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Childress Thinks Quarterback Situation Is Humorous

If there is one thing that upsets me more than any other single thing about the Vikings draft strategy this weekend it is that they neglected to solidify the quarterback position in a long-term sense.  Even when the solution was staring them right in the face… twice.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike Chris Cook and Toby Gerhart.  Quite the opposite, actually, as I think they are solid players that will do fine for the Vikings and be fun to watch.

Jimmy Clausen, however, represents something Vikings fans have been lacking as they faithfully follow this team through years and years of dedication.  A long-term plan at the quarterback position.

Clausen will probably start for the Panthers, and is lucky to have been placed into such a good position.  He has a stellar offensive line, one of the best running back duos money can buy, and a beast of a wide out in Steve Smith.  He is my early odds on favorite for Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Despite the fact that Clausen was available to the Vikings at #30, and then again at #34, they chose to pass him up for a cornerback despite much cornerback depth in this class.

So Vikings fans are again left to fret about the psyche of Brett Favre, wonder when Tarvaris Jackson will finally be given up on, make up more silly nicknames for Sage Rosenfels, and watch yet another undrafted “piece of clay” fall by the wayside.

Childress was recently pressed on this issue by ESPN’s Kevin Seifert (finally, a reporter grows a pair) and Childress chose to treat his fan base like their following of his team means nothing to him.  He joked that his quarterback strategy is based off of a Super Bowl commercial… which he was able to watch because of his inability to count to eleven.

“Maybe I was dreaming or something like that,” Childress said. “I think I saw a commercial of Favre — maybe it was just me going forward — of winning the MVP award 10 years from now. Maybe it was just seeing a lot of tape lately. Might have been dreaming.”

“The native thing in this is change. I think I said the other day, whether the guy that is going to be the quarterback here is on our roster or is somebody that we’re going to acquire, just remains to be seen here. It just keeps changing. I’ll let [the media] zero in on that and provide an opinion. But I’m going to stick by my dream.”

So, there it is, folks.  The official long term strategy of the Minnesota Vikings is to weather Favre’s nonsensical decision making process for about a decade because Brad Childress interprets dreams.

“Quarterback Hell” is an easy place to get stuck in, and the Vikings are playing with fire by deciding to wait on acquiring their guy.

Clausen got put into a great position in Carolina, and I think he’ll make a living off of proving the Vikings (and 31 other teams) wrong.  With that being said, landing in Minnesota with a year or two behind Brett Favre only would have made him a better quarterback than he already is… and more dangerous, too.

So, thank you for your humor, Brad.  All the football fans currently residing in Detroit, Green Bay, and Chicago are having a good chuckle about that one.

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53 Responses to “Childress Thinks Quarterback Situation Is Humorous”

  1. Another Blonde Viking says:

    And all the Gab faithful said, “Amen, Brother Adam.”

  2. wtfvikesfan says:

    Vikes didn’t need to draft a Qb this year since there will be no football next year. Vikes can draft one next year and he will have are year of no football to learn the system them play in 2012.

  3. fozz44 says:

    I was watching the ’10 best drafts steals of all time’, and it reminded me of how Chilly desperately desires to be the next Bill Walsh or Bill Belichick and find a Montana or Brady that can be his legacy.

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Fozz, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Childo will never be even close to those guys. In his own mind he might believe it though.

  4. fozz44 says:

    that’s the problem Johnny….everyone see it but him.

    He’s obviously doing some things right….but he overvalues his intelligence a bit much for the average Vikes fan.

  5. starrC10 says:

    I am actually slowly giving Childress more and more credit as a head coach. His game management has been weak, but his game plans and talent evaluation has been pretty damned good, especially last year.

  6. Tommy says:

    Childress might be a bit of a dong, but that doesn’t mean its his fault that we “missed the boat” with Clausen. Whether Clausen is good or not, there will be other quarterbacks available for our future, and most likely they will not be weasel-ish, spikey-haired douchebags. Missing out on Clausen is not a hill to die upon. Next year’s draft, trades, or (gasp) the development of Tjack are all options that could (and WILL) provide us with a perfectly viable quarterback.

    • olderthandirt says:

      Tommy!! I hope you are right. Would have been nice to have a highly ranked QB learning though. I guess we just need someone to help during practices until Brett shows up.

    • Robby says:

      “weasel-ish, spikey-haired douchebag” It’s good to know that I’m not the only person that thought that. I’m not completely convinced that he isn’t going to implode in Leaf-like fashion within 2-3 years.

  7. c.carterhof says:

    So Brett is gonna show up?
    Most seem to think so, Im not so sure.

    There will be other QBs, but I agree with fozz, Chilly tries to reach too much.

  8. WinnipegViking says:

    In my opinion Farve is coming back and obviously the organization knows as well. No team wouldn’t have drafted a QB if he wasn’t.

    From another standpoint they were planning on going into last season with TJack and Sage before Brett came along. So in other words they are prepared to do it again this year knowing that TJack has a one an done season. Cause if he plays the shits with a great supporting cast, no one in the league will touch him come free agency next season.

    Either way I felt we drafted well. I would have prefered Mays over Cook but Griffen was a steal. Gerhardt is a beast and will compliment AD well.

  9. Ole says:

    evidently the Vikings felt that no QB in the draft is better than anyone on their roster

    also, I am shocked that “Tony Pants American Superstar” was not drafted

  10. Ole says:

    within the division the Bears and Lions have improved their teams through the draft and FA signings. Not so for the packers and Vikings

  11. WinnipegViking says:

    Yes the bears and lions have improved but they still have a ways to go before they catch up to us. It will be a very interesting division this year.

    To say we haven’t improved is not accurate in my opinion. We have not have moved ahead a lot but we certainly didn’t fall back. Players leave and come all the time. Point being our nucleus is strong enough to compete for the superbowl again.

  12. Fran the Man says:

    Luckily, I missed that interview with Childo.
    I can just hear the phony monotone voice, spewing his mindless drivel.
    I tell, I am getting to the point of loathing that guy.
    He seems consumed with coming off as more intelligent than anyone in the room and quite the comedian. When the truth is he’s far from either.

    I noticed a real change in him after he got that ridiculous contract out of Wilf and it was a change for the worst. I truly believe he’ll go down as one of the worst coaches in the NFL.

    If Favre doesn’t come back, he should be fired.

  13. Brandon says:

    Did you ever think that maybe Jimmy Clausen is a punk and the Vikings didn’t want a punk as the face of their franchise?

    Ryan Perrilloux is going to be the guy to bring us out of QB hell. 🙂 Jk, but the kid has big time talent I am very intrigued. I hope he makes the PS.

  14. Jerkpepper says:

    What a horrible draft. I hear over half the teams tried to trade their first round pick for Hank Baskett but the Colts were too smart to do it. I also heard that Burger King tried to trade a package of napkins to McDonald’s for Billy McMuffin so he could make their version of the McMuffin because that is what he does now. Worst trade in the history of sports.

  15. Rico1957 says:

    Calculated gambles in this draft. Vikings went from running team to a passing team last year. If Favre doesn’t come back Super Bowl hype is out the window. Gerhart was insurance policy to revert to running game with Sage or T-Jack handing off to AD/Gerhart. Even if Favre returns Vikes need to return to smashmouth football! All eggs in one basket with Brett, we might be a wild card without him and Chilly might get one more year and then the door if Favre doesn’t come back.

  16. Jerkpepper says:

    What kind of fake made-up name is Warwas anyways? Terrible and horrible, yet not as much as Zulgad.

  17. MarkSP18 says:


    let me repeat …


    How can anyone justify, considering our QB situation, passing on the #2 consensus QB in the draft?

    There is no justification for that move.

    There is nothing anyone can say that will convince me that we should NOT have taken a flyer on Clausen considering we did not have that many holes to fill. No freakin way!

    Rosenfels was rumored to be in trade talks, we placed a low tender on TJack thus offering him up for the taking which no one did (what a surprise), and Favre has not said publicly whether or not he will play this season let alone beyond.

    You have to take that QB and ship one of the other two out if Favre comes back. Plain and simple.

    If he is a bust then so be it. By most accounts he looks like he is not a bust. He may not be the next Joe Montana but he is pretty damn good. A hell of a lot better than TJack when he came out.

    And we MOVED UP to draft TJack in the second round.

    So how could we not take a shot at Clausen right there?

    This will go down as one of the most stupidest of all the stupid decisions that Brad Childress had made as the man in charge of our Minnesota Vikings.

    as a kooky side note: we have been fortunate to be blessed by the draft Gods to have great players fall to us for some reason. And now we spit in the face of the Great Draft God. I think we just messed up our draft karma

    Everyone knows our roster is set and we did not have to have anything really besides a backup offensive lineman. So expending a pick on a top QB makes perfect sense.

    In the end, the Vikings will be judged on how Clausen does and what we will be doing for a QB during his time in the league. If he turns out to be a really good QB and we are still waiting on TJack or Sage or R freakin J Archer or whomever else the guru brings in, then it may be the end of Chilly’s run.

    I just do not get it. And please do not tell me that maybe the coaches did not have Clausen high on their board so let’s trust them. I am not drinking the kool aid and I am not a sheep.

    Chilly has proven that he is not a good selector of QBs. He can coach them but he just cannot pick them. And the picking is the most important part.

    Let us review. He moved up for TJack. He moved up for Booty (no jokes please). He signed Sage to a 2 year 6 mil contract to hold a clipboard. He drafted Thigpen and then lost him trying to be trivky. He signed Frerotte which was OK I guess. Am I forgetting someone? The dude cannot pick QBs.

    He signs Archer as a UDFA when guys who played at a higher level and produced more and are bigger were available.

    This coach cannot pick QBs! That is why he passed on Clausen.

    And then the coup de grace is he says there were no franchise QBs in this draft besides Bradford.

    SO does that mean he thought TJack was a franchise QB when he traded up for him?

    If any of you do not find that the least bit alarming then you really are sheep!

  18. VFSmith says:

    So Mark, if we don’t agee with you, we are sheep? You have to do better than that.

  19. WinnipegViking says:


    How can you even say that either Clausen or McCoy are QBOTF. Both of their draft stock fell big time. McCoy is a midget behind center and Clausen is plain an simple a dick who is in need of a serious attitude adjustment.
    For every QB drafted how many actually become franchise quarterbacks?? Not many.

    We drafted well in the first 4 rounds and made some good undrafted signings. We will be just fine this season and can grab McNabb next offseason.

  20. Jerkpepper says:

    Hank Baskett is the QBOTF!!!!!!! This blog is terrible!!!!

  21. Jerkpepper says:

    Mark’s take on quarterbacks is horrible!!!!!!

  22. Adam Warwas says:

    Jimmy Clausen = Punk

    Successful quarterback whose confidence, party-going ways, and arrogance rub people the wrong way.

    Reminds me of that kid the Falcons drafted way back in 1991 after he fell into the second round. What was his name again?

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Agree Adam. If he had been ineligable, unmotivated or had run ins with the law, they would have given him more consideration.

  23. krugjr says:

    Mark says what practically all of us have been saying since 6 mo after Brad was hired……it’s why most Purple fans are a little sick to their stomachs……gotta bad feelin’ here……it’s the kind of ego and power that comes to a coach after they sign the new contract!

    GO VIKES!!!!!

  24. fozz44 says:

    As we know, offensive line was in need of help. Why not reach out and grap Alan Faneca? He’ll most likely sign for the minimum….and could provide a very solid short term fix to the line.

  25. Norseman66 says:

    Well I don’t think we are the only ones confused by the Vikes draft. I’ve seen draft grades for the Vikes draft from D+ to A-. How does that happen? We’ll see down the road I guess. I did see that Ryan Perrilloux is coming to the Vikes mini camp. Interesting!

  26. WinnipegViking says:

    Draft grades have been all over the place as were the mock drafts prior to thursday. Basically saying experts don’t know squat.

    For you Childress bashers, believe me I used to be one. Yelling Childress sucks numerous times in the dome was a weekly thing. However I’m starting to give him the benefit of the doubt. He has improved the squad and his game management and playcalling have gotten better each season in my opinion. I’m off his back for now.

    • Adam Warwas says:

      I agree, but to ignore the fact that fans are frustrated by the countless weeks of not knowing who would be our starting QB and then give them a B.S. answer instead of an honest and intelligent one… I don’t know. There is no reason not to give a better answer to the fans, and no reason not to show them some respect. In fact, it seems like something a “weasel-ish, no-haired douchebag” might do.

    • Fran the Man says:

      Five words for you Winni,

      twelve men on the field

      I’m confused where he’s improved?

  27. starrc10 says:

    After last season, I am willing to overlook anything. After next season, I get the feeling I will be in a less generous mood.

  28. Chili Lover says:

    Believe in Brad. Anyone who questions the coach is not a fan of the team. Every year his record has improved. The author of this story is just pouting because the Vikings didn’t draft Clausen.

  29. Chili Lover says:

    You Brad haters should give credit where it is do. Who got Farve to come out of retirement this year? That is right, it was Coach. And is it his fault that Williamson can’t catch a perfectly thrown TJax ball? Don’t give up on Tarvaris just yet. He learned a lot from Farve this year. I heard he asks all kinds of questions because he wants to get better. He can still be a franchise quarterback for years and years. And people want to hate on Coach for the Thigpen loss? Seriously? You are mad because Tyler Thigpen got away? Coach knows what he is doing and maybe the fans should just stick to being fans instead of trying to run the team. I beleive.

    • bigjohnny84 says:

      Geesh, a true believer. Hope that koolaid isnt too filling

    • Fran the Man says:

      Brad Childress will go down as one of the worst coaches in NFL history.
      Right now, I’d rather have Les Steckle.

      At least he didn’t make me sick to my stomach when he talked.

      • c.carterhof says:

        Now Fran…Les Steckle?
        We did go 12-4, not 3-13.

      • Fran the Man says:

        Yeah, on second thought, I went a little too far suggesting Steckle.
        BUT Tice in a heart beat!

        Seriously though, to me, it’s like someone scratching a blackboard whenever I hear the phony, deep, monotone voice coming out of his piehole.

  30. krugjr says:

    Chilly’s Lover………..Brad did not get Farve to come out of retirement, Brett did…..

    GO VIKES!!!!!

  31. krugjr says:

    Bradlover…….couple more things: IMHO, don’t think it was a coincidence that after Brad had his screaming match behind closed doors with Brett, we lose 3 out of 4 and lose home field advantage……..and we may be the only team in history to ever miss a chance at the big dance because of 12 men in the huddle, and to me, that’s all part of coaching…..when I fell in love, I didn’t settle for mediocrity!

    GO VIKES!!!!!

    • Fran the Man says:

      I’ll bet the very next thing you did after writing that is show it to your wife, huh?
      Tell the truth Krugs.

      • krugjr says:

        Fran………she’s out of town, but I believe I’ll show her tonight……………even though I told her “the draft is over and I’m through with football for a while”

        GO VIKES!!!!!

  32. MarkSP18 says:

    I see that some think that Clausen is not a POTENTIAL franchise QB. Notice the word POTENTIAL. It is the word I used. IMO it was worth it.

    And I am a USC fan and wanted Tebow more than Clausen. I wanted Mays in that spot too. But I had ot be a realist and see our QB situation for what it is.

    All the signs pointed to them not being to thrilled with TJack or Sage. It is no knock on them but it is what it is.

    Taking a QB makes sense especially if they do not know FOR SURE that Favre is coming back.

    Also, while hoping we may get McNabb next year is nice, there is no guarantee. The only guarantee we had was to draft Clausen at #34.

    He is much better than TJack was coming out of college.

    And believing that someone will fall to us or we will move up next year is also wishful thinking.

    You all can cross your fingers and HOPE something happens but the really good teams make somehing happen.

    The only reason we went 12 – 4 last year was because of Favre. If not for him we are hard pressed to be 10 – 6 IMHO.

    You better pray that Favre comes back.

    I hope he does for the Vikings and at the same time I hope he doesnt so Chilly can explain his genius!

  33. David says:

    The Vikings will be great. Just wait and see. A true Vikings fan and supporter.

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