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Tye Hill Next?

On the same day that the Vikings brought in recently signed Mike Montgomery for a visit, the Vikings also brought in veteran cornerback Tye Hill, according to Judd Zulgad.

The 28 year old former first round pick of the Rams was recently released by the Falcons.

Hill met with the titans earlier this week, and he is thought to be deciding between Tennessee and Minnesota.

In other words, the big question is if he likes Catfish or Walleye?

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33 Responses to “Tye Hill Next?”

  1. B. Grant says:

    When you say it like that, Adam, its a no-brainer. You gotta feel sorry for the people who would pick catfish over walleye. Even so, we may need to make an exception if it means getting some help at CB. I’m a little surprised we have taken that position so lightly. Almost as though Denny Green is back in charge.

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Hey Coach glad to see ya back. I for one miss your perspective on things. And yes give me walleye over bottom feeders any day.

  2. Fragile Freds says:

    Fred loves a good “deep fried bottom feeder”.

    Buds, loved your part in the new Twins TV commercial.

  3. Fragile Freds says:

    Tye Hill, Freds isn’t so sure. Seems a bit light in the loafers to Freds.

    Great for TD celebrations, but the Vikes should pass on him.

  4. Fragile Freds says:


    You know damn well your curiosity is too much for you! You HAVE to look. Right?

    You’re just disappointed it wasn’t one of Freds sweeties!

  5. Fragile Freds says:

    Also that Tye Hill dude can spin and flip like nothing Fred’s ever seen. Now that is an athletic guy. Wonder his 40 time is? Fred doubts this guy can bench 225 once, or 125 for that matter. His vertical, clearly off the charts. Chilly would love his “wiggle” and probably a great rock/river guy.

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Freds, why do you have this power over me? I guess shutdown corners have that effect. By the way how’s the job hunting going?

  6. B. Grant says:

    Well Freds, it had to be said. When those Rams came to the old Met, we had ’em before things even got going. They hovered around those heaters like Crappies to a submerged Christmas tree (not that I’ve ever…)

    But everyone knows I’ll help out my Twins any way I can. Wish I could throw a heater and a cutter to help with that closing issue they got.

  7. B. Grant says:

    Freds, your video reminds me of my reaction to Mrs. Grant giving me the nod many years ago – made me happier than a rabbit in a garden. Speakin’ of rabbits, we got another Grantchild on the way. All of a sudden they’re comin’ pretty steady here.

  8. Purple Charlie says:

    Well Coach, At least those are the pleasant kind of surprises, Congrates to you and the family!!!

  9. Fragile Freds says:


    Congrats to you Grandpa, that’s good news!

    • B. Grant says:

      Thanks Freds and Charlie. Guess we already know this one is a little buck, so I’ll be lookin’ to pick up some little Vike jerseys pretty soon. Still can’t get used to not being surprised on the birth day, but so it is.

      • CO Vike Fan says:

        Congrats Coach! Our boy had his vikes jersey on in the hospital before we were sent home, so better get em ordered soon! Oh, and who says little girls can’t wear vikes gear?

      • Fragile Freds says:

        Excellent point CO Vikes.

        Buds likes his women barefoot and in the kitchen. A product of the ’40s.

      • B. Grant says:

        That’s mean, Freds!

        While I agree that little ladies can don the purple as well as the boys, it has been my experience that mothers are generally, I repeat, generally, more tolerable of that attire on their son than their daughter.

        By the way, who we gonna draft first?

  10. Jerkpepper says:

    Hmmm. Still no talk of a Hank Baskett trade. Everyone should be fired from the Vikings. I would offer a second round pick and Adrian Peterson straight up for Baskett. But I doubt they would take that deal.

  11. Norseman66 says:

    I wonder what the Vikes see in Tye Hill? When you get cut by the Rams and the Falcons. That says quite a bit about your ability.

  12. Fragile Freds says:

    Agreed Norse. Makes Freds a little itchy thinking about Tye. Imagine, this dude was a first rounder. Just goes to show you what a crap shoot the draft can be.

  13. VAVike says:

    Someone to compete with the fine youngster we choose in the draft. Allen, Winfield, Sapp, Rookie, some vet, Ced(when healthy). Nice group, but not alot of injury room.

  14. Viking John says:

    Yes, the draft is a crap shoot Freds. Viking Update had an article on the 2005 draft. That one hurt.
    Go Vikes

  15. Jerkpepper says:

    That was not as bad as 2006. The Vikings made the best move in the history of football when they signed Hank Baskett and then foolishly traded him for Billy McMuffin who is now making McMuffins. 1,500 horrible and 8 terribles!!!! The only things more horrible and terrible than that move are Judd Zulgad, the Tan Ghost, Bones and HOPPY. All HORRIBLE!!!!!

  16. Viking John says:

    Wasn’t it Hank Baskett that fumbled the onside kick for the Colts in the Super Bowl? The Aints went on to recover and score? At least his wife/girlfriend is hot.
    Go Vikes

  17. Jerkpepper says:

    This blog is HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE and maybe one terrible!!

    HOPPY is a no-talent golf course maintaining Homer Simpson look alike and Bones couldn’t find Candy Mountain if he had a map.

  18. krugjr says:

    Tye Hill CB Clemson
    Tye is one of the smoothest cover corners in this draft. He is quick, fast and does an excellent job in man coverage. He has very good recovery speed and does a good job of staying with his man and on his man’s hip throughout the route. Tye looks to be a player that is still learning his position, but he’s improved in every game I’ve seen him play this year.

    Needs to Improve
    He looks to be just a pollywog right now. He is not a very good tackler and he also gets confused in zone coverage. The big problem is that he has hands of stone, which is not good for a CB his size.

    Talent Board Round 1
    A player this size has to be able to tackle and intercept the ball to impact in the NFL. I will give you that Tye could improve as a tackler, but if his hands are bad, then his hands are bad. I have never seen anyone — WR or CB — improve their ability to catch a ball to any great degree if they don’t have that ability in the first place. Tye can correct all the other negatives he has right now and become a very good CB, but if he can’t intercept the ball, then QB’s will not be afraid to throw a pass in his area. This is a kid that has 1st round athletic talent, but will never be able to be a #1 CB for his team because of poor tackling and his inability to intercept a pass. I like this kid, but I wouldn’t pick him in the first round. I know a team will take him in the first round because he’s a track star and when he works out, he’ll be really impressive and move right up the draft boards. If you take him, you will have to teach him how to tackle, how to play zone coverage and how to intercept a pass. My question is, what is this player’s length to impact (LTI)? I don’t believe that it’s quick enough to be picked in the 1st round! If you have a lot of quick, fast slot receivers in your division, then this kid could help you if he gains about 15 lbs of muscle and learns to tackle. For me, he would be a good 2nd round pick because I don’t pick great track athletes in the first round. In the first round, I only take great athletes that are football players. I leave the great track athletes for the other teams to pick. Crazy me!

    by Drew Boylhart THR
    January 2006

    The Huddle Report from 2006

    guess we’re just bringing in bodies to compete, and if they don’t make the roster, they don’t get paid!

    GO VIKES!!!!!

  19. krugjr says:

    has anyone reported on why Montgomery was cut?

    GO VIKES!!!!!

  20. Todd Flaxton says:

    Do we have any indicate as to whether Hill and Montgomery are regular church attenders? If so I would start Montgomery over Jared Allen who probably has never seen the inside of a church on Sundays. It’s all about setting a good character example for the national young people.


  21. Norseman66 says:


    Montgomery was let go because he did not fit the defense of GB when they switched to a 3-4.

    • krugjr says:

      thanks, Norseman…….figured something like that….Kampman first, then this guy…..just hadn’t even heard his name before, or what kind of player he was (or is)……

      GO VIKES!!!!!

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