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Expanding On My Tebow Position

After a small flurry of activity, I think this week will go back to being just as boring as the last one when it comes to Vikings news.  The highlight of the week could possibly be finding out that the Vikings will be heading to New Orleans for the season opener, as expected.

So, I thought I’d take this chance to make a few more points about my anti-trend stance on Tim Tebow.  As I said last week, I think the guy is a first rounder.  However, after reading comments around the web, I think my reasons might be a bit different than most.


I have read a lot of people talking about Tebow’s athleticism and ability to run the football as a major reason he should be regarded as a top prospect.  I think people do not understand how much more difficult it will be for him to run wild against pro defenses like he did in college.

In fact, even though I consider him a first round talent, I do not even consider him a running quarterback at the next level.  I highly doubt that will be a big part of his game.

Rather, I think his athleticism will help him be a more effective passer.  His ability to withstand hits, move around inside and outside the pocket, and keep his eyes downfield are where his athleticism really pay off.  On passing plays, Tebow was almost always keeping his eyes downfield as he ran around looking for the passing option and using the run as a last resort.  His decision making in the respect will need some improvement, but he does a lot better in this area than a guy like Colt McCoy who is a run first quarterback, even on passing plays.

His ability to avoid the pass rush is where his athleticism is a plus, not his ability to consistently run the football which just will not happen in the NFL.


I see a lot of comments around the web saying that Tebow being a “religious zealot” would divide a locker room and alienate him from certain teammates. 

That seems like a logical assumption to make given the terrible careers that Reggie White, Kurt Warner, and Tony Dungy (not to mention hundreds more) have endured because of their willingness to preach about their faith.

Hogwash, I say.

Tebow is fair game to be criticized for his faith just like others are fair game to be criticized for their lack of it, but to suggest he will be hated or alienated because of it is nonsense.  Last time I went to a Vikings game, a majority of the roster took part in the “prayer circle” after the game ended… which appeared to be led by Ryan Longwell.

If anything, Tebow should garner more respect because of his willingness to actually do as he preaches.  He has registered over 500 hours of community service per year, despite being a full time student and the quarterback of one of the best college football teams in the nation. 

Poor character doesn’t always equal failure on the football field (i.e. Big Ben, Plaxico Burress) but I think having good character at least allows you to get started off on the right track.


Obviously having experience in a pro-style offense can help a quarterback’s draft stock, like Jimmy Clausen.  However, those who think Tebow absolutely cannot succeed in the NFL because he comes from a “gimmick offense” are taking the easy way out of evaluation… just like when they said that about Percy Harvin last year.

When evaluating talent from a school like Florida, it is important to keep their offensive scheme in mind when looking at a player’s college production and to understand how they affect one another. 

However, in the end you are going to be evaluating the human not the system.  Things like throwing motion, ability to learn a playbook, mobility, arm strength, intangibles, leadership, measurables, versatility, technique, footwork and so on will all override any doubts about the player’s system if said player is good enough.  These attributes should all be measured using the same stick no matter which players come from which system.

The question should be how the player will fit into your team.  If trying to judge how “overrated” a player might be because of the previous system, it is important not to simply completely disregard their potential because they played in a gimmick scheme. 

The Vikings scouts know this, or else they probably would have passed on Percy Harvin last year just like 19 other teams did.

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15 Responses to “Expanding On My Tebow Position”

  1. Austin says:

    I agree. Tebow is a First Round Draft Selection.

    Question…can the sports world be fair and balanced when it comes to Tim Tebow? I ask because something occurred to me recently:

    Tim’s throwing motion has been over criticized. Why? Not only was Tim berated for failing to change his throwing mechanics while in college – his coaches’ professionalism was called into question for failing to prepare the quarterback mechanically for the next level.

    Why isn’t the same criticism leveled at Sam Bradford and his coaches? Sam Bradford as a quarterback hoping to make it to the next level, failed to put on weight while in college and FAILED to learn how to fall to protect his throwing arm and his coaches failed to teach him how to fall to protect his throwing arm. Where are the hundreds of articles on how Sam Bradford killed his senior year by failing to learn to fall? Where are the dozens of articles questioning the coaching professionalism of his coaches? As it stands, NFL teams interested in Bradford must consult Dr. Andrews – Bradford’s shoulder surgeon to see how well Bradford will hold up as an NFL quarterback.

    Tim Tebow went up against Sam Bradford on a fair field of play in the National Championship – Quarterback versus Quarterback. Bradford was the quarterback throwing interceptions and failing in accuracy. When it came time for the Heisman, Tim Tebow received more 1st Place votes even though Sam won out overall since Tebow already had the Heisman in his sophomore year.

    To be fair, Mark Sanchez made it all the way to the NFL without knowing how to slide to protect his knees. Where are the hundreds of articles on how Sanchez can’t be a quarterback? Without your throwing shoulder or a knee YOU CAN’T PLAY.

    To be fair…Tebow’s adjustments for the NFL weren’t nearly as serious. Tebow dropped the ball low because he was THAT GOOD…because he was able to do a jumping jack in the pocket before he threw the ball most of the time. Was it best form? No. It’s similar to the same criticism Usain Bolt received for seemingly slowing down at the end of his world record runs and looking at his time as he blew away his opponents. Tebow relaxed a bit as he read defenses before throwing from the correct high position. Undoubtedly if another racer had any chance of overtaking Usain Bolt, he would adjust his stride, NOT let up and not look to the side to win the race. Tebow made his appropriate adjustment for the next level for faster defenses.

    Why all the negativity on Tebow when guys like Bradford and Sanchez actually jeopardized their chances of being a quarterback with THEIR bad mechanics?

  2. bigjohnny84 says:

    Very well said and thought out Austin. Good job

    • Adam Warwas says:

      Very well said indeed. Though, I have my doubts still as to whether or not Sanchez will be a good NFL QB. 🙂

      Also, remember that Bradford was playing against the superior defense in the Championship… Tebow was not.

      Just a little devil’s advocate 😉

      Hope you stick around and comment some more Austin.

  3. krugjr says:

    all things considered, I have a feeling if Zygi had to choose between Big Ben and Tebow, and had to choose today, he would pick Tebow to lead us in the future…..

    GO VIKES!!!!!

  4. Fragile Freds says:

    Austin –

    Interesting post. Tebow was a great winner in college and a great public servant. The question still remains does his game translate to the pros? Few quarterbacks have had to change their entire throwing motion between the final college game and the combine. Those that will be cutting the big check have NO game tape on him with his new throwing motion as he’s has never delivered a single pass in a real game. He is a high risk number one pick don’t you think?

    Freds guy Hussain Bolt competes at the highest level a track athlete possibly can and excels like no other. Tebow is not yet competing at a professional level, hard to compare the greatest with a college QB. The question still remains, would you pay a guy 10 zillion dollars with such a high risk factor? High risk enough that he has to change his entire throwing motion?

    Freds believes Mr. Warwas said Tebow was a 1st round TALENT, not a first round selection.

    Is that right AK?

    Fred thinks AKs is running for office using this sort of word speak!!

  5. Norseman66 says:


    Here’s a question for you. If Clausen and Tebow were both there at #30, which would you take? Which one has the biggest upside?

  6. Norseman66 says:

    Just thought I’d mention that Draft Tek has their updated mock posted w/compensatory picks. They have Tebow falling to the Vikes in the 2nd round. I actually think the patriots will nab him in the second.

  7. Norseman66 says:

    Here’s another thought that I want to throw out there. It’s obvious the Tebow’s stock is rising. I think that if the Vikes do not want Tebow at #30, I think there will be another team who will want to trade back into the bottom of the first round to get him. I really believe it’s possible that the Vikes could be the team that will trade down and gather more picks (2nd-4rd round) in this deep draft class.

    • Adam Warwas says:

      I think that is more than just possible. There are plenty of players besides tebow that this could apply to as well including any number of the “top” defensive ends, Jermaine Gresham, some of the defenders better suited for the 3-4 scheme, a “top” running back like Dwyer… you never know.

  8. wtfvikesfan says:

    Tebow’s draft stock is rising???? From where? Everything i’ve read since Tebow’s pro day has his stock dropping. Highest i’ve seen him getting picked is Vikes second round, and have seen him as low as Vikes 4th round. Over 80 percent of the team scouts there at Tebow’s pro day, said they didn’t see anything to improve his stock. Most of the 80percent said they had actually lower him on there draft boards. I watched a half hour about Tebow on NFL network and they said Tebow won’t be a running Qb in the Nfl because he is to slow. All the NFL network guys said it take 4 to 5 years before Tebow is a NFL quality Qb. He is not 1st round material. No team is going to pay Tebow 1st round money for him to sit on the bench and develope.

    • Vikes4Life says:

      Idk what youre talking about, everyone has Tebow’s stock rising, even Kiper and McShay have Tebow gone by the second round and they hate the kid.

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