials working for you.

    rental qb for one more year $10 million
    hdtv for the game $88/month
    throwing an int to lose his 3rd straight nfc title game and sticking it to the vikes –
    GO BEARS!!!

  9. bigjohnny84 says:

    Adam, please dump these two morons.

  10. Lost Viking says:


    Its not that I’m in any position to complain. Its just….I don’t understand.

    Yes, we can likely endure this suffering. Like we have a choice. Thirty-three years is no big deal in the infinite scheme of things which is your purview.

    Us mere mortals have no understanding of your celestial world. However, what would the harm be in allowing the Viking to just make an appearance at a SuperBowl.

    But you had to have something to do with this. Again, not my place to question the greasy pigskin, strange play series or the incomprehensible calls and coin tosses. (If we had called ‘tails’ it surely would have landed heads). This game had all the appearances of an insider set up.

    No, we’re just trying to make sense of something larger than ourselves. Any attempt at rational explanation fall short and who could ever penetrate your thinking. I thought maybe if there was something about the Viking that really puts you off could you send a sign. See, we just need to understand.

    Oye vey.

  11. vikings fan says:

    I just want to say thanks adam, but we were so much better than the saints i could just puke. I read everyday on vikingsgab, you guys do a wonderful job!!!!!!

  12. booboobear says:

    thanks for the fumble and brett for the picks.
    it’s a great night in the big easy.

  13. booboobear says:

    i meant to thank a.p. for the fumble. sorry.

  14. wtfvikesfan says:

    REF’S lost the game vikes fought back from the fumbles. Ref’s screwed us.
    Zigi needs to fire Childress tomorrow and put Frazier is charge. Vikes do not need to loose another great coach.

    • booboobear says:

      the refs tried to screw the Saints – pass interference in the end zone, calling busch’s TD only after a booth review. it sure seemed the nfl wanted to see bf vs. Manning in the SB.
      All of the vikes problems are ted thompson’s fault anyway.
      go bears!

  15. yellsinger says:

    Why do Vikings fans insist on saying that the Vikings are the better team when they lost? Vikings radio commentators do the same thing. You lost the game. You were not the better team. You lost the game. And please stop blaming the refs. I like what Packers coach Mike McCarthy said after the AZ loss, “we do not depend on the referees to win the game for us.” So to summarize: you lost the game, you were not the better team, and it is not the referees’ fault. They didn’t fumble six times. They didn’t put 12 men in your huddle.

    • Adam Warwas says:

      I have to agree with yellsinger. The refs had a few misses, but that happens. The Vikings beat themselves in this game. Putting the ball on the ground 6 times, throwing two picks, bad management at the end of regulation, penalties, and missed opportunities (Tyrell Johnson) are the reasons we lost.

      I still think we were the better team, but otherwise I agree, yellsinger.

    • booboobear says:

      vikes fans should have learned that bf is always ready to snatch a loss from the jaws of victory. you can’t teach an old dog (QB) new tricks.

  16. wtfvikesfan says:

    One thing between ref’s calling close game and ref’s f@@@ing the game up. This game was bad. My step son HATES the vikes and he said the vikes got screwed!!! I mean he totally HATES the vikes, he is a cowboy fan. he called and said vikes got screwed by ref’s. He even said they should investigate the game and ref’s!!!! He was cheering for the saints.

  17. wtfvikesfan says:

    In 98 I was disapointed and mad, in 2001 i was like we really over matched. today i lost my faith in the NFL!!!

  18. wtfvikesfan says:

    grew up a vikings fan i’m 43 years old. i remember 74 and 75 watched those games. my dad is a packers fan. i watched the game jim marshall ran into wrong endzone. and we only had 2 channels until 1984. nbc and cbs. i lost my faith in the nfl today!!! will still be a vikings fan for life!!!

    • Adam Warwas says:

      WTF, if the NFL was going to fix a game so the Saints were gonna win then the score would’ve been 42-7, Saints.

      If that were the case, then the NFL wouldn’t have given the Vikings a chance to kick a game winner. Favre blew that chance, not the refs.

      No pass protection, turn overs, penalties after timeouts, inability to dominate on D-Line, and many other issues are to blame before the refs.

      Sure, they should’ve flagged the guy who went low on Favre. Sure, they should’ve kept their flag in their pocket on Leber’s phantom interference… otherwise they called a pretty good game.

      Don’t be like Packers fans were… lets not all go and blame the refs for our woes.

      Favre, Peterson, Harvin, and Childress gave this game away.

      • booboobear says:

        Packer fans had the smarts to know the vikes would eventually get shafted by bf – remember, his last nfc title game win was in 1997. i hope you all enjoy the “retirement waltz” that began at the press conference after a game. the development of TJ and Sage R. was set back a year by signing bf. but, be patient it takes an expansion team time before a SB is won.

  19. PackerBacker says:

    Now at least you all have an appreciation for what we suffered through in Green Bay for 16 years. You love him at times,..but in the end..with the exception of one Super Bowl win…Bret can kill you in a game that counts most of the time…….

  20. Spectator says:

    PB, Vikings fans didn’t suffer because of Brett Favre. Using his talent, both arm and head, Brett Favre threw his way into the NFC championship this year, and he took a, perhaps, somewhat better than average football team along with him.

    Favre has not a thing to apologize to Vikings fans for. Yesterday, and throughout this football season, he stood tall and determined, stood in and absorbed abuse a 25 year old quarterback should not have to endure, let alone an aging 40 year old quarterback.

    And, he did so with his typical and trademark enthusiasm for the game of football.

    He accomplished phenominal milestones this season, and, he did so behind an offensive line that offered average pass protection at best, and consitently poor pass protection at worst.

    Combine that with the Vikings consistently poor running game, and I’d say Ziggy Wolf and company got their money’s worth, and Vikings fans got a treat this season, Because Brett Favre was wearing the purple and gold.

    • exiled in michigan says:

      did you say bf used his head? if he had, he wouldn’t have thrown the last pick. i hate to tell you, but bf was only in it for the press.
      did any of you vikes fans pay attention to what bf did the last 3 years?

      • Spectator says:

        His talent warrants attention by the press, good and bad alike. His accomplishments this year have been nothing short of stunning. Vikings fans can only hope that Favre will return to the Vikings with the same durability and level of play that he demonstrated this football season.

        It’s doubtful he can, or any other quarterback will be able to- veteran or rookie, provide the Vikings with the level of play that he exhibited this season.

        Nobody will be as hard on Favre as Favre will be on himself. He’s as fierce a competitor as any athlete I am aware of. And, while Favre will accept the responsibility for the loss, and agonize over it, that interception was not the reason the Vikings lost the game. Every objective Vikings fan, and every objective football fan who watched the game knows that.

        This season, there was no quarterback in the NFL any better than Favre at reading and defeating defenses, not in my humble opinion.

        He performed with a level football knowledge [his head] and surgical athletic skill [his arm] few quarterbacks in the best of their prime have done, or will ever do.

        That’s the Brett Favre I watched this season.

  21. olderthandirt says:

    Hear, hear Spectator!! Well said!! I totally concur.

  22. olderthandirt says:

    Thanks Adam for the excellent Viking Blog. A place to vent, and make absurd predictons of a Viking Super Bowl!!! Oh,……… really??? Looks like the same old Vikes of yesteryear. Always finding a way to shoot themselves in the foot. Unbelievable opportunities lost. We had a remarkable run with the help of a pretty easy schedule. Next year won’t be easy. We blew it big time. But that’s why you play the game.

    Thanks again Adam.

    Thanks for the great season Brett!! Come back if you have a hankering.

  23. GreenandGold4ever says:

    Congrats on a great season Vikes. Pardon all of us here in Green Bay for having an knowing smile on our faces for what just happened to you. You fall in love with Bret Favre, only to have him break your heart in the end. The exact same ending for us in 2007. Now fasten your seat belts for the never ending seasonal “will-he or won’t he”, roller coaster. The odds of putting together another season like that back-to-back in today’s modern NFL are indeed a long shot, so good luck. Best quote at the end of the game came from Saint’s D Sharper, “That’s for all the New Orleans and Green Bay fans”…. Ron Wolf made the right decision for us.

  24. Spectator says:

    Seriously, what football season, and on what planet did all the Favre bashers watch???

  25. Superbowl says:

    February’s coming,
    Big event carrying,
    Be on time, don’t forget,
    Your alarm to be set.
    Super bowl we’ll meet.
    It’s really so great.
    Have fun and pleasure.
    From the start to closure.

    I won’t miss. I got ma tix from and waiting impatiently for February.

  26. jeege says:

    Haven’t commented here in a while…I was just holding my breath.

    I’m absolutely crushed by yesterday’s result.
    So, I’m not filled with anything but bummed-outedness when I say this, but I mean it.

    We owe Favre the entire season, regardless of that atrocious pass to lose the game. He won’t come back and we won’t have a Super Bowl to look forward to for who knows how long now.

    So I don’t blame Favre.

    The refs made good calls. The refs made horrendous calls. For both sides.

    So I don’t blame the refs.

    It was a hell of a game. It just didn’t end the way that (it should have) we wanted it to.

    F*** all the haters. I’m taking a break from football for a while. Not even sure I’m going to watch the super bowl to be perfectly honest. I didn’t watch in 98…don’t know why I’d watch this year.

    Makes me sick.

  27. exiled in michigan says:

    in all seriousness, your blog is great and manages to keep the trolls at bay. i wish jsonline had a Packer blog the quality of yours. keep up the good work!

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