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More Questions Answered!

Thanks for keeping those questions coming, it helps to give me some inspiration for writing something on yet another day when absolutely nothing has happened worth calling news.

Bigjohnny84 asks:  Adam, what are the odds that Freds will owe us a steak and Colt 45s?:

Johnny is referring to a bet that he and I made with another reader, Fragile Freds, months ago as to whether or not Tim Tebow would be drafted in the first round.

To be honest, right now I’m leaning towards us having to cook Freds some steak and buy him a case of 45’s.  With all the negative press about Tebow right now, any team will be worried about their fan base having a meltdown if they drafted him in the first round.

Can’t cash in on the bet, though, until draft day.

Luke Hoyhtya asks:  I was wondering why you and the other writers don’t post your photos on this site? Is it because you feel that too many women who know NOTHING about football would join because of your good looks and it would hurt the purpose of the site….or do you guys just have “radio-looks” and would rather stay hidden? Just curious man.

Hmm… good question.  Guess that was just the way of it when we got here and never thought to change it.  I can’t help you out with the other guys that write here, but here’s me:


UPDATE:  Todd was kind enough to send a picture along, as well, so that he could be properly introduced to you all.  I thought about not posting, however, for no other reason than he clearly looks more manly than me when the pictures are right next to each other… oh well, such is life.  Maybe Coach Chris will get a picture to us soon, too.



VAVike asks: Have we shown any interest in another teams restricted free agents? It’s obvious, with the run we made at LT, we don’t think Albert Young is the answer. So what’s next at the 3rd down back position? I’m sure Bret Favre would like a good solution to this problem.

No, the Vikings have not shown any interest to RFAs to date.  Doesn’t mean it can’t happen.  Teams are just now starting to dip their toes into those waters.

Look for the third down back issue to be solved in the draft.  Here is an interesting article on that issue.

CSlinde asks:  do you prefer separate shower gel and hair products over shampoo/body wash combos? or, now they even have body wash/conditioner combos. what is your preferred denomination of the above?

It depends on my geographical location.

At home, everything is separate… I don’t trust the quality of all these things that calim to be “All in One.”

With that being said, when I work away from home my employers put me up in an apartment in a town where the water is downright nasty.  It reeks of sulfur and makes you feel dirtier than when you started.  In those cases, I prefer to be in-and-out as quickly as possible.  Thus, I opt for the combos.  Thanks for asking!

Coolio asks why are the vikes so content with their safeties?

I know they are a popular target for fans to be unhappy with, but that doesn’t mean the coaching staff has to agree.

By all appearances, the staff is fairly content with how their safeties played last year, and are happy to see Williams, Johnson, and Sanford compete for starting jobs in 2010.

For more, read my initial assessment of the safety position.

Bigjohnny84 asks:  Adam, I see you have Bulaga up to second in your mock draft. Is there some connection with Lions brass and Iowa or just an educated guess? I also see you have Claussen going ahead of Bradford, most mocks have Bradford first, what gives?

No, there is no connection between the Lions and Iowa.  I just think they are starting to shift their attention to the offensive line in this draft and that Bulaga, when really studied hard, prospects as the better pro player than Okung.

Is technique and fundamentals are at the level of a five year veteran already, and he could do for Stafford what Ryan Clady did for Cutler in Denver.

I have thought Clausen is the better quarterback all along, and nothing has happened to change that.  He’s got better measurables, the toughness, the arm stregth, the pro offense experience, and the confidence. 

Everyone thought it was a done deal about a month before the draft that the Lions were taking Jason Smith #1 overall last year, how did that work out?  Be wary of those that tell you Bradford is a done deal in St. Louis.

wtfvikesfan asks:  I saw video on john skelton, he is a big qb with one hell of a arm. Adam do you know anything about him?

“Big” is going to be the first word to describe Skelton for just about everybody.  He’s 6’ 5” and about 255 lbs. 

The carousel of mid round quarterbacks keeps revolving in the weeks approaching the draft, and now it  is apparently Skelton’s turn to sit at the top of the heap.  He has a very nice deep ball but that should not be mistaken for a strong arm… he has very little zip on the ball when it is needed.

Skelton has a problem with his throwing motion (not as bad as that guy from Florida) and needs some coaching on other fundamentals.  Most of what I have seen of him would lead me to believe he is an NFL backup, but the upside is there to possibly get some more out of him.

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17 Responses to “More Questions Answered!”

  1. Purple Charlie says:

    Adam, Yeah it’s like watching the paint dry on the wall lately… Hang in there bud, The draft is coming!!!

  2. Purple Charlie says:

    Adam, Nice photo, Beautiful country in the background…

  3. krugjr says:

    Adam…..excellent article on 3rd down backs from bleacherreport…..thanks……proves I’m not insane after all (some would argue) with my comments on AD and Brad….

  4. Ole says:

    got a couple of questions, hope you can answer them Adam.

    What is the square root of Pi to the millionth decimal
    What is the length of Albert Youngs contract
    Give us your definition of the Unified Field Theory
    What is the length of Ian Johnsons …. uh…. contract
    How long have you and Mrs Warwas lived in Alaska
    Do you have any details on Sydney Rice’s contract
    What is your regular occupation
    Is Todd Flaxton’s gingivitis a turn off to Tony Pants

    • Adam Warwas says:

      okay, Ole, lets do this thing:

      1. Don’t care about Pi… unless it is key lime.
      2. I think Young and Johnson are under “futures” contracts currently… meaning they’ll probably get new ones if they make the active roster. Don’t quote me on that though, and I’ll try to find a real answer for you this week.
      3. Going Einstein on me? Really?
      4. See #2.
      5. About six years.
      6. Rice is in a contract year.
      7. I design power lines in rural Alaska.
      8. Not sure I know how to answer that.

  5. coolio says:

    one question- how are the vikings aproaching safeties in the draft. also do you think the lions could steal one from us this year

    • Adam Warwas says:

      Not sure what you mean about the Lions stealing one, and the link provided in the above article will go into great detail about how the Vikings will approach safeties int he draft.



      The Vikings could take a safety in round 1, round 7, somewhere in between, or not at all. They’ll take a safety only if the value is there. The Vikings don’t draft for needs, they draft for value, and I don’t expect that to change one bit… unless it is with a quarterback.

  6. bigjohnny84 says:

    Adam, it’s nice to finally put a face on the writer here. Wish Freds would do the same but he’d probably post a picture of a large woman. And I cant figure out why Bradford would be a done deal in Detroit? I thought they had Stafford as qb, but I could be wrong.

  7. Ole says:

    Fred’s’s picture, he has a nice wife

  8. Gottalovthosvikes says:

    Anybody like the idea of colt McCoy comin to minn. Cause nobody is really talkin about him really and I thought he did good till that injury…

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